14 April 2021
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Dan Andrews & Facebook: what do they have in common?

One of the richest companies in the world has declared war on Australia because the Morrison government is forcing them to pay for content created by others. What’s this got to do with Dan Andrews?

Could Albo lose his job over JobKeeper & his new advertising campaign?

I think 2021 will be a boom year. I hope I’m right, though economic success this year mightn’t help Albo build up anti-Morrison sentiment.

West side story

On 13 March there will be general elections for the entire Parliament of Western Australia. Here’s my take on the outcome.

Wage war coming. This could be Labor’s only hope!

In recent years, celebrity chefs, Woolworths and the ABC have all been accused of wage ‘theft’. Are they thieves? Or could there be something wrong with the system?

When will the next Federal Election be and will ScoMo win?

Here are my Australian political predictions for the next eighteen months, including upcoming election dates and results.

Should we bow to Beijing? And do we need China?

China’s actions will be a big test not only for Scott Morrison but also for Joe Biden, the more important player when it comes to the bully boys of Beijing.

JobKeeper’s over. Frydenberg to now play Scrooge

Throughout the Covid saga of 2020, our Treasurer played Santa Claus but now he’s switching roles so the Aussie story of economic salvation will be a best seller.

It’s thumbs up to President Joe Biden!

Wall Street gives Joe Biden a record-breaking welcome! Why?

Will we fall off a cliff when JobKeeper ends in March?

Should you be worried about the so-called fiscal cliff that the economy could fall over?

Forget overseas travel in 2021? Not!

If we learned something from 2020 it’s that you underestimate our ability to think and achieve outside the square at your peril. So get your passport ready!

Donald Trump: the worst & most failed US President

If incitement to insurrection doesn’t qualify a President for impeachment, I don’t know what would.

Would you like a 10% pay rise from ScoMo?

That’s the question to consider as the Morrison Government thinks about giving us choice on whether we put our money into super or simply take it home!

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