30 October 2020
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Meet President Biden

Americans don’t elect their President. They merely participate in the choice of presidential electors, who then elect the President. Here’s why I believe we’ll meet President Biden next week.

If Biden wins, what will happen to the US stock market?

With the US presidential election less than one week away, here are the three likely scenarios and the effect each will have on the markets.

Will Americans do the Trump warp again?

Madness has taken its toll on Wall Street. Time to US election day is fleeting. Are the more lefty Democrats good or bad for stocks? How will markets react to a “jump to the left”?

NZ and ACT is almost done and dusted, so the new premier of Queensland will be…?

My prediction today is largely opinion poll induced but supplemented by my own instinctive feel for the Queensland situation. And let me look at the results for the Kiwis and the ACT.

Coronavirus update and the crazy US election

What’s happening on the Coronavirus front and who’s going to win: Biden or Trump?

Premier madness is killing my country

These economy-killing Premiers need to be given a vaccine!

US election round-up

While the debate and Trump’s behaviour after his treatment for coronavirus may have worked against him, so too may be the resurgence of new coronavirus cases in the US.

Is someone on $180,000 a year rich?

Our PM says ‘No’, they’re not. What do you think? Are you OK with the politics of envy?

That’s stingy! If you want us to hire, show us the money, Scott!

To many employers, the incentive to hire in the Budget looked too close to nothing! We need a bigger carrot.

Will Jacinda Ardern win on October 17? And who’ll lead the ACT?

In my article last month, I called the New Zealand and ACT elections. Are my views still the same?

To all the Budgets I’ve loved before, here’s why I love them so!

Budget weeks are special to people like me, who are very different ‘beasts’ to the more normal Aussie.

Albo, don’t be like Bill Shorten. Be more like Bob Hawke

Labor has come up with good vote-catching ideas but what’s it doing to attract those voters who think it’s largely anti-business, anti-individual and anti-success?

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