24 January 2021
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Malcolm Mackerras

14 January 2021
Donald Trump: the worst & most failed US President

If incitement to insurrection doesn’t qualify a President for impeachment, I don’t know what would.

2 December 2020
My thoughts on the US election results

The American articles that I wrote this year give me the greatest pleasure, as I now explain.

10 November 2020
Nixon & Trump: two failed Presidents

I put Nixon and Trump together as failed Presidents and two men who left the White House disgracefully.

30 October 2020
Meet President Biden

Americans don’t elect their President. They merely participate in the choice of presidential electors, who then elect the President. Here’s why I believe we’ll meet President Biden next week.

27 October 2020
NZ and ACT is almost done and dusted, so the new premier of Queensland will be…?

My prediction today is largely opinion poll induced but supplemented by my own instinctive feel for the Queensland situation. And let me look at the results for the Kiwis and the ACT.

12 October 2020
Will Jacinda Ardern win on October 17? And who’ll lead the ACT?

In my article last month, I called the New Zealand and ACT elections. Are my views still the same?

22 September 2020
How will Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death impact the US elections?

Who will Trump nominate to replace US Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg? And how will this impact his chances for the election?

14 September 2020
Who’ll win the ACT and Kiwi elections on October 17? And then Queensland and the US?

The ACT election and the New Zealand election will both be held on 17 October. And then there’s Queensland and the USA. Here are my predictions.

4 August 2020
Predicting these five elections

There are 5 elections over the next few months and I’ll start with one up north and go through each one after that.

7 July 2020
Three Cheers for the Australian Electoral Commission

The Australian Electoral Commission does an excellent job when politicians allow it to administer a voting system that’s decent and honest.

13 June 2020
Will Albo remain Labor’s leader?

I have made two predictions this year, and my third is a probability statement between McBain and Kotvojs. The result may even define who remains Labor’s leader.

8 May 2020
A Bigger Picture: My review of Malcolm Turnbull’s autobiography

In my opinion ‘A Bigger Picture’ is the best of the post-prime ministerial autobiographies, but that doesn’t mean its criticisms are unjust.

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