6 August 2021
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Malcolm Mackerras

3 August 2021
Biden’s presidency going well

Here are my latest updates of Joe Biden's performance, the US election results and the list of most failed presidents.

8 July 2021
What will be the date of the next Federal Election?

What I want to do today is make a firm prediction regarding election dates.

28 June 2021
Will Labor win the Federal election on 5 March 2022?

There have been three recent developments in federal politics about which readers may be interested in my opinion.

11 June 2021
Which political party is the most misogynistic?

I firmly believe Australia’s conservative parties are addicted to misogyny.

26 May 2021
Will Scott Morrison call an election this coming November?

Here are the reasons why Scott Morrison may call an election in November, and the results of the Upper Hunter by-election.

14 May 2021
The Liberals won the Tasmanian election as predicted, but what will happen in the next Federal election?

After spot on predictions for the recent election in Tasmania, here are my latest thoughts on the Federal election as well as my prediction for the upcoming Upper Hunter by-election.

20 April 2021
Will Andrew Peacock be recorded as the best prime minister Australia never had?

The competition is to be between a nominee of the Liberal Party competing with Labor’s nomination.

13 April 2021
How will the Tasmanian election play out?

Here are my predictions for the Tasmanian election next month and why I believe the state’s Hare-Clark electoral system is the best.

9 April 2021
My thoughts on the WA election results

Following a landslide victory for Mark McGowan and the Labor Party, here is my analysis of the results from last month’s Western Australian general elections.

12 March 2021
Should John Anderson fill NSW Senate seat?

Here are my reasons for thinking that Anderson’s comeback move into federal politics is not a good idea.

4 March 2021
Which WA seat will be abolished?

In redistributions, the case where a seat needs to be abolished is always more interesting than the case where a new seat is created. It lead me to work out which seat would get the chop.

2 March 2021
How to fix up the WA voting system

With the WA elections due on Saturday week, I want to point out the three glaring defects in the way the WA Legislative Council is elected and how to fix them.

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