29 February 2024
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Malcolm Mackerras

12 December 2022
Second Trump presidency is already dead

For the past three years my reading of the Biden presidency has been surprisingly good – but I am starting to wonder now whether Joe Biden may turn out to be a 21st century version of Jimmy Carter, both Democrats.

16 November 2022
Biden, Bolsonaro and Trump compared

There have been plenty of elections around the world these last three months, but the two cases of special world interest were for the President of Brazil in the runoff of Sunday 30 October and the midterm congressional elections in the USA on Tuesday 8 November.

9 November 2022
Seats to fall but Victorian Labor safe

We have reached the stage in Victoria’s state election on 26 November where it is safe to make a prediction of results for the Legislative Assembly.

26 October 2022
Lidia Thorpe's latest example of Senate’s unrepresentative swill

When then Prime Minister Paul Keating in November 1992 coined the famous description of the Australian Senate as “unrepresentative swill” he would not have had then nineteen-years-old Lidia Thorpe in mind.

17 October 2022
Senate reform and the size of Parliament

Virtually unnoticed by the general public, the 47th Parliament in Canberra has set up a Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters (JSCEM) which is examining the conduct of the 2022 federal election.

29 September 2022
Biden’s presidency still going well

Overall, the mid-term elections should be quite a good result for Biden and one man he could thank is Trump himself.

14 September 2022
Why I am a Monarchist

When the next vote for a republic is put to the Australian people, I predict it will go down more heavily than it did in 1999.

30 August 2022
Cook and Higgins: A study in contrast

I predict Scott Morrison to resign from politics, with the first by-election for the 47th Parliament to occur in the second half of 2023.

11 August 2022
How I’ll vote in Albo’s referendums

At the forthcoming referendums, I’ll be voting Yes to the 'Voice' and No to the 'Republic'. Here's why.

27 July 2022
Why Sunak cannot win British PM contest

Readers may wonder why I have taken so long to make my prediction as to who will be the British Prime Minister

13 July 2022
A challenge to my critics about the AEC

I stand by my view that the AEC voting system needs to be reformed.

23 June 2022
Poor voting system gives Albo unexpected Senate control

The coming parliament must reform our horrible Senate voting system, although recent events have soured my optimism.

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