5 June 2020
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Peter Switzer

Peter Switzer is one of Australia’s leading business and financial commentators, launching his own business 20 years ago. The Switzer Group has since grown into three successful companies spanning media and publishing, financial services and business coaching. Peter is an award-winning broadcaster, twice runner-up for the Best Current Affairs Commentator award for radio, behind broadcaster Alan Jones.

4 June 2020
Put away the razor blades. The recession will be sharp but short

The Treasurer has confirmed we are in a recession, but the entrails of the economy foretell better times ahead.

3 June 2020
Take $20,000 out of super and kiss $640,000 good-bye!

A super storm is brewing for those who’ve accessed their super because of the Coronavirus and simply wasted it. Here’s how to calculate the potential loss.

2 June 2020
Improving Houses Australia: how’d you like a $40k grant to renovate your home?

ScoMo is looking to hit the recession for a six by giving home renovators a $40k gift to tart up their homes and give tradies work. Howzat?

1 June 2020
5 reasons why the economics supports this stock market rebound

Some economists think we’ll dodge a recession. This will help banks because they’re the lifeline of the economy.

30 May 2020
Mask up, shut up and get on with it!

A second wave of infections would have terrible economic costs. So our leaders need to mask up the courage (pun intended) to make sure we don’t relapse – starting with face masks!

29 May 2020
Where are these headlines? Good economic news drives stocks higher

A surge in bank stock prices this week screams that our economic outlook isn’t as bad as we thought but, typically, the media is focused on bad news.

28 May 2020
Stocks are surging. Is it safe to buy?

Bank stocks have surged this week, when experts said they’d be down for ages. Is this a sign that stocks are a good buy or should you say goodbye to the market?

27 May 2020
Shock survey: Aussie investors prefer stocks to property

The Coronavirus hasn’t spooked Australian stock investors. In fact, they’re piling into stocks and shunning property.

26 May 2020
The Coronavirus stole our economy…NOT!

One of the great afflictions of COVID-19 was tolerating the plethora of virus experts on infections, deaths and their economic implications. And who do I blame? The media, who seem to be determining the agenda.

25 May 2020
The accidental JobKeeper cock up

How bad is this cock up and who is the ‘cock-upper’?

23 May 2020
An ode to millennials: why there have been three “once in a lifetime collapses” in 20 years

A young staff member of mine wrote a piece titled, “I’m 23 and I’ve lived through three ‘once in a lifetime’ economic collapses – why?” As a gift, I had a crack at answering this question.

22 May 2020
Casual workers to get sick leave and holiday pay. Next stop: the dole queue

What were the judges in the Federal Court smoking? Their decision to give permanent employee entitlements to casual workers could ruin small businesses suffering under COVID-19 or kill casual jobs.

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