12 November 2019
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No sex or drugs – just 3 days of data

Woodstock was seen as 3 days that defined a generation. Will Josh’s stocks soar if data over the next 3 days is mind-blowingly good?

Are Australian tech stocks a screaming buy?

Charlie Aitken, Michael McCarthy, Catherine Yeung and Jordan Eliseo join Peter Switzer.

Brisbane’s property buzz

After a period of low growth, house prices in Brisbane are set to jump 20% over the next three years.

5 things you need to know today

Bushfire warnings in NSW, positive sentiment about the property market increases and a new sales record for Alibaba.

Why Labor lost and why Graham Richardson voted Liberal

The May 18 election result rammed home to Labor that it was out of touch with its customer base.

Low rates putting a shine on gold

Let’s look at the reasons why the safe haven asset - gold - has rallied this year.

What’s the link between interest rates and commercial real estate markets?

In commercial real estate markets, reactions to rate changes are less aggressive, given loan-to-value ratios hover around 50% or less. However the links are still clear.

Cut taxes, Josh

While the PM is considering a Royal Commission into veteran suicides, which seems too important to waste time with a showpiece for lawyers, why don’t we have a Royal Commission into the economic emergency that the Treasurer is ignoring.

Does the housing sector need a tax cut?

BIS Oxford Economics' Sarah Hunter, Charter Hall's Adrian Harrington and Mortgage Choice's Susan Mitchell join the show.

Australia: Labour market in focus

In Australia, a host of labour market indicators will be watched over the week with wage data on Wednesday and employment on Thursday.

Switzer Video

A look at culture, arts, extras and things we’re following this week.
Funny how reading a book about Rugby can help you succeed in business, while at the same time heighten your love of the game they plan in heaven! Author of Legacy, James Kerr, has achieved just that. This book goes through the highs and lows of the All Blacks, the most successful Rugby team ever, with a winning percentage of 76%. What are the secrets behind the triumphs of the All Blacks, by far the most consistently successful sports team in history over the past 100 years? This book takes you through 15 powerful lessons, which teach you how to be a better leader, whether that be in sport, family or business. A must read!
This mini-series available on Foxtel tells the gripping & devastating tale of Chernobyl. You get to see the whole incident in its totality –the bureaucracy & corruption that led to the event, how the Soviet Union went about cleaning up this disaster & the effects across generations following. It’s so mind blowing to think about being confronted with this never-before-occuring situation & how little people knew of the damage and harm nuclear radiation could yield.
To help you navigate Dr Phil Lowe’s ongoing interest rate decisions, join us at our Switzer Income Conference in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.
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Quote of the Week

"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."
Benjamin Franklin

Photo of the Week

AAP Image/Richard Wainwright
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