12 July 2020
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Is the PM bonkers going after Honkers?

Is going long people from Hong Kong a punt worth taking?

Why are there more COVID-19 cases in the northern hemisphere?

Dr Ross Walker explains what kind of people and places are more susceptible to the Coronavirus.

Should property buyers be rattled by the lockdown of Victoria?

Rich Harvey, Andrew Ballantyne and Dean Long share their perspectives on the property market with Peter Switzer.

Heart disease risk – it's not as simple as just looking at your cholesterol levels!

Cardiovascular disease remains the major killer around the globe being associated with around 17 million deaths annually.

5 things you need to know today

APRA have recorded one third of home loans have been deferred, First State Super will stop investing in companies that gain more than 10% of their revenue from thermal coal mining, ASX tipped to fall and MORE.

Are Afterpay’s founders “running for the exit”?

Afterpay’s founders have been accused of “dumping stock” after selling 10% of their shares. So where to now for Afterpay?

Two investing resolutions for the new financial year

Our Switzer Report webinar on July 3 saw Peter Switzer, Paul Rickard and finance journalist Tony Featherstone overview the stock market during the month of June and highlight 2 key investing resolutions for the new financial year.

These 8 stocks should be the cornerstone of your portfolio

What kind of stocks should be core to your portfolio? Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard look at the best companies from each of the eight major sectors.

5 things you need to know today

The Government is discussing extending JobKeeper payments beyond September "where there is the need", the US will ban a number of Chinese social media apps due to data theft, ASX set to rise and MORE.

How a battling real estate agent ended up owning one of the biggest brands in the country

Peter Switzer talks to Charles Tarbey about how he became the chairman and owner of Century 21 in Australia.

Switzer Video

A look at culture, arts, extras and things we’re following this week.
The author of "Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth and Happiness" was the winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, Richard Thaler and behavioural economist Cass Sunstein.

The book incorporates behavioural science to better understand how we make the decisions we make. This formula is then adapted to the health sector, economic sector and area of general emotional wellbeing.
This 6-part series on Amazon Prime covers the success of the "winningest team in global sports history" - The New Zealand All Blacks.

It covers the success journey of the All Blacks and targets all their points of weakness, how they noticed them and what they did to improve.

The All Blacks pin their success to prioritising culture, legacy and self-improvement.

Quote of the Week

“Without contrary there is no progression"  
William Blake

Photo of the Week

Katoomba Falls in the Blue Mountains National Park, NSW.
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