26 January 2022
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Peter Switzer

Peter Switzer launched his own financial business 30 years ago. The Switzer Group has since grown into three successful companies spanning media and publishing that creates written content as well as video and films, with its latest acquisition being the global brand Harper’s Bazaar, financial advice, insurance and business advice. Peter is an award-winning broadcaster, twice runner-up for the Best Current Affairs Commentator award for radio, behind broadcaster Alan Jones. He talks to Ben Fordham each morning on 2GB, as well as writing each day on switzer.com.au

25 January 2022
Will our pandemic-induced savings motherload kill talk of a 45% crash of stocks?

CBA’s economics team calculated Aussies have saved about $260bn since Covid hit. Will this mountain of money protect us from a crash?

24 January 2022
Will rates rise rapidly this year?

If tomorrow’s inflation data reveals a big jump, this could bring forward interest rate rises much sooner and bigger than expected.

21 January 2022
Unemployment falls creating good, bad & questionable news!

This isn’t a simple story because there’s mixed news all wrapped up in this data on our economy.

20 January 2022
Why didn't lockdowns KO home prices?

It sounds kind of screwy but Covid-related lockdowns saw an escalation of homes sold for prices over $1 million. Where to now?

19 January 2022
Omicron crushes confidence but economy expected to rebound

Consumer confidence has slumped as Omicron has created a self-imposed or Clayton’s lockdown. And the reading for January hasn’t been as bad as this since the recession of 1991! But what’s the broader story?

18 January 2022
Calls for JobSaver rescue payments in NSW could become a national issue

A survey by Business NSW found many businesses in trouble because of Omicron, with labour and product shortages undermining profitability. Are targeted payments for the worst-affected operations a solution?

17 January 2022
Could Josh Frydenberg save the PM’s bacon?

With the Government under pre-election pressure, the Treasurer is hurling tax insults at Labor to undermine its election chances.

14 January 2022
Unions push for pay increases, really?

With many businesses in loss territory due to shutdowns, is the news that unions are pushing for pay increases the straw that breaks the camel’s back?

13 January 2022
Inflation surges in US! Are we next and will it push rates up?

The huge inflation number overnight in the US must be making some people worry that this is like the 1980s when inflation drove home loan interest rates up to 18% for some poor borrowers!

12 January 2022
Is Bitcoin cooked?

Bitcoin has had a rough start to the year and rising interest rates could make it a rougher ride for those who have taken a punt on the creme de la creme of crypto currencies.

11 January 2022
Omicron’s hurting business but will it cause a recession?

My view is that this current virus problem won’t be as serious and we’ll get through it.

10 January 2022
Employee work-from-home demands escalate

There are good, bad and ugly consequences of working from home.

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