16 November 2019
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Here's why we need a new Victorian system

As I have no opinion on abortion law reform or assisted dying, I turn to Victoria where I currently seek to play a part in the electoral reform process.

Should listed companies work with activists?

Employees and consumers are now firmly on the march on a range of hot button issues and companies will have the choice of either trying to beat them, or join them. Where do you stand on the debate about how much listed companies should work with activists?

We gave you a mandate, Prime Minister. What will you do to get us out of this malaise?

It was ironic that I was about to talk to a group of highly successful entrepreneurs and business builders in Adelaide when the job numbers were released.

What do Julie Bishop, GM's CEO and the incoming ECB president have in common?

How executive presence helped Bishop, Barra and Lagarde rise to the top.

My view of Barnaby Joyce and Jacqui Lambie

Two things from the last Federal election pleased Malcolm Mackerras: the humiliation of Barnaby Joyce and Jacqui Lambie voted back into the Senate.

Is our economic rescue plan made in China?

Crucial economic data comes out this week, which could determine if and when interest rates will be cut. If the numbers are bad, all hope rests with China.

Can you feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Donald?

Can we trust the latest signs that maybe a deal is in the air? I've been waiting for this moment, oh Donald!

Only President Trump can save us!

Donald better end this trade war madness soon or else we'll see negative interest rates as a forerunner to a serious recession.

The curious case of the disappearing deficits

Our chronic problem with trade and budget deficits is vanishing so don't get bogged down in negativity when you hear today's growth number. Things are looking up!

C'mon Aussies, think outside the square

Ignore tomorrow's economic growth and Labor's new Treasury spokesman! It's time to engage in a different way of thinking.

What? Has Penny Wong become the coalminer's daughter?

In a surprise move, Labor stalwart Senator Penny Wong is now talking up Australia's support for the coal mining industry. Put on your climate change seat belt and read this!

Scott & Josh, it's time to learn a thing or two from Mr Trump

A key lesson from great sporting coaches is that you have to talk your team into a winning mentality. This is something the US President does so well. Our leaders need to look and learn.

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