3 March 2021
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Is our RBA guv fibbing or is he a Seinfeld fan?

You can’t disguise how well the Aussie economy’s going, no matter what “sweet little lies” our Reserve Bank Governor might be telling about when interest rates will rise.

Mad about Money Live

Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard discuss the big money stories you need to know about.

Osteoarthritis: what a pain!

While there is currently no cure for osteoarthritis, healthy eating, staying active and maintaining a healthy weight are key recommendations in managing the condition.

5 things you need to know today

39% of recruiting businesses are struggling to hire employees, cabinet minister accused of rape to speak publicly today, ASIC commences legal action against REST, and MORE.

Stocks that will rise on vaccination - (ASX: A2M, EVT, AVH, SGR, CSL, APX, ELO)

Peter Switzer speaks to Adam Dawes, Paul Rickard, Danny Lessem and David Dicker.

What’s driving this surge in Aussie home prices?

Capital city and regional house prices are on the up. Will this booming property price trend continue?

How to fix up the WA voting system

With the WA elections due on Saturday week, I want to point out the three glaring defects in the way the WA Legislative Council is elected and how to fix them.

Aussies are going bush. Are our capitals dead cities walking?

Will our major cities become ghost towns as we shift to the regions?

Something’s good about this data

Vaccinations on the rise, infections are down. Soon Covid-19 will be Yesterday’s news.

Fatal distractions: will they kill your success?

People who are successful in business are 24/7 focused. But what about those distractions you have to have to be fully successful and the real deal in life?

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Art of the Week

Tommy Watson Iyarka 2010
Acrylic on linen 100x150cm
Image courtesy of NandaHobbs Gallery

Photo of the Week

Image shows Baarack the sheep before and after his 35-plus kilo of fleece was shorn off. The wild sheep was found in Victoria and rescued by Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary in Lancefield. (AAP Image/Supplied by Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary)  
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