22 June 2021
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The new age game: I spy with my digital eye all your online activities.

This new age intrusion is no game. Someone’s watching all your online activities and can then go public with these and legally or illegally make money from this. Seriously, who’s protecting us from these privacy invaders?

Should you dump these ASX stocks at the end of tax year: AMP, LLC, PFT, PPH, NXL?

Peter Switzer is joined by Julia Lee, Adam Dawes, Michael Knox and Paul Rickard on this episode of Switzer TV Investing.

Is Novatti Australia’s next home-grown fintech success story?

There is a little-known, ASX-listed fintech that appears to have been operating by stealth over the past few years.

Market update around the world

Shares remain vulnerable to a short-term correction with possible triggers being the inflation scare and rising bond yields, US taper talk and the wider pull back from monetary stimulus, coronavirus related setbacks and geopolitical risks.

5 things you need to know today

Barnaby Joyce sworn in as deputy prime minister, NSW public sector wage rise cap lifted, China's crackdown causes bitcoin to crash and MORE

Vaccine programme disaster: who’s to blame? ScoMo or AstraZeneca?

Europeans want us but we can’t easily travel! What’s going wrong and who’s to blame?

Shares, shutdowns, vaccines and all you need is love!

It’s way too early to get bearish though there’s a high probability of a hike in the next 3 years.

Andreas Fouras from 4DMedical (ASX:4DX)

Peter Switzer is joined by Andreas Fouras, the Managing Director, CEO and CTO of 4DMedical (4DX).

What can we say nowadays?

We get so hot under the collar about trivial issues but are so relaxed about so many intolerably bad aspects of society.

Why it's good to have vitamin B3 from pre cradle to grave

Dr Ross Walker talks about why it's beneficial for us to have B3 from pre cradle to grave as shown via results with clinical tests including rats.

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Art of the Week

Hubert Pareroultja  
Ellery Creek Big Hole MparntweWay. NT   2020 Watercolour on 600gsm Paper   size 100 x 75cm
Image courtesy of Nanda Hobbs Gallery

Photo of the Week

A crimson rosella is seen amongst shrubbery as snow falls in Katoomba, NSW, Thursday, June 10, 2021. (AAP Image/Steven Saphore)     
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