7 June 2020
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6 June 2020
5 ways to live like the Blue Zones

What we can learn from the 'Blue Zones' around the world where people live into their 90s and 100s.

4 June 2020
Wolverine wannabe Chris Joye is hunting property bears + hot QLD property spots for investors!

Chris Joye, Margaret Lomas, Charles Tarbey and Paul Myliotis join Peter Switzer to share their views on the property market.

3 June 2020
How does Wall Street ignore America burning?

Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard describe the current situation in the United States, the downsides of accessing your super early and the 'ZEET' stocks.

2 June 2020
Tech stocks you should be buying now to pay you back later!

On this week's Investing show, Peter Switzer speaks to Julia Lee, Joohee An, Charlie Aitken and Paul Rickard.

1 June 2020
Mark Bouris grills Peter Switzer on his fired up view of the economy & what creates success

Mark Bouris from Yellow Brick Road speaks to Peter Switzer.

30 May 2020
5 keys to staying healthy and young

Dr Ross Walker shares his anti-aging tips.

29 May 2020
Dr Doom Keen: "Government should give everyone $100k"

"Dr Doom" Steve Keen and Tim Gurner join Peter Switzer on our latest property show.

27 May 2020
Australians don't fear the coronavirus

Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard discuss the results of our Fear, Greed & Hope survey, the chances of a second leg down and whether amateur investors are better than the pros.

26 May 2020
Hot stock market! Could Trump and China cause another crash?!

Julia Lee, Michael Gable, Charlie Aitken and Paul Rickard join Peter Switzer.

21 May 2020
Time for a get-rich property lesson from Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki

Peter Switzer is joined by the author of 'Rich Dad Poor Dad', Robert Kiyosaki, plus Mortgage Choice's Susan Mitchell and SQM Research's Louis Christopher.

20 May 2020
David Head from Clean Seas Seafood (ASX:CSS)

The CEO and managing director of Clean Seas Seafood (CSS), David Head, joins Peter Switzer in our latest episode of The CEO Masterclass.

20 May 2020
The ups and downs of a COVID-19 vaccine!

Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard talk about the stock market's reaction to the possibility of a vaccine for the coronavirus, new social distancing guidelines and stock plays to send your portfolio soaring.

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