27 September 2020
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The tale of the daily aspirin

Should someone over 50 take a daily aspirin as a preventative against heart attack, stroke and even common cancers? (This is Part 2 of Dr Ross’s article on clotting and bleeding)

Are you a bleeder or a clotter?

Whether you’re a person who suffers “the economy syndrome” or you bleed too easily, blame your ancestors because it’s all in the genes.

The obesity paradox Part 2

Our resident medico takes us through body fat and what to do about it beyond age 50.

Are you kidding? There are benefits from being fat?

Coined the obesity paradox, this is where people who are in the overweight or obese range appear to fare better when they develop an illness. How true is this?

Is a COVID-19 vaccine on the horizon?

Last winter Australia had 812 influenza associated deaths. To mid July 2020, we’ve had 36 influenza associated deaths, along with 232 deaths from COVID-19 in Australia. Is a vaccine on the horizon?

Is Vitamin B3 a miracle supplement?

Many conservative doctors believe that if you can't fix it with a prescription pad or scalpel then it doesn't work. But there’s increasing evidence that a few key supplements can work their magic too.

Living your life on purpose

Is having a sense of purpose and a sense of service to other people medically important to our health and well-being or is this a complete delusion?

Victoria’s masking up. Should we all follow suit?

Wuhan, wash your hands, lockdown go to ground, mask up, shut up, in all states in all lands. We didn’t start the virus but we need to fight it.

Statins for all – more confusing evidence!

Should we all be taking statins as a prevention, not only against cardiovascular disease, but also all forms of death? Here’s my view.

C’mon Aussies, grow up, grow up

It’s a State of Origin fight with ScoMo and Gladys taking on Chairman Dan over how to deal with the Coronavirus. If you value your job, we need to act like adults on a winning team to beat Covid-19.

Heart disease risk – it's not as simple as just looking at your cholesterol levels!

Cardiovascular disease remains the major killer around the globe being associated with around 17 million deaths annually.

9 ways to hit a century

There are small pockets around the world known as the “Blue Zones” where people have extraordinary longevity. Why is this so?

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