7 June 2020
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19 May 2020
Harry Dent tips doom and destruction for stocks but the experts disagree

Peter Switzer interviews 'doomsday merchant' Harry Dent, plus Julia Lee, Rudi Filapek-Vandyck, Charlie Aitken and Paul Rickard.

16 May 2020
The importance of taking Vitamin B3

Dr Ross Walker explains why he believes Vitamin B3 is one of the best nutrients you can take.

14 May 2020
Unemployment & Mortgage Stress is spiking! Will it kill property prices?

Martin North, John McBain, Charles Tarbey and Deborah Hutton join Peter Switzer to discuss the property market.

13 May 2020
Michele Dilizia from Recce Pharmaceuticals Ltd (ASX:RCE)

Recce Pharmaceuticals (RCE) Executive Director Michele Dilizia joins Peter Switzer.

12 May 2020
Could politicians derail the Coronavirus fight?

Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard look at the politicians getting in the way of the COVID-19 fight, whether to keep JobKeeper and why CBA is in a 'class of its own'.

12 May 2020
5 companies defying stock market fears!

Julia Lee, Michael Wayne, Michael Gable, Charlie Aitken and Paul Rickard join Peter Switzer.

7 May 2020
With the economy reopening, is this a buying opportunity of a lifetime?

On this week's Property show, Peter Switzer is joined by Margaret Lomas, Steven Bennett, Paul Myliotis and Paul Miron.

6 May 2020
US stock market up - what are the Yanks smoking?!

Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard discuss Wall Street's positive move overnight, dividend paying stocks and the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA).

5 May 2020
Did Warren Buffett give us a clue that the market is going down again or up?

Julia Lee, Charlie Aitken, Paul Rickard, Laurie McAllister and Tom Cregan join Peter Switzer on this week's investing show.

2 May 2020
Why I would ban energy drinks

Dr Ross Walker explains why he believes energy drinks should be banned and why you should limit your intake of soft drinks.

30 April 2020
Doomsday merchants be aware, Chris Joye says property prices will not slump!

Along with Chris Joye, this week's property show includes interviews with Diana Mousina and Tony Mangioni.

29 April 2020
What's the deal with the stock market?!

Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard discuss the latest stock market rise and what will happen to bank dividends, plus a revisit of Cochlear's share purchase plan.

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