17 April 2024
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Double holidays are coming for workers but there’ll be a price

Imagine you’re an employee who’d love to double your annual holiday leave. How good would that be if you had responsibilities and needed the time? But there’s a catch…

Switzer Investing TV | 15th April 2024

How will the Israel/Iran conflict affect stocks? Three stocks with potential upside: VUL, JLG & CXL.

Treasurer Chalmers tax concessions to beat the ghost of Paul Keating

Targeted assistance makes sense but there has to be rigorous and robust tests to prevent money being wasted.

Could workers returning to the office be good for interest rates?

Despite the last unemployment reading revealing a drop from 4.1% to 3.7%, there’s a current return-to-the-office trend, which is seen as an anecdotal sign that the economy’s slowing

Albo wants to help local manufacturers out-compete China!

The Federal government wants to safeguard our economy from China and the threat of supply chain problems. It’s behind a ‘big push’ protection program for industry ahead of the 2025 election campaign, which clearly has started!

Did Tasmanian Liberal Party really win four general elections?

While I didn’t make any public prediction for this election, but in private conversation and private emails I did make a forecast…

Seven property facts all players should know

When someone as smart as Dr Shane Oliver pens a piece on “seven things you need to know about the Australian property market”, I’m happy to learn and share it with you, my subscribers.

Switzer Investing TV | 8th April 2024

Is Lithium stocks a goer? And what is Jun Bei Liu’s most recent buy?

Young people in the workplace are surprising recruiters and employers

Please don’t shoot the messenger but the recruitment industry say Gen Z young people are reportedly asking for big pay rises and when do they want them? Now, or they are “out of here!”

Business strikes back at Albanese government

The PM told a small business conference his Government is pro-business, which is at odds with the Business Council of Australia’s view that policy plays over the past two years were anti-business and potential job killers.

Our tax burden makes Kerry Packer's insults very relevant

I hope National Cabinet at least has a good think about the amount of taxes we’re paying and how public servants are spending our tax money.

Don’t let market noise spook you right now

Stocks can shock and scare you, but you have to learn to be patient and ignore those short-term scary stories.

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