22 February 2024
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Take me to lunch but don’t call me out of hours!

New IR laws mean employees can reject out of hour calls from bosses.

RBA boss didn’t promise rate cuts but they're coming

In the first ever press conference of an RBA Governor after an interest rate decision, Michele Bullock implied a rate rise was possible, but she didn’t slam the door on the first cut either.

Big day ahead for Aussies with cost of living problems

Parliament kicks off today for the first time this year to accept or reject the new stage three tax cuts.

Switzer Investing TV | 5th February 2024

The stocks that could surge in 2024!

Will our new & improved RBA board hint at rate cuts on their way?

Tomorrow ushers in a new era for our Reserve Bank, where for the first time the Governor will face a grilling from the media on when rates will be cut. It could be great theatre!

Has the fallout of the broken tax cut promise hurt the relationship of the PM and his Treasurer?

The unintended consequences of this mean boy stuff of ‘Albo hates Jim’ could be that Peter Dutton becomes PM!

Labor’s tax prowl now targetting trusts

Labor’s long march to capture Aussies doing ‘too well’ from the tax system enters the next stage of the trek.

Supermarkets to be shamed to price fairly & their share prices will fall

Terrible political polling gets a government moving, which is why Woolies and Coles share prices should slide as the PM and Treasurer try to find money for a consumer watchdog to dob in supermarkets engaging in rip-off pricing.

Our banking future will be cashless and digital

The bottom line is that the future is digital, whether you like it or not!

Switzer Investing TV | 29th January 2024

Is it time to buy lithium stocks? Jun Bei Liu says yes, but which ones?

Entrepreneur Lang Walker built dreams and lots of wealth

A legendary entrepreneur who many might know but whose building projects touched so many people’s lives, passed away on the weekend. Here is my tribute to Mr Walker.

Super fund returns spike but can you trust their numbers?

The super story of 2023 underlines important messages people need to understand about super fund returns and what you should look at when you compare those super fund returns because you may not be comparing apples with apples

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