24 January 2021
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Choose your poison: stamp duty or land tax?

Would you prefer to pay stamp duty or an ongoing land tax when you buy a house?

Why is Labor’s Joel Fitzgibbon wanting to cancel Albo’s ticket?

Labor has a leadership war brewing and the bomb-thrower is party stalwart Joel Fitzgibbon.

What Labor has to learn from Donald Trump!

The Labor Party could be heading for another split of Rudd-Gillard-Rudd-Shorten proportions.

Nixon & Trump: two failed Presidents

I put Nixon and Trump together as failed Presidents and two men who left the White House disgracefully.

Biden winning, stocks surging. Lesson? Be optimistic

People who pessimistically play it safe miss out, big time!

Aussies to benefit from US election win

Trump’s expected loss isn’t all that bad if your support was purely based on your hip pocket!

Why your stocks and super will go higher on this crazy US election uncertainty

Why in the hell did stocks surge over this uncertain US election result?

Christine Holgate has left the building. What plonker will replace her?

The PM’s public castigation of Holgate is a classic example of the advice I give my sons: “Say the second thing that comes into your mind.” ScoMo, you’ve lost a great CEO.

Meet President Biden

Americans don’t elect their President. They merely participate in the choice of presidential electors, who then elect the President. Here’s why I believe we’ll meet President Biden next week.

If Biden wins, what will happen to the US stock market?

With the US presidential election less than one week away, here are the three likely scenarios and the effect each will have on the markets.

Will Americans do the Trump warp again?

Madness has taken its toll on Wall Street. Time to US election day is fleeting. Are the more lefty Democrats good or bad for stocks? How will markets react to a “jump to the left”?

NZ and ACT is almost done and dusted, so the new premier of Queensland will be…?

My prediction today is largely opinion poll induced but supplemented by my own instinctive feel for the Queensland situation. And let me look at the results for the Kiwis and the ACT.

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