17 April 2024
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Vitamins are of no use – here we go again

Vitamins won't supplement an unhealthy lifestyle, but they certainly aren't useless.

Alzheimer's disease – can it be prevented?

Many believe that Alzheimer’s is purely a consequence of old age but in fact, there are many interactions and lifestyle behaviours that increase the risk.

Cancer – How close are we to a cure?

New medical breakthroughs could suggest a strong possibility that deaths from cancer will become the exception rather than the norm.

Why do we put an age limit on success?

It’s time to debunk the modern myths of how (and when) we should succeed.

Ooh, la, la, it’s so good to be in France

Yes, we’re back in the world again, noticing the absurd, the funny, the new, and of course anything that brings memories of home.

Breast cancer and blood pressure treatment – Is there a link?

I always find it a concern when medical news segments are portrayed in such a way that suggests new information is already confirmed.

Hidden Treasures: Regional galleries as picturesque as the art that fills them

It’s an open secret in the Australian art world: many of our most exciting galleries occupy quiet corners where few of us would think to look.

Monkeypox virus: Is this the new pandemic?

Just when you thought it was safe to venture outside, throw away the masks and start to assume that society was regaining some type of normality, we now hear there is another viral outbreak occurring in many parts of the world.

Long Covid: The next challenge

It is estimated that about 10% of people who develop Covid will have persistent symptoms, at times, for months after the initial illness.

Diabesity: The true pandemic of the 21st-century

Although there are pharmaceutical solutions to management of weight loss and diabetes, successful lifestyle changes pose more benefits, and just as importantly, do not have any side effects.

Coronary artery calcium scoring - Is it useful?

Why I believe it is beneficial and useful to have a coronary artery calcium scoring.

Covid 19 vaccinations and the anti-vaxxer brigade

While it is important to acknowledge the rare risks associated with RNA vaccines, the key point is that Covid is the problem, not vaccination.

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