2 December 2020
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Will the future of work be part office, part home?

The office is not dead, but will it look different going forward? And for how long?

Accounting & insurance broking companies pumped by Covid

Does accounting and insurance broking get your heart pumping? They may not turn heads but do they give investors steady returns?

Christine Holgate has left the building. What plonker will replace her?

The PM’s public castigation of Holgate is a classic example of the advice I give my sons: “Say the second thing that comes into your mind.” ScoMo, you’ve lost a great CEO.

Afraid of being hacked or cyber-compromised?

Yesterday we looked at one company’s fight against cyber crime. Here are others in the race to beat these cyber criminals.

Cyber crime – it’s on the rise

Here’s an ASX stock that’s protecting organisations from the online hackers and hucksters.

These unions, they go crazy!

This faulty union thinking of grabbing more is the craziness made famous by Basil Fawlty!

Is time up for Christine Holgate?

Christine Holgate’s Cartier watch crisis for Australia Post is a BS, over-politicized story that has meant we can’t see the wood for the trees.

Gen X: leading the age discrimination revolt

Generation X is poised to become ‘downagers’ – where age is just a number and they feel and act far younger than their age would expect.

Will the Unions’ industrial action kill Christmas?

This Coronavirus allegedly means “we’re all in this together” so why is there industrial action that means retailers won’t get supplies for Christmas? It got me thinking – why are employees behaving like this during the toughest time in a century?

JobMaker doesn’t cut it but business measures are a boon!

Would you go and hire a new staff member if you were to receive a wage subsidy of 24%? What about other incentives for business?

Could Vonex be the next big telco stock?

2020 has been a stand-out year for Vonex (ASX: VN8), as it positions itself as the telco of choice for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Will cannabis stocks get back in the green?

A new world beckons for the listed medical cannabis stocks, but is it too late for new “pot market” players?

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