26 September 2020
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Economic gamechanger: ScoMo gets COVID-19 vaccine for all Aussies!

ScoMo has locked in 25 million doses of a Coronavirus vaccine, which is a lifesaving coup and an economic masterstroke.

Government spending is working. This could save your job or your business!

Here’s one for the trolls and doomsdayers: ScoMo and Josh’s spending initiatives are working. Have a look at my TV show to see what stocks could benefit from this good economic and market news.

Tell us, Gladys, will NSW avoid a Victoria style lockdown?

Labor trolls who hear that I’ve written an anti Andrews line will attack me again today, but let them. His mistakes will take unemployment over 10%. Will a NSW lockdown now happen?

Paul Keating is bleating about greedy baby boomers

In a headline hogging attack, former PM Keating has slammed baby boomers for being greedy, arguing they never would’ve tolerated what young people cop today! Is this the criticism baby boomers had to have?

Blame Dan Andrews as your stocks and super drop

The finger of blame is pointed at the Victorian Premier. Will the leader of NSW come under fire for the same thing if she fails to act more seriously?

Predicting these five elections

There are 5 elections over the next few months and I’ll start with one up north and go through each one after that.

NSW will be locked down too if Gladys doesn’t butt kick

What’s wrong with our leaders saying: “Wear masks and socially distance or you’ll be fined”?

What do we need? Guts. And who needs to show guts? Gladys.

Politicians need to get some guts so their timidness doesn’t lead to a lockdown in NSW. The Oz economy can’t afford the biggest state going down the lockdown road of Victoria.

Big businesses want government gifts. So give them what they want!

This isn’t the time to be anti-anyone or any business that creates jobs. We’re all in this together.

A ‘Kath & Kim’ politician wants a 15% GST

Why would a politician want us to accept a 15% GST? Is he up for genuine tax reform or is it a case of “Look at moi, look at moi”?

Don’t worry about debt, deficits and drama-filled disasters

It’s not World War 2. No bombs being are being dropped on Darwin or enemy submarines in Sydney Harbour. It’s time for a stiff upper lip and get on with it.

If you run in fear of the Coronavirus and your future, you better read this!

The Treasurer’s extension of JobKeeper boosted the stock market by 2.6% yesterday and governments are throwing the kitchen sink at the coronavirus, which means we’ll beat this sucker.

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