6 July 2020
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Malcolm Mackerras

13 June 2020
Will Albo remain Labor’s leader?

I have made two predictions this year, and my third is a probability statement between McBain and Kotvojs. The result may even define who remains Labor’s leader.

8 May 2020
A Bigger Picture: My review of Malcolm Turnbull’s autobiography

In my opinion ‘A Bigger Picture’ is the best of the post-prime ministerial autobiographies, but that doesn’t mean its criticisms are unjust.

21 April 2020
Biden will defeat Trump

Trump’s handling of the Coronavirus has further divided America. Joe Biden will enjoy a landslide victory in the electoral college and probably in the popular vote as well.

6 April 2020
How the West was Won

My plan to reform the Legislative Council voting system didn’t work. Here’s my Plan B, which I hope will change things in Western Australia.

23 March 2020
Trump won’t have a second term but ScoMo will

Here are the reasons why I predict Donald won’t have a second term and why ScoMo will.

20 February 2020
Can an Australian Aboriginal ever be an ‘alien’?

Did the judges in the majority in Love and Thoms do a disservice to the legitimate aspirations of indigenous Australians?

31 January 2020
Travelling West

I’m off to Perth in the second week of February visiting the Parliament of Western Australia in its first week of sitting. And here’s why I’m travelling west.

14 January 2020
Scott Morrison is in the wrong

Here’s why I agree with the PM’s critics on this occasion about his attitude to climate change and our recent tragic bushfires.

13 December 2019
Will Scott Morrison win the next election?

Though still only in his first year as PM, does ScoMo have what it takes to go another round?

5 December 2019
The battle of Britain

Post-Brexit, will Scotland stay with the EU and will Northern Ireland become part of the Republic of Ireland?

13 November 2019
Three cheers for Senator Jim Molan

With the second swearing in of Senator Jim Molan, it’s good to see the NSW Liberal Party’s machine has now repented - in part.

6 November 2019
Who will be the British PM on New Year’s Day 2020?

After much hesitation and uncertainty, I’ve decided to predict the verdict of the UK election. And the winner is…

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