24 June 2024
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Electromagnetic therapies: The future is already here

In my article today, I highlight a few recent studies demonstrating the benefits of electromagnetic therapies.

How important is the Gut-Brain connection?

The gut microbiome has been shown in multiple studies to have a profound effect on many aspects of health and disease.

The hidden dangers of plastic contamination

I defy you to find much in your refrigerator that is packaged in glass. The commonest container these days is, no doubt, plastic-based.

Stress – Is it really an important factor in disease?

Recent deaths of prominent figures have raised the importance of stress as a precipitant for not only major illnesses but also premature death.

The commonest cause of death in women: Cardiovascular disease

For too long there has been a false notion that heart disease is typically only a disorder of males.

Death of two cricketing legends: a cardiac wake-up call

The death of two cricketing legends on the same day is a tragic wake-up call for the prevalence of cardiovascular disease.

Inflammation: the key to modern diseases

The field of inflammation research is yet another example of the vital contribution of modern science to our lives but we all need to play our part by taking responsibility for our own health.

Microplastics: The invisible health crisis

Despite increasing evidence of the countless synthetic chemicals we are exposed to in our food and drink, most people seem to be ignoring this major health hazard.

The 5 main causes of fatigue

Many people complain of being tired as they age. But, when you think about it, a complaint of tiredness or fatigue is rather vague.

I don’t play tennis, but I have tennis elbow!

Why do we get tennis elbow and how can we treat it?

Stress – The Great Precipitant

I have been practising medicine for 40 years and have not seen one patient during that time who has suffered a heart attack, stroke, needed a coronary stent or bypass operation who wasn't under some form of stress at the time.

The various effects of alcohol consumption beyond moderation

If consumed responsibly and in lower doses, alcohol can be a very pleasant adjunct to any social setting. However, excessive alcohol consumption presents a plethora of health impacts.

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