26 January 2022
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BoJo will hang tough and lead Conservatives into 2023

Consistent with my style of political punditry I begin 2022 with a prediction about British politics. It is that Boris Johnson will hang tough and continue to lead his party throughout the whole of the year.

Could Josh Frydenberg save the PM’s bacon?

With the Government under pre-election pressure, the Treasurer is hurling tax insults at Labor to undermine its election chances.

Elections will cast their shadow over the 2022 bull market

Will the share bull market extend into its 14th consecutive year? Well, if you listen to the pundits, that’s the expectation.

Revising my earlier predictions on the upcoming Federal election

Referencing my earlier summations from throughout 2021, I outline my prediction for who will win the 2022 Federal election.

NO ENTRY! The PM still bars overseas students and workers. Blame Omicron

The Morrison Government’s delay in opening our borders postpones the arrival of a tsunami of foreign workers and students expected to roll in once the draw bridge on fortress Australia lifts.

WA implements a genuine democratic reform

Will the new Western Australia electoral system better empower voters at the ballot box?

Are our world leaders missing the real issue?

Following the recent Glasgow Climate Summit, otherwise known as COP26, you would have to be living under a rock if you did not believe, after the tone of this meeting, that the major catastrophe around the world is climate change.

Telling the Truth about Senate voting

Instructions regarding the Senate voting system from the AEC are at times deceitful and should be up for review.

Will Prime Minister Anthony Albanese end the bull market in shares?

Electoral risk is emerging as the next big watch point for share market investors.

Will ScoMo’s $20 billion climate-saving tech bet pay off?

Our PM wants net zero emissions by 2050 but gave critics a bit of an ‘index finger’ by saying we’ll do it the Australian way!

Boris Johnson faces by-election test of popularity

The results from two by-elections in the UK may very well be a telltale sign of dissatisfaction towards Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Does a greener Australia by 2050 mean we could still be the world’s biggest miner?

As ScoMo twists Barnaby Joyce’s arm to support net zero emissions by 2050 ahead of the Glasgow climate change conference, the question is: can the Nationals ever go green?

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