9 April 2020
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Is the PM pivoting to parole us early from this Coronavirus prison?

Could we be heading back to work sooner than we think?

BOQ suspends dividend. Will the majors follow?

Bank of Queensland’s (BOQ) late call to defer the payment of an interim dividend puts pressure on the major banks to follow suit.

Magellan goes defensive on infrastructure

Here’s why we’re increasing the defensiveness of our Global Listed Infrastructure strategy.

Clean Seas shows globalisation has not been threatened by COVID-19

While the world is hiding away in its safety nest, companies like Clean Seas are working toward a post-COVID-19 strategy with stronger global markets.

Is there a link between dementia and sleep apnoea?

A recent study linked sleep apnoea to cognitive decline. Do you have sleep apnoea? If so, how can you manage it?

5 things you need to know today

Bernie Sanders has dropped out, JobKeeper scheme passes in parliament, a cargo plan from Wuhan lands in Sydney and MORE.

Pauline Hanson vs. the coronavirus

Senator Pauline Hanson joins Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard to give her take on COVID-19, plus insights from Dr Ross Walker, IBISWorld founder Phil Ruthven and Power Retail MD Grant Arnott.

Will there be another leg down for the stock market or has the worst now passed?

Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard share their thoughts on the next stock market movements, bank dividends and capital raisings.

Businesses doing their bit: The fast food chains providing fast help

Fast food chains are using their boost in demand to help small businesses, and isn’t that just finger lickin’ good! (Disclaimer: DO NOT lick your fingers!)

5 things you need to know today

Pope Francis and President Trump both shared eyebrow-raising tweets yesterday, APRA says banks should cut dividends and MORE.

Switzer Video

A look at culture, arts, extras and things we’re following this week.
Peter Frase’s 2016 book Four Futures: Life After Capitalism is a particularly interesting read at the moment if you wish to engage with some theories on the other side of capitalism.

Society as a whole has had to sacrifice its freedom in a number of ways to limit the spread of COVID-19. But how easily will we spring back to what we knew before?

With this in mind, Frase’s proposal of a post-capitalist world is particularly interesting, as he poses four potential futures - two positive outcomes where automation is channelled effectively, and two negatives where automation results in the demise of humanity. 

With comparisons to popular TV shows and pop culture references, this easy yet eerie read proposes some interesting suggestions on where the world could be going.
The Daily Telegraph and Nova have recorded a six-part podcast series to honour the Australian mateship that was birthed during the bushfire crisis.

The podcast focuses on Malua Bay, in the south coast of New South Wales, which was one of the most heavily impacted areas during the fires and saw 1000 Australians left homeless and stranded on the beach.

The first episode launched on March 6, and interviewed politician Andrew Constance who shared his emotional account of fighting for survival on the day from hell that was New Years Eve 2019.

The next episodes include interviews from survivors on the beach in Malua Bay which included former Wallaby's player Al Baxter, neighbour Jane Russell, News Corp photographer Alex Coppel and stoic fire chief Shane Fitzsimmons.

Quote of the Week

“Don't wish it was easier. Wish you were better!"
- Jim Rohn

Photo of the Week

India's Prime Minister Narenda Modi launched an initiative via Twitter on Sunday 5 April, asking citizens to light up lamps and candles for 9 minutes to show solidarity in India's response to coronavirus. The initiative was labelled the #9pm9minute movement, This image shows Indian Army personnel in the town of Leh holding lamps and joining the movement. Image via Twitter.
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