30 October 2020
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Peter Switzer

7 economists say recession is over

It’s been seven months since Covid really hit Aussie shores so I asked seven economists if this recession is over. Seven out of seven say it is! Howzat?
Paul Rickard

If Biden wins, what will happen to the US stock market?

With the US presidential election less than one week away, here are the three likely scenarios and the effect each will have on the markets.
Dr Ross Walker

Statins & bananas are strange bedfellows

When a doctor prescribes a drug, including blood pressure, anti-depressants and warfarin, ask them what food or alcohol you should avoid.
Malcolm Mackerras

Meet President Biden

Americans don’t elect their President. They merely participate in the choice of presidential electors, who then elect the President. Here’s why I believe we’ll meet President Biden next week.
Maureen Jordan

Is this going to be a Shocktober?

Eight days into the month and we haven’t seen a Shocktober, yet. Let’s see what our three wise men think about the rest of the month that normally spreads a bit of terror through stock markets, even without a pandemic.
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