29 May 2022
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How'd you like to be rich like our richest?

The richest people in Australia have left clues on how to get rich but you have to want it deep down to make it happen.

What is the true pandemic of the 21st century? | The Check Up

The combination of Type 2 diabetes and obesity is the most concerning medical issue on the planet.

Which tech stocks are back in vogue?

Takeover offers and deals are giving tech stocks a boost.

5 Things you need to know today

NAB to roll out BNPL service, US takes aim at Beijing in shaping its "strategic environment", Putin attempts to barter sanctions by facilitating exports, and MORE.

Is it time to invest in Bitcoin? + What is Anna Porter seeing in the property market right now?

Peter Switzer is joined by Paul Rickard from the Switzer Report, CEO of Cosmos Asset Management, Dan Annan, and Anna Porter of Suburbanite.

Will workers ever go back to the office?

Workers are digging their heels and insisting on working from home worldwide, but could a recession or cheap foreign workers take away their ideal working arrangement?

Why have bond funds been clobbered? Could they now do better?

Could the classic "defensive" asset of bonds now be in buying territory?

5 Things you need to know today

Power bills set to skyrocket, Russia says it will open two sea corridors to improve food exports from Ukraine, Peter Dutton assumes Liberal leadership role, and MORE.

Mad about Money

Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard share their thoughts on the major current affairs impacting financial markets and the economy.

Would you accept a 15% GST for a BIG income tax cut?

Look out! It’s only four days in and the new Labor Government is already linked to tax reform.

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Art of the Week

James Powditch Snow Town 2021
Mixed media 76x56cm
Image courtesy of Nanda Hobbs Gallery

Photo of the Week

Paige Leonhardt and Ruby Storm of Australia celebrate during the Swimming at the Tokyo Paralympic Games in Tokyo, Wednesday, August 25, 2021, (AAP Image Delly Carr) 
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