24 January 2021
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The importance of integrating health and wellbeing into your next event

Mental health and wellbeing are just as, if not more important than physical wellbeing when it comes to thriving in life.

Is Telegram the next WhatsApp?

As WhatsApp sees an exodus of users over privacy concerns, Telegram could be set to give the messaging app a run for its money.

Forget overseas travel in 2021? Not!

If we learned something from 2020 it’s that you underestimate our ability to think and achieve outside the square at your peril. So get your passport ready!

Resistance to antibiotics is scarier than Covid

Unless we can conquer the increasing scourge of antibiotic resistance, we’ll enter the post antibiotic era — a much scarier thought than our current COVID-19 pandemic.

Just do it! For your sake and for others

Sometimes humans need to be told in no uncertain terms to do things or cop it!

Bring on 2021

Put the global traumas of 2020 behind you by following my 5 Point Power Plan.

Alcohol, hangovers & the holiday break

What causes hangovers and why do different types of alcohol lead to different emotions?

Coronavirus vaccines – are we there yet?

Here are the differences between the Pfizer and Oxford COVID-19 vaccines, and why I believe neither will be affected by the cancellation of the University of Queensland vaccine.

And the beat goes on…

Atrial fibrillation. Here’s a slight modification to my article from last week.

Bevan Slattery from NextDC gave me a lesson on exceptional people

Why is one human being exceptional and another isn’t? Here’s what I’ve learned.

Be still my beating heart

Atrial fibrillation is the commonest significant rhythm disturbance in the heart.

Help the bushfire affected towns this holiday season

Last years' bushfire hotspots are this years' getaway landmarks. Here is where to go to help communities recover.

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