3 July 2022
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We have a housing crisis but how bad is it?

Let’s run through the big numbers out of this Census night snapshot of our housing sector and try to work out what’s wrong and how it can be fixed.

Property price slump leads to 30% of properties pulled from auction

Property sellers are panicking, with scary rate rise talk and price fall predictions prompting them to withdraw properties. Are they overreacting?

ScoMo’s betting the house on a super play

The PM allowing Aussies to take $50,000 from their super to buy their first home is politically smart but has been bagged by the super industry and the guy who created compulsory super, former PM Paul Keating.

Would you want to own a house with the Government?

Labor's Help to Buy program has merit but there are potential pitfall getting into bed with the government.

Should the First Home Guarantee Scheme be demolished?

Timing and context is really important when assessing policies such as the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme. Here's why.

AirBnb adds pressure to surging rents across the country

The median rent in Sydney is $600 a week but it’s higher in other capital cities. And AirBnb has a role to play in this pressure cooker rental market. Is there any relief for renters in sight?

Do governments really care that young people can’t easily buy a home?

Domain’s First Home Buyer report shows the number of months it takes to save a deposit for an entry-level property — and it’s staggering!

An insurance catastrophe will push up premiums big time!

After terrible events, premiums rise for all of us who are insured, even if we’re basically a trouble-free policyholder.

Will property prices spurt on no rate rise news?

The RBA boss has basically said that a rate rise will happen when he thinks the economy will require it and not before. How will this impact house prices?

Why didn't lockdowns KO home prices?

It sounds kind of screwy but Covid-related lockdowns saw an escalation of homes sold for prices over $1 million. Where to now?

Price ban on first home buyers in Sydney and Melbourne

Will prices ever fall to make property purchasing easier for first timers?

Kings Cross shoe box apartment up for grabs at $469,000!

Crazy prices still exist but is time running out for sellers having the upper hand in that great Australian arm-wrestle called property?

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