27 September 2020
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Paul Keating canes Reserve Bank for being bums and killing jobs

Former Prime Minister Keating (the Treasurer most responsible for our previous recession in 1991) has ripped into the high priests of our Reserve Bank for being too slow and indolent dealing with the Coronavirus crash.

How will Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death impact the US elections?

Who will Trump nominate to replace US Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg? And how will this impact his chances for the election?

Want to save cafes and restaurants, Josh? Bring back the long tax-deductible lunch!

In the vein of thinking outside the square, I’d love to see the Treasurer bring back the “long lunch”, which was killed off in 1985 by Paul Keating’s fringe benefit tax.

Oh, no. Death tax talk, again? Better not call Saul

The Tasmanian Government has a prominent economist dancing with the devil, exhuming death taxes and pushing payroll tax onto more small businesses. And it’s thought this could be a model for the rest of the country?

Who’ll win the ACT and Kiwi elections on October 17? And then Queensland and the US?

The ACT election and the New Zealand election will both be held on 17 October. And then there’s Queensland and the USA. Here are my predictions.

Prime Minister, why not appoint a Minister for Common-sense?

We need to get off our butts and think like we’ve never thought before about ways to get out of this Coronavirus economic crisis. And here are some opening thoughts and ideas.

Morrison & Frydenberg must think big AND outside the square

When I helped create the Talking Business programme on Qantas years ago, I interviewed one of the smartest people I’ve ever encountered – Edward de Bono. Our leaders could do well to implement his ‘think outside the square’ mantra.

What can Josh Frydenberg learn from The Three Stooges to save our economy?

To save our economy from a worse-than-expected recession, business wants tax cuts asap. But maybe we also need small businesses to be paid on time and less fighting with China?

Is ScoMo over-poking the Chinese bear?

With Daniel Andrews in more strife than Indiana Jones in the Temple of Doom, what’s the cost of the PM continuing to sock it to China?

We need to talk nationally and rationally about borders

Let’s avoid border wars and have a national rational conversation about opening this country up to ourselves!

State of Origin battle over closed borders needs a tough referee

PM Keating said “Never get between a premier and a bucket of money.” Our premiers need to show they’re better than this and commit to a border opening plan rather than worry about their own skin.

Big trouble, little Australia as Frydenberg sticks it to China

It’s great to see a feisty Treasurer showing we won’t be bullied by the likes of China but we have to be careful our toughness doesn’t come back to bite us.

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