19 April 2021
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Bitcoin crazies need to be taught a few intellectual manners!

Prickly responses from one-eyed angry people never stack up as contrary that’s needed for all of us to progress.

Vaccines: should we be worried?

There have been a number of reports of blood clotting events within two weeks of receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine, but these very unfortunate cases still need to be put into perspective.

How to breed a champion

I talk to high achiever and champion Tom Waterhouse to learn the lessons I can pass on to others who may be aspirational.

Lifestyle trumps medical treatment for most conditions

Regardless of our genes, following sound lifestyle principles may suppress some genetic abnormalities and often ward off illnesses much longer than we would expect.

My overdue thank you note to Doug Mulray

Earlier this week, I relived my old radio days with Doug Mulray and the Triple M team of the 1980s and 1990s with Doug’s sidekick and funny voice guy Dave Gibson.

Will I develop an allergy or a clot if I get vaccinated?

With the increasing rollout of COVID-19 vaccines globally, what problems are emerging and should these deter someone from being jabbed?

What superhero politician will crack down on tweeters who defame others?

This is the riskiest story I’ve ever written but someone needs to have the guts to address issues that shouldn’t be ignored.

Healthy revenues make BDA one happy cannabis company

Whilst some cannabis stocks can trade on hype and future earnings potential, Bod Australia (ASX: BDA) has much more than that going for it.

Bowel actions: how important are they?

Don’t ignore any change in your bowel habit.

Heart disease: the cause isn’t always obvious

All major cardiovascular diseases are genetic but your genes load the gun and your environment then pulls the trigger.

4 easy ways to declutter for productivity

Here are some simple ways for you to de-clutter your space to make room for efficiency and a clearer focus.

Ohhh, change is gonna do me good

Why are we technologically resistant dopes? Why are we often so resistant to change?

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