5 December 2020
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My forecasts are so good and so right that I’m worried!

Ding dong the recession is dead! Now I’m worried about how good the recovery will be, but this is good worry!

Australia: Bevy of insights into the economy

The year may be coming to an end but there is no end to the amount of insightful data to assist investors with their investment and budget planning decisions.

5 things you need to know today

HomeBuilder grants exceed estimates, OPEC+ agrees to increase oil production, the cinema streaming shake up and MORE.

Top developer Gurner moves into build-to-rent & how to win at auctions!

Peter Switzer is joined by Tim Gurner, Your Empire's Chris Gray, Apollo Auctions' Justin Nickerson and Msquared's Paul Miron & Paul Myliotis.

Albo, why can’t Labor love this economic ‘comeback’?

We should all be celebrating these sensational economic growth numbers but some un-Australian misguided lefties or desperate attention-seeking politicians put their personal objectives over the national interest.

Can Trump pardon himself & his family before he exits the White House?

I’m convicted of a crime but the President can get me off? And he could get himself off too? Is this some kind of a joke?

Be still my beating heart

Atrial fibrillation is the commonest significant rhythm disturbance in the heart.

Meet Bevan Slattery, Australia’s most successful serial tech entrepreneur

Peter Switzer talks to Bevan Slattery, the entrepreneur behind companies like NEXTDC, Megaport and Superloop, plus journalist and writer Justin Smith on his new book 'Babies of the Rose'.

2021: the year of living dangerously positive

We’re out of recession and we’re roaring back. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Doomsdayers, why don’t you try a little positivity and smile!

Could the bad bully boys of Beijing hurt our stock market + Paul’s got 2 stocks to sell & 2 to buy!

Join Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard for the latest episode of Mad about Money.

Switzer Video

A look at culture, arts, extras and things we’re following this week.
In a Pulp Fiction meets Wes Anderson mystery series set in Bonifacio, Texas, all lives collide as a federal investigator played by Rosario Dawson returns home after the murder of her sister. 

Stylistically interesting, this show will keep you gripped with all the twists and turns as you come to understand the townspeople and their stories. 

Available on SBS on Demand.
Veteran broadcaster David Attenborough shares his firsthand  account of the impact humanity has had on nature in this new documentary on Netflix. 

The film gives a stark warning on the effects of climate change and Attenborough offers some actionable advice that everyone can take to make a difference.

Art of the Week

Adam Nudelman
6pm on the seventh day
2017 Acrylic and oil on linen 122x183cm

Photo of the Week

This computer graphics image released by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) shows the Hayabusa2 spacecraft above the asteroid Ryugu. The Japanese spacecraft is nearing Earth after a yearlong journey home from a distant asteroid carrying soil samples and data that could provide clues to the origins of the solar system, a space agency official said Friday, Nov. 27, 2020. (ISAS/JAXA via AP, File)
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