5 April 2020
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Climb the stairway to heaven

There are easy things you can do to turn your life into a heavenly experience while you’re still on the planet!

What good can drinkin’ do?

Is one beer, bourbon or scotch a day OK or is no alcohol at all the only way to go?

Follow my 5-point Power Plan

Why not resolve before the holiday season gets into full swing to really make this Christmas break the chance to make a fresh start?

Eat smart for a healthy heart

Making smarter food choices is a great way to help with heart health.

Get some oil in your tank

Our cars are addicted to oil and there’s a strong case that humans should be too.

To catch a killer

Our third commonest killer is one that can easily be cured.

5 tips for a good ticker

Keep your heart ticking away strongly with these 5 simple tips.

These boots are made for walking

Your boots are made for walking so get your feet into gear and start exercising – it’s the second best drug on the plant.

Support the Ride for Justice

Each year 200 motorbike riders band together to raise awareness and money for victims of homicides.

Too much pie and you’ll die

Too many people on this planet are too fat. Before you have a calorific surge, strongly consider the consequences.

If you bake it, they will come. Fake it and they’ll leave

What lessons can two small bakeries teach the big end of town about business done right?

Take the (blood) pressure down

Many people take antihypertensive medication to control their blood pressure. Here are 5 ways to manage this serious cardiovascular risk without taking drugs.

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