22 June 2021
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Peter Switzer

Peter Switzer is one of Australia’s leading business and financial commentators, launching his own business 20 years ago. The Switzer Group has since grown into three successful companies spanning media and publishing, financial services and business coaching. Peter is an award-winning broadcaster, twice runner-up for the Best Current Affairs Commentator award for radio, behind broadcaster Alan Jones.

22 June 2021
The new age game: I spy with my digital eye all your online activities.

This new age intrusion is no game. Someone’s watching all your online activities and can then go public with these and legally or illegally make money from this. Seriously, who’s protecting us from these privacy invaders?

21 June 2021
Vaccine programme disaster: who’s to blame? ScoMo or AstraZeneca?

Europeans want us but we can’t easily travel! What’s going wrong and who’s to blame?

19 June 2021
What can we say nowadays?

We get so hot under the collar about trivial issues but are so relaxed about so many intolerably bad aspects of society.

18 June 2021
It's raining jobs but borrowers beware!

These employment and jobless numbers are great news for Treasurer Josh Frydenberg but not so great for Reserve Bank boss Dr Phil Lowe.

17 June 2021
Who are the winners & losers from this minimum pay rise?

More than two million workers are set to pocket an $18.80 a week pay rise. Will this be good or bad for the economic recovery?

16 June 2021
Should workers get pay rises?

Pay rises are coming too slow for the RBA. But it's understandable!

15 June 2021
ANZ doesn’t believe the RBA on interest rates!

Is it time to fix your home loan or at least shop for the best deal in town? We do the numbers for you.

12 June 2021
What do we teach ourselves and then our kids?

When I was a younger man living in London, I came to realise that I needed other influences to help me grow than what was then consuming my time. My book shopping was my best effort to add balance to a life that was a little heavily lopsided with sport. Here’s what I came up with.

11 June 2021
Can we stop rip-off advisers?

How do we stop dodgy advisers hoodwinking and robbing those who trust their money with people who have no scruples?

10 June 2021
Great news! A record number of Aussies are working second jobs!

I think the fact that our economy can provide a record level of second jobs for those Aussies who want them is another sign of just how impressive our economy is.

9 June 2021
Is bitcoin on death row?

Like in the film, “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”, when it comes to bitcoin, it’s “not quite dead, yet!” But how long can it last?

8 June 2021
Congratulations! We're a AAA country!

Doomsday merchants were delivered a tragic blow — the world’s most feared debt ratings agency has given us the thumbs up. What does this mean?

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