3 April 2020
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27 things to keep you busy while isolating

Switzer shares what TV shows we're watching, what films we love, what podcasts we're listening to and what books we're reading.

We’re losing our structure, but let’s not lose our minds

This situation is affecting everyone in unprecedented ways. But what it means is that we are leaning on others for help.

What are the possibilities for treatment of Coronavirus?

With all this doom and gloom, it’s comforting to know that medical science is working around the clock to develop a vaccine, some form of treatment and possibly even a cure.

What do Australians spend money on during a global pandemic?

With most people working from home, some businesses out of work, and panic buying swooping the globe – what do Australians spend money on when they think the world is ending?

How you can help small businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak

Here are six ways you can help support small businesses affected by the coronavirus.

A story of hand sanitisers

It’s viral warfare out there, and antibacterial arsenals (predominantly sanitisers) are becoming a rare and highly valued commodity.

Why are there so many deaths from COVID-19 in Italy?

What factors have led to so many infections and deaths in Italy? Is it because the standard of healthcare is low?

My answers to your Coronavirus questions

Following one of my recent article on the coronavirus, there were some very insightful questions asked by a number of people. Here are my answers.

Coronavirus – are we all doomed?

Is all this concern & panic really necessary?

Clearing up some common coronavirus concerns

Not sure if you should cancel your overseas trip? Don’t know if you’ll get a refund? Who should you listen to – social media, the government, your friends? Read on…

Does taking fish oil do you any good?

Another study has been released about taking supplements. Where’s the truth?

A stroke of bad luck

There are 5 categories of stroke that need investigation and management.

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