24 January 2021
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The hours I spent with Warren Buffett, Richard Branson and other legends

Last Saturday spent over an hour with Warren Buffett. The Saturday before I spent an hour with Richard Branson. How was I so lucky?

Does an egg a day keep the undertaker away?

Will an egg (boiled, fried or scrambled) cause you health problems? What ‘eggs-actly’ is the answer?

What’s the truth about taking multivitamin supplements?

There’s conflict about the benefits of multivitamins. Here’s my opinion.

COVID-19 vaccine – a step closer?

It appears we’re now closer to a situation where all our lives should be returning to normal.

Biden winning, stocks surging. Lesson? Be optimistic

People who pessimistically play it safe miss out, big time!

Brain cancer: significant advances made

Here’s yet another example of how medical science is taking us closer to one of the holy grails of medicine i.e. the cure for cancer.

Are you an ungrateful bastard?

Being an ungrateful bastard isn’t a hard-wired disability. Yep, you can rewire yourself!

Can you help Andre?

I’m on a quest to help three people: Andre, you and me! Help me out here.

Gen X: leading the age discrimination revolt

Generation X is poised to become ‘downagers’ – where age is just a number and they feel and act far younger than their age would expect.

Statins & bananas are strange bedfellows

When a doctor prescribes a drug, including blood pressure, anti-depressants and warfarin, ask them what food or alcohol you should avoid.

OK, be a pessimist, but where will it get you?

I’d rather be an optimist any day than live inside the skin of some poor pessimist.

Cancer. How close are we to winning the war?

Naturally, significant emphasis is being placed on improved therapies and vaccines for COVID-19, but the medical world is also closing in on a cure for cancer.

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