27 October 2021
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Boris Johnson faces by-election test of popularity

The results from two by-elections in the UK may very well be a telltale sign of dissatisfaction towards Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Will Gladys Berejiklian contest the Federal seat of Warringah?

Former NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian may be running for the Federal seat of Warringah against independent incumbent Zali Steggall.

Will Aussies ever be ‘smart’ enough to buy a 15% GST?

The annual drive to get Australians to buy into a 15% GST is on again, but the tax reform sellers still don’t know how to sell.

Kristina Keneally's candidacy for Fowler represents broader issue in Australian elections

That Kristina Keneally will be the Labor candidate for Fowler (NSW) at the 2022 federal election has attracted controversy, so I think I might have my own dollar’s worth on the subject.

The new tree-hugging Premier & his Treasurer love the colour green

NSW Premier Dominic Perrettet and Matt Kean being pro-Green is believable in a Labor government but not in a Coalition one. Are Perrottet and Kean giving us a glimpse of our future?

The Premier of the premier state has a huge national job ahead

With most of our Premiers playing a safe game, Dominic Perrottet will have to take more risks for his state and the country. If he delivers, it could cement his leadership of the state past the election in 18 months’ time.

Greta’s ‘blah, blah’ speech gave us a lesson on economics

Greta Thunberg gave the world a lecture on what we’re doing to the planet and how to her our ‘promises’ to fix it really gets down to nothing more than “blah, blah, blah!” Is this really the case?

Will Aussies be flying to Berlin before Brisbane and Tokyo before Tassie?

Will Flight Centre’s Skroo Turner screw the closed border premiers in the Hight Court to let Aussies travel freely around their own country?

State-v-state: war looms!

The potential problem with the premiers is seen with the Queensland government toying with the idea of switching Sunday’s grand final from Brisbane to Townsville because of four new local cases!

Are the premiers of WA and Queensland the biggest threats to the Aussie economy?

The Prime Minister and the Premiers are arguing over when our borders will be open, making vaccination rates critical to our economic fortunes.

Will Steven Marshall win the South Australian state election?

I believe that the Liberal government of premier Steven Marshall will be returned in the SA state election currently scheduled for 19 March 2022.

How would you like a big tax cut? Well, cop this!

The august body, the OECD, is telling us we deserve income tax cuts. But what the tax lord giveth, the tax lord taketh away.

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