29 May 2022
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Labor shortens Bill’s old tax plan

You know Labor is fair dinkum determined to win the election at all costs when it ditches the tax reform agenda that saw Bill Shorten crash and burn in the 2019 poll. But who will it tax now?

Three Cheers for Senator Jim Molan – again!

The Liberal Party made the correct decision to place Jim Molan in a winnable position for the forthcoming federal election, in effect ending the political career of Senator Connie Fierravanti-Wells.

5 super changes for the new year

Here are 5 important changes to your super that come into effect on 1 July.

It’s a rubbery figures budget and I like it!

Gosh, Josh, you’re spending real dosh to squash the pandemic negatives from the economy. Will this wash with voters? Let’s see…

Has South Australia become a natural Labor state?

The recent SA election has reminded me that for an election to be classified as “too close to call” before polling day very probably means it will result in a landslide.

Here are the beef barrelling Budget leaks so far!

New age Treasurers give us a substantial sneak leak preview on what they formally reveal on Budget night but there’s always a few rabbits pulled out of the hat when a Treasurer takes the stage.

Budget for a Frydenberg petrol price cut

It’s Budget leak-time and the big headline is fuel, which could be slashed by up to 20 cents a litre.

PM promises $2bn to secure 100 million mRNA jabs

If spending $2bn helps us avoid disastrous health and economic dramas, well, spend Scotty, spend! And ditto Albo, if he ends up being our next PM.

Albo’s a shoo-in – what will it mean for share investors?

I reckon Anthony Albanese is a shoo-in to become Australia’s 31st Prime Minister. The polls say so, and so do the bookies!

Why I have long admired Senator Kimberley Kitching

I decided long ago that Senator Kimberley Kitching (Labor, Victoria) would be named my favourite politician of the 46th Parliament.

It's raining jobs but will Scott and Josh keep theirs?

It will be interesting to see who we select to steer the ship of state after May!

Dan Andrews' gift to casuals and contractors

Victorian Premier Dan Andrews wants casual and contract workers to have access to five days sick or carer's leave and is prepared to put up $245.6 million to test this out. Will employers see this as the thin edge of the wedge?

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