25 April 2024
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Both Cook & Fadden are blue ribbon Liberal

Why do I persist with my prediction today? It’s because the Liberal Party will win Cook and the Liberal National Party of Queensland will win Fadden!

ABC disgraces itself over coronation

It took 45 minutes for us to flick the ABC that night. Propagandists like Grant, Reid and Foster seem to think of crowns as being like swastikas. Only a tiny minority of Australians think that way.

The Voice referendum will be carried

I will write again on the Voice referendum, but today begins with me predicting Saturday 14 October as polling day.

AEC is handling Aston well

In my article today, I’ve decided to revert to a hobby horse of mine, ridden since 2016. I have been very critical of the way the Australian Electoral Commission has been handling federal general elections.

Minns will be Premier in a minority government

The time has come for me to stick my neck out and make predictions for the NSW state elections to be held on Saturday March 25.

Aston is blue ribbon Liberal

Back on August 30 last year I had an article posted on Switzer Daily titled “Cook and Higgins: A study in contrast”. It wrongly predicted that the first by-election of the present federal term would be in Cook (NSW), created by the resignation of Scott Morrison.

Are Albo & Chalmers as capable as Hawke & Keating?

Is the Albanese Government ignorantly piling a lot on business owners and managers at a time when they’re coping with a hell of a lot of curve balls? Would Hawke & Keating have been more business savvy?

Bosses not happy with Albo's wage world

The Albanese government has redefined how Aussie wages will be determined.

Biden, Bolsonaro and Trump compared

There have been plenty of elections around the world these last three months, but the two cases of special world interest were for the President of Brazil in the runoff of Sunday 30 October and the midterm congressional elections in the USA on Tuesday 8 November.

Albo, beware Bill Shorten’s super big balls-up

The Labor government has its eyes on retirees’ super and even their homes because like all governments in the world, they have a budget deficit drama, thanks to some bats and snakes in China.

Seats to fall but Victorian Labor safe

We have reached the stage in Victoria’s state election on 26 November where it is safe to make a prediction of results for the Legislative Assembly.

5 Things you need to know today

Bitcoin punters have to be feeling it, stocks gain on expected Biden loss, Magellan’s navigator is on the way out and more!

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