4 August 2020
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Predicting these five elections

There are 5 elections over the next few months and I’ll start with one up north and go through each one after that.

What do we need? Guts. And who needs to show guts? Gladys.

Politicians need to get some guts so their timidness doesn’t lead to a lockdown in NSW. The Oz economy can’t afford the biggest state going down the lockdown road of Victoria.

Big businesses want government gifts. So give them what they want!

This isn’t the time to be anti-anyone or any business that creates jobs. We’re all in this together.

A ‘Kath & Kim’ politician wants a 15% GST

Why would a politician want us to accept a 15% GST? Is he up for genuine tax reform or is it a case of “Look at moi, look at moi”?

Don’t worry about debt, deficits and drama-filled disasters

It’s not World War 2. No bombs being are being dropped on Darwin or enemy submarines in Sydney Harbour. It’s time for a stiff upper lip and get on with it.

If you run in fear of the Coronavirus and your future, you better read this!

The Treasurer’s extension of JobKeeper boosted the stock market by 2.6% yesterday and governments are throwing the kitchen sink at the coronavirus, which means we’ll beat this sucker.

High noon: Josh Frydenberg -v- the Coronavirus Kid

Just before high noon this Thursday, the Treasurer will strap on his budget guns to shoot down the economic devastation caused by the Coronavirus Kid. Will this be enough to corral this viral villain?

Victoria’s masking up. Should we all follow suit?

Wuhan, wash your hands, lockdown go to ground, mask up, shut up, in all states in all lands. We didn’t start the virus but we need to fight it.

They say it’s your birthday, Josh! The best present you can give an Aussie is a job

Yesterday’s job report was a ‘gift’ of sorts to the Treasurer. Now ACTU boss Sally McManus needs to keep being flexible on industrial relations to create and preserve as many jobs as possible. Then we can celebrate.

C’mon Aussies, grow up, grow up

It’s a State of Origin fight with ScoMo and Gladys taking on Chairman Dan over how to deal with the Coronavirus. If you value your job, we need to act like adults on a winning team to beat Covid-19.

Coronavirus has exposed superannuation’s ill health

Almost 1 in every 4 workers has applied to access their super early, which tells me the super system isn’t working the way it’s supposed to. Here’s how we can make the super system “more relevant” to young Australians.

Josh & ScoMo, we need to talk about Victoria

I’ve said this before and I’ll keep saying it: our politicians have to have the guts to make us mask up before it’s too late.

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