21 January 2020
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Could the cycles of the moon influence your health?

Over the centuries, there have been many myths regarding the influence of the moon on health and behaviour.

Still Alice

If you could predict that you were at higher risk of developing Alzheimer's disease in 20 years' time, would you really want to know? Would you want to live with the sword of Damocles poised well and truly above your head, waiting to strike?

Everyone's talking medical marijuana but what about hemp?

Enough talk about medicinal or recreational dope. What’s been happening to the market for hemp since the US fully legalised hemp last year?

What's the link between grey hair, lukewarm coffee and mashed pumpkin?

Grey hair not blonde, lukewarm not hot coffee, mashed pumpkin not creamy soup: can't a customer get what they want?

An aspirin a day keeps the doctor away - or does it?

Two million Australians over the age of 40 are taking aspirin, a pharmaceutical drug with significant side effects. Do the benefits outweigh the potential harm?

Damn, I've been booked

Speedsters and parking infringers might be interested in these two stocks!

No pay rise but less financial stress

A survey 18 years in the making reveals that while our incomes aren't going anywhere, we're getting smarter about improving our financial lives.

Oh doctor I'm in trouble

It's important people become their own wellness advocate, asks questions and be fully educated as to their possible diagnoses and treatment options.

The sports car and the bicycle

In his third article in the series, our resident medico looks at traditional versus complementary medicine. Carry on, doctor…

A vitamin a day keeps hearts pumping away!

Holding shares for the long term is the name of the game. In his second article in a series of three, Dr Ross refers to data that showed a 44% reduction in cardiovascular disease in men taking a good quality multivitamin a day for 20 years.

Another dig at complementary medicine

Here we go again: “Vast majority of dietary supplements don't improve heart health or put off death, study finds."

A major breakthrough for spinal cord injuries

I'm delighted to say that there's been a major clinical breakthrough, which hopefully in the near future, will become the standard of care for people with significant spinal cord injuries.

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