5 June 2020
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Paul Rickard

Paul Rickard has more than 25 years’ experience in financial services and banking, including 20 years with the Commonwealth Bank Group in senior leadership roles. Paul was the founding Managing Director and CEO of CommSec, and was named Australian ‘Stockbroker of the Year’ in 2005.

In 2012, Paul teamed up with Peter Switzer to launch the Switzer Super Report, a newsletter and website for the trustees of SMSFs. A regular commentator in the media, investment advisor and company director, he is also a Non-Executive Director of Tyro Payments Ltd and Property Exchange Australia Ltd.

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4 June 2020
Is this the biggest bull market of all time?

Bearish news sites won’t share the positive realities, and they are that this could potentially be the biggest bull market of all time. Here are four lessons from the Coronavirus Crash.

28 May 2020
NAB gets it half right with share purchase plan

NAB listened to disgruntled shareholders by increasing their share purchase plan, but they still fall short of customer demand.

21 May 2020
Should you invest in the FAANG stocks?

How can you invest in Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google in Australia? And should you invest in these world class shares?

14 May 2020
6 reasons why CommBank is top of the class

The Commonwealth Bank was the last of the 'Big Four' to release its highly anticipated third quarter profit updates. Here is why CommBank is the strongest of the big banks.

7 May 2020
Super funds need to lift their game

The hundreds of thousands of applications that super funds received to access super early shows how out of touch the industry is in communicating the long-term benefits of superannuation.

30 April 2020
NAB’s share purchase plan is a no brainer – let’s hope Directors make it fairer

NAB has joined the pool of ASX200 listed companies that has raised capital during COVID-19. Should shareholders take part in their SPP?

23 April 2020
Will Cochlear address the elephant in the room?

Cochlear was one of the first ASX-listed companies to engage in capital raising, which has both institutional and retail shareholders asking a lot of questions.

16 April 2020
Should you access your super because of COVID-19?

There’s a dilemma facing those who access their super early: short-term assistance in the COVID-19 era versus the risk to their retirement incomes. What should you do?

9 April 2020
BOQ suspends dividend. Will the majors follow?

Bank of Queensland’s (BOQ) late call to defer the payment of an interim dividend puts pressure on the major banks to follow suit.

2 April 2020
Stocks to avoid when the recovery comes

At least two out of the three conditions that many argue are necessary to “declare” a bottom are in place. So when the recovery comes, what stocks should you avoid?

26 March 2020
Aussie banks are as safe as houses

If the ‘lessons of history’ aren’t enough, let’s me take you through the hard data to show you that Aussie banks are among the safest in the world, if not the safest.

19 March 2020
Are property prices set to collapse?

Shares, commercial property, residential property and other investment assets are all correlated, and you don’t get a collapse in one market without that impact being felt in the others.

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