24 May 2022
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Peter Switzer

Peter Switzer launched his own financial business 30 years ago. The Switzer Group has since grown into three successful companies spanning media and publishing that creates written content as well as video and films, with its latest acquisition being the global brand Harper’s Bazaar, financial advice, insurance and business advice. Peter is an award-winning broadcaster, twice runner-up for the Best Current Affairs Commentator award for radio, behind broadcaster Alan Jones. He talks to Ben Fordham each morning on 2GB, as well as writing each day on switzer.com.au

19 April 2022
Should the First Home Guarantee Scheme be demolished?

Timing and context is really important when assessing policies such as the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme. Here's why.

14 April 2022
AirBnb adds pressure to surging rents across the country

The median rent in Sydney is $600 a week but it’s higher in other capital cities. And AirBnb has a role to play in this pressure cooker rental market. Is there any relief for renters in sight?

13 April 2022
Is 8.5% inflation and 18% interest rates coming?

With US inflation coming out overnight at 8.5%, a person might be wondering if economists’ confidence that inflation can be controlled to avoid crazy interest rates is misplaced.

12 April 2022
Should stock investors give peace a chance?

Right now I’m doing something I seldom do — I’m trying to time the stock market, delaying a buy and waiting for the ‘right time’ to get in. Is that possible?!

11 April 2022
Elections are always determined by “the economy, stupid”.

No matter what scuttlebutt is thrown at both leaders over the campaign, history shows that “the economy, stupid,” prevails. The bigger future inflation, the greater the rise in interest rates and fall in house prices.

8 April 2022
Economists tip wild interest rate ride ahead!

Big bank economists see early rate rises in June this year with more to follow. But are they right?

7 April 2022
Airline ticket prices soar. What next – interest rates?

If you want to blame someone for the unbelievable spike in the price of airline travel, the Daily Tele says blame two political leaders — Vladimir Putin and WA’s Premier Mark McGowan! How are these price spirals going to pan out?

6 April 2022
It's not time to stress about interest rates

The collective pressure of the media powered by some economists has everyone stressed out about rising interest rates before it’s necessary to do so.

5 April 2022
Investors should follow the online spending trend

To make money, you need to pick up on a trend before others see it. Because they believed in the future of electric vehicles and therefore batteries that use lithium, early buyers of lithium stocks have made good money. What’s the latest trend?

4 April 2022
Labor shortens Bill’s old tax plan

You know Labor is fair dinkum determined to win the election at all costs when it ditches the tax reform agenda that saw Bill Shorten crash and burn in the 2019 poll. But who will it tax now?

1 April 2022
Albo and inflation are coming!

It’s show-and-tell time for Anthony Albanese and it’s our first chance to think about what Albo might look like as PM.

31 March 2022
Telstra appoints Vicki Brady as CEO

The world’s changing for the better as the new CEO of Telstra, Vicki Brady, shows the glass ceiling that stopped many women from climbing to the top of major companies is starting to crack big time.

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