30 October 2020
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Can you help Andre?

I’m on a quest to help three people: Andre, you and me! Help me out here.

Gen X: leading the age discrimination revolt

Generation X is poised to become ‘downagers’ – where age is just a number and they feel and act far younger than their age would expect.

Statins & bananas are strange bedfellows

When a doctor prescribes a drug, including blood pressure, anti-depressants and warfarin, ask them what food or alcohol you should avoid.

OK, be a pessimist, but where will it get you?

I’d rather be an optimist any day than live inside the skin of some poor pessimist.

Cancer. How close are we to winning the war?

Naturally, significant emphasis is being placed on improved therapies and vaccines for COVID-19, but the medical world is also closing in on a cure for cancer.

The true epidemic of the 21st Century

Forget Covid-19. There’s a much more pernicious epidemic claiming more lives and doing a lot more damage. Is there a cure?

How will a vaccine for COVID-19 work?

What will happen when a vaccine finally arrives? Who’ll get it? Should proof of vaccination be a condition of overseas travel, like it was for smallpox? What about the anti-vaxxers? Will a vaccine victory be smooth and rapid?

We are women, hear us roar

My salute to two great Australian women who passed away this week.

Switzer Life

With a long weekend coming up, there’s time to watch the odd flick or two and put your feet up and relax.

Hallelujah! Aussies digitally transformed by COVID-19

We’ve been dragged into the 21st century, with the adoption of technology by consumers and business progressing 5 years in 8 weeks! And ScoMo and Josh are going to spend more to make sure we stay in front digitally.

Dean Jones’ tragic death is a wake up call for all

We have lost a legend with the passing of Dean Jones. But here’s what we can learn from his premature death.

Is daylight saving dangerous to your health?

The late Queensland premier Joh Bjelke-Petersen once insisted the “extra” hour’s daylight faded curtains! Now while that brought a smile to many faces, as we approach the resumption of daylight saving, the usual supporters and detractors emerge.

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