6 April 2020
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Morrison’s stimulus is of Crocodile Dundee proportions!

As good Coronavirus news unfolds, the Morrison Government has done a Crocodile Dundee by looking at the size of its former stimulus packages and effectively saying: “That's not a knife… THAT's a knife.”

Clarifying some grey areas of Australia’s coronavirus response

What is an essential service? Should my workplace be isolating? Can I legally lose my job because of coronavirus shutdowns? Common grey areas with the government shutdowns explained.

Trump won’t have a second term but ScoMo will

Here are the reasons why I predict Donald won’t have a second term and why ScoMo will.

Weekend at Bernie’s: The black swan that cast a shadow over idealism in US politics

How does a global pandemic affect an election? Just look at the progression of Bernie Sanders' political career.

Can an Australian Aboriginal ever be an ‘alien’?

Did the judges in the majority in Love and Thoms do a disservice to the legitimate aspirations of indigenous Australians?

Mr Nice Guy RBA boss must stick it to Government!

The RBA Governor wants the ScoMo Government to spend so we can prosper but Government Ministers are saying they’re tired of being lectured to!

Travelling West

I’m off to Perth in the second week of February visiting the Parliament of Western Australia in its first week of sitting. And here’s why I’m travelling west.

Loser journalist no match for Ash Barty

Ash Barty has taught a media loser a grand slam Aussie lesson.

I miss Bill Shorten

My fund did well last year partly because of a little guy called Bill Shorten.

Scott Morrison is in the wrong

Here’s why I agree with the PM’s critics on this occasion about his attitude to climate change and our recent tragic bushfires.

Will Scott Morrison win the next election?

Though still only in his first year as PM, does ScoMo have what it takes to go another round?

Is weak leadership creating dumber kids?

Do the maths. Our kids are falling behind. What’s wrong and how can we fix it? Someone needs to take a stand.

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