8 December 2023
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Here are my predictions for 2024 and what Aussies need to do

Here’s what I expect to see for finance and business next year and my advice for young Aussies who are looking to save and get ahead in the new year.

The case for ‘no more rate rises’ is building

The economy is slowing faster than what the RBA was thinking when it raised the cash rate by 0.25% to 4.35% on Cup Day.

Should you buy bitcoin now?

Bitcoin’s price has made a comeback but is it a punt or an investment?

Here’s how to get ready for good investment returns next year

A couple of weeks ago I wrote this for our subscribers to the Switzer Report and I thought it was time I shared it with you. If the negative news around our battle with inflation concerns you, it might pay to take a longer term view. Here are my thoughts and my strategy.

Should you have high hopes for your stocks and super?

While optimism is creeping back into the stock market, I figure we have two months of anxiety-creating economic data to watch before I can confidently tell you that stocks will surge in 2024.

How did 7-Eleven become worth $1.71 billion?

The owners of 7-Eleven stores in this country have just sold their business to the Japanese parent of the international chain for a cool $1.71 billion.

Can we now kiss interest rate rises goodbye?

Have we seen the end of the misery that has brought 13 rate rises to those now struggling to pay off their mortgage?

New Zealand has a new government – at last!

Now is a good time for me to analyse the NZ election.

Are baby boomers selfishly ripping off younger generations?

Baby boomer bashing might have peaked following a thoughtful look at the intergenerational blue that has developed in recent years over the outrageous price of houses in this country. Here’s what it says.

Ignore negativity and believe stocks will go higher in 2024

I have strong reasons for my disposition to be positive, apart from the fact that I’d rather be that way rather than look for the negative, which will always be there if you dig for it. I can see good reasons to expect we’ll make money out of stocks next year and I’m not alone in my positive outlook.

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