20 May 2024
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12 breathtaking stays in Tasmania for your next trip

From hiking to A-grade coffee and produce, whatever calls you to Tasmania — you’ll be well taken care of at these luxury (dare we say indulgent) stays.

Ten of the best Australian red wines to gift this Father’s Day

These distinctive reds show off the very best of Australian winemaking for you to choose this Father's Day.

One for all: A three-day culinary escape to regional Tasmania

Community and beauty in the greenest pocket of the Apple Isle.

Statins – The wonder drugs of cardiology?

The medical profession gives statin drugs far too much power while the public gives them far too much pain. So, where is the healthy middle?

New Zealand: Three unforgettable days across the ditch

From fine dining and waterfront wine tasting to divine vineyards and chic hotels; luxury isn’t far away.

Suicide – Are there any answers?

No one should ever suffer in silence and suicide is never the solution.

To Meat or not to Meat – that is the question!

Although I do enjoy my meat, there is no doubt that shifting to more of a plant-based diet is beneficial, not only for ourselves but also for the global population.

To Eat or Not to Eat – that is the question

What is the best diet practice given all the conflicting information that's out there?

Hopefully you're not in it for the long-haul

Scientific Reports stated that a typical Covid infection lasts acutely for around three weeks but a proportion of people will suffer symptoms for a much longer period.

Covid-19: The gift that keeps on giving

A few months ago I had been quite optimistic about the potential for this current pandemic to fizzle out. These days, it's a different story.

Health experts hamstrung by new TGA guidelines

New guidelines from the Therapeutic Goods Administration will greatly restrict health experts from discussing specific treatments.

Art’s spiritual granddaughter: Diana Widmaier-Picasso on sharing her grandfather with the world

From Paris to Melbourne, Pablo Picasso’s work and legacy continues through two compelling exhibitions. Art historian, curator and his granddaughter, Diana Widmaier-Picasso, speaks to BAZAAR about the man behind the icon.

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