6 August 2021
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Vaccine programme disaster: who’s to blame? ScoMo or AstraZeneca?

Europeans want us but we can’t easily travel! What’s going wrong and who’s to blame?

Which political party is the most misogynistic?

I firmly believe Australia’s conservative parties are addicted to misogyny.

Politicians with tax guts? It’s about time!

The lack of intestinal fortitude has been a major character flaw of too many politicians. But 7 international politicians are stepping up to the tax plate to sock it to big tech tax avoiders.

Who needs China when Australia has Tesla?

Australia’s poised to be a beneficiary of the search for alternative sources of energy and production in a changing world. Embracing the growing importance of ESG could mean we won’t have to tolerate the bully boys of Beijing.

Josh, give Victorians JobKeeper for the sake of the rest of us!

The Aussie economy is going gangbusters, so do we need to bail out our Victorian cousins with a temporary JobKeeper payment?

Is this the lockdown we had to have?

Will this Melbourne lockdown create some urgency around vaccinations and increase the rate around Victoria and the whole country?

Labor could beat ScoMo but they won't!

Unless Labor does some changing, they’ll be in Opposition for the long haul.

Is it time to ‘kiss and make up’ with Beijing?

Are we being unfair and uneconomic giving it to China?

Will Scott Morrison call an election this coming November?

Here are the reasons why Scott Morrison may call an election in November, and the results of the Upper Hunter by-election.

How can Josh Frydenberg compete against bloody bitcoin?

It says something about us and therefore our media that yesterday’s great jobs result got buried in less important albeit more sexy yarns about bitcoin.

Who said: “Never get between a state premier and a bucket of money”?

With regards to Labor’s tax record: Not happy, Dan. Not happy. But Paul Keating said it all with one of his classic one-liners.

Could Albo do a Kevin ’07 and win the next Federal election?

Newspoll says the Budget was historically well received but Labor still leads the Coalition in the race for the Lodge. And parallels with 2007 are worrying for ScoMo’s future.

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