21 February 2020
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Is glucosamine a safe supplement?

Should arthritis sufferers stop taking glucosamine?

Why it’s important to wash your hands

Expose yourself to good bacteria but be careful: the coronavirus can persist on surfaces and remain infectious in some cases up to 9 days.

Good news around viruses

It’s a relief to hear some good news around viruses and a potential medical breakthrough, with the therapeutic use of a particular type of virus.

Should we use sunscreen?

Slip-Slop-Slap was the sun protection campaign in the 1980s. And it worked. Aussies started protecting themselves from the sun’s burning rays. But is sunscreen absorption into our bodies doing us harm?

Will we dodge a coronavirus and bushfire recession bullet?

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg will be waiting with bated breath for the swag of economic data to be revealed this week. If it’s bad, he will have to spend, big time.

The truth about vitamin supplements

Dr Ross Walker explains why vitamins do more than just give you expensive pee.

Coronavirus: how worried should we be?

The virus arose from the Hubei seafood market in Wuhan, China, which also sells a variety of exotic animals such as snakes. But how worried should we be here?

Is there a curse on the Wiggles?

When a celebrity goes into cardiac arrest, the public spotlight focuses on cardiovascular disease.

How much is our health affected by bushfires?

Our bushfire crisis has fuelled debates about climate change. I’d like to present an alternative slant on this debate, presenting some scientific facts.

Climb the stairway to heaven

There are easy things you can do to turn your life into a heavenly experience while you’re still on the planet!

What good can drinkin’ do?

Is one beer, bourbon or scotch a day OK or is no alcohol at all the only way to go?

Follow my 5-point Power Plan

Why not resolve before the holiday season gets into full swing to really make this Christmas break the chance to make a fresh start?

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