5 July 2020
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The Mask: now that’s a sensible COVID-19 strategy

Will wearing a mask transform rule breaking Aussies into helpful contributors to our economic comeback?

You’re in my heart

There’s been increasing emphasis over the past decade that pre-cradle factors could contribute to a person being born with a heart that’s more vulnerable to disease.

Switzer Life: Weekend isolation entertainment

Looking for new inspiration in isolation this weekend? Here are some entertainment suggestions from the Switzer team.

Breakin’ all the rules will smash the economy

Most Aussies understand that in sport we play by the rules. Why are the rules of engagement connected to social distancing so hard to keep?

The mental health story behind COVID-19

“Humans don’t like change” and COVID-19 has changed the world. So how are we coping? A mental health expert shares his wisdom.

The Coronavirus rescue plan to cost one shot of coffee a week!

While the magnitude of the budget deficit blowout looks unmanageable, in reality it will cost nothing more than a cup of coffee a week.

Coronavirus, you’re breaking my heart

Here are 5 facts on how this contagious virus may affect the cardiovascular system.

Any day now, any way now, we shall be released

We’ve all needed protection but I see the light come shining and I’m sure the PM will be telling us soon how and when we will be released.

Police needed for every move we make

Forgive my jump to the right but it’s only temporary. As we open up the economy, we need to keep the rules to get us out of this coronavirus horror show.

The future of medicine

With the vast majority of medical news focusing on the coronavirus, much of which has been negative, I felt it important to give some good news and hope for the future.

Postcards from Greece: The country known for its struggle rebrands itself during COVID-19

Greece has been praised during the coronavirus outbreak for leaders “trusting the science” and the compliance of the Greek people with the strict lockdown measures. We speak to a friend who describes what it’s like living in Greece during COVID-19.

Does wearing a mask help ward off the Coronavirus?

Social distancing, isolation and restrictions have clearly worked in Australia. Would the compulsory wearing of masks in public have been another excellent pandemic control here?

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