2 June 2020
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The accidental JobKeeper cock up

How bad is this cock up and who is the ‘cock-upper’?

Casual workers to get sick leave and holiday pay. Next stop: the dole queue

What were the judges in the Federal Court smoking? Their decision to give permanent employee entitlements to casual workers could ruin small businesses suffering under COVID-19 or kill casual jobs.

Are Flight Centre, Helloworld, Webjet and Corporate Travel Management turnaround investments?

Given the state of the global travel sector, can you get excited about the immediate prospects for the ASX-listed travel intermediaries?

The Mask: now that’s a sensible COVID-19 strategy

Will wearing a mask transform rule breaking Aussies into helpful contributors to our economic comeback?

Is it time to buy bank shares?

In a surprising revelation, it looks like our banks aren’t as badly exposed to the Coronavirus as first thought. This raises the question: is it buy time for the banks?

Q&A: 15 minutes with the Treasurer

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg sat down with Peter Switzer (via Skype, of course) to answer the stimulus package questions of everyday Australians in plain English.

JobKeeper: do you REALLY understand what you’ll get?

Yesterday I went up close & personal with Josh Frydenberg on really important JobKeeper, tax and superannuation hip pocket issues.

BOQ suspends dividend. Will the majors follow?

Bank of Queensland’s (BOQ) late call to defer the payment of an interim dividend puts pressure on the major banks to follow suit.

Magellan goes defensive on infrastructure

Here’s why we’re increasing the defensiveness of our Global Listed Infrastructure strategy.

Clean Seas shows globalisation has not been threatened by COVID-19

While the world is hiding away in its safety nest, companies like Clean Seas are working toward a post-COVID-19 strategy with stronger global markets.

Businesses doing their bit: The fast food chains providing fast help

Fast food chains are using their boost in demand to help small businesses, and isn’t that just finger lickin’ good! (Disclaimer: DO NOT lick your fingers!)

Businesses doing their bit: The energy sector’s response to coronavirus

Despite a potential oil war between Saudi Arabia and Russia slipping under the radar, energy companies in Australia have been instructed to be lenient with customers who cannot pay their bills.

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