24 June 2024
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The British House of Commons is too big

Having already made a few predictions last year about the British general election, now we have a date for it, I’d like to make some supplementary predictions. And there’s another aspect of this election that interests me: the size of the House of Commons, given the size of the country.

Queensland Libs do well – disaster elsewhere

The Albanese government will enjoy a second general election win in May next year. Dutton can afford to lose this election, but he can’t afford to lose again in May 2028. And here’s why I say this.

Labor will win Dunkley

I’ll be proved right on my call that Labor will win this Federal seat.

Come October 2024 Sir Keir Starmer will be the British Prime Minister

I’ve decided to make my British predictions first and leave those for Australia and the USA to the end of the year because all the British evidence is now in, so why delay?

Has Voice referendum proved we’re more Anglo than the Poms?

Comparing the countries of the Anglosphere, the Voice referendum says something about our Anglophile ways and wokeness.

The Voice referendum: PM take note and Dutton, you have some explaining to do

Here’s my advice to Anthony Albanese about referendums and also an important question that should be put to Peter Dutton, who needs to be asked to tell the truth.

The 1967 & 1999 referendums are generally mis-described

Don’t fall for the propaganda that May 1967 was of great national rejoicing by a unified nation that had suddenly become progressive. Before polling day, I’ll write on the 1999 referendum that has been also mis-described and give some friendly advice to Anthony Albanese.

Could British & Scottish PMs learn from Anthony Albanese?

I’ve written before about how the machines of big political parties in Australia and New Zealand design electoral systems to make life as convenient for themselves as possible. With a big test for PM Sunak and PM Yousaf ahead, maybe there’s something to learn from down under?

Victoria’s democracy mess continues

My article today is about whether Victoria’s politicians wish to continue with the present reputation of being the worst democracy in the country.

Dutton’s Voice ploy kicks own goal

Dutton will win the referendum, but it will do him no good in the eyes of the history books.

Conservatives retain banished Boris Johnson’s old Commons Seat

Our election expert Malcolm Mackerras looks at by-elections here and in the UK to assess the current ‘popularity’ of conservatives in both countries.

New Zealand will change its Government in October

On my prediction, former very successful businessman Christopher Luxon will be New Zealand’s new prime minister.

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