17 April 2024
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Can playing stocks help young people beat the house price boom?

With house prices surging and first-time property buyers potentially squeezed out, can the booming stock market be the way to beat these property blues?

We’re sitting on a house price volcano and it’s exploding!

The Reserve Bank Governor is talking up house prices, saying interest rates won’t rise until at least 2024. I say he’s wrong, dead wrong and secretly he wants to be wrong!

What’s happening to Aussie house and unit prices?

House and unit prices are on the upward move, but they vary from area to area. What areas are performing well?

Believe it or not, property prices are set to rise!

Expert says property prices are on the rise. And two Nobel prize winners show you how to become an auction winner!

How can house prices defy a crash?

The question is: can a 10% fall still happen?

Freehold explains what’s meant by real estate debt

Freehold believes there will be opportunities for investors in the real estate debt sector as long as the focus is on quality because quality can vary significantly across loans and project sponsors.

Off-the-plan crisis good for first home buyers

When one person loses, someone’s a winner. And it should be those first homebuyers in the market for properties now being rejected.

7 questions to ask yourself about unlisted direct property funds

Seriously consider these 7 important factors when weighing up whether an Australian unlisted direct property fund is right for you.

Improving Houses Australia: how’d you like a $40k grant to renovate your home?

ScoMo is looking to hit the recession for a six by giving home renovators a $40k gift to tart up their homes and give tradies work. Howzat?

Shock survey: Aussie investors prefer stocks to property

The Coronavirus hasn’t spooked Australian stock investors. In fact, they’re piling into stocks and shunning property.

Property crashers are misguided fools

People of the left have failed to learn the Bill Shorten lesson on May 18 last year: Australians are good-hearted capitalists. Are these doomsday mugs aware of the economic implications of their dreamy nightmare?

Joye to the world: property prices will rise!

Arguably Australia’s best predictor of economic and COVID-19 data is tipping house prices to rise! And here’s why…

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