5 April 2020
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The battle of Britain

Post-Brexit, will Scotland stay with the EU and will Northern Ireland become part of the Republic of Ireland?

The mad king is poking the China bear, again

Yep, he’s up to his old tricks again and now he’s sticking it to the French. Where will this lead?

Three cheers for Senator Jim Molan

With the second swearing in of Senator Jim Molan, it’s good to see the NSW Liberal Party’s machine has now repented - in part.

Why Labor lost and why Graham Richardson voted Liberal

The May 18 election result rammed home to Labor that it was out of touch with its customer base.

Cut taxes, Josh

While the PM is considering a Royal Commission into veteran suicides, which seems too important to waste time with a showpiece for lawyers, why don’t we have a Royal Commission into the economic emergency that the Treasurer is ignoring.

Careful Josh, you’re a Treasurer on P-plates

The Government’s current strategy on cutting rates is hardly working. Frydenberg needs to cut taxes.

Who will be the British PM on New Year’s Day 2020?

After much hesitation and uncertainty, I’ve decided to predict the verdict of the UK election. And the winner is…

Does ScoMo have a Domino’s problem?

The PM’s mistake on how to get the economy going relates to the problems Domino’s Pizza were having but have got over.

The PM and the Treasurer need to act

We’re not in the precarious position we were in with the GFC in 2008 but there is another history lesson Josh and Scott should heed.

Can we believe an upbeat Josh Frydenberg?

Frydenberg’s positivity on Aussie growth and his rejection of the IMF view, are all good to hear. Now we have to hope he’s right! Here’s my take…

Josh & Scott need to be the loudest voice

The economy ain’t so bad but it’s not me who should be saying this.

There’s a right way and a wrong way

I’ve stated my view about those who are wrong. I’d be delighted if either man took me to court for defamation. I’d have no difficulty explaining the reasoning behind my description or why my making such a description serves the interests of Australian democracy.

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