25 September 2020
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Has the death of LICs been greatly exaggerated?

After reading his obituary in a newspaper, Mark Twain purportedly said “the reports of my death are greatly exaggerated”. That’s the way I see the current debate over listed investment companies (LICs) and here’s why.

Will cannabis stocks get back in the green?

A new world beckons for the listed medical cannabis stocks, but is it too late for new “pot market” players?

The Yanks understand the importance of doing business over lunch. Why can’t we?

Restaurants crushed by Covid-19 need incentives to keep their doors open and people in jobs. This unfair fringe benefits tax on meals must be reconsidered.

Stocks slide under second-wave infection fears. Is this a crash or time to buy?

Share prices are under pressure now. Should you be worried? Or should you be getting ready to buy?

Why are investors ‘Crazy about Kogan’?

Kogan.com has boasted one of the largest share price increases of 2020. What’s the story behind this rise?

Want to save cafes and restaurants, Josh? Bring back the long tax-deductible lunch!

In the vein of thinking outside the square, I’d love to see the Treasurer bring back the “long lunch”, which was killed off in 1985 by Paul Keating’s fringe benefit tax.

Coronavirus confirmed cases and what’s on this week?

There’s better news on coronavirus, with new cases in Victoria pushing into the 30-50 range over 14 days, which is necessary for a move to Melbourne’s Step Two reopening from September 28.

Good morning, Australia

Catch up on the latest market and economic news from Australia and around the world.

If you dismiss good vaccine news, you’re an economic luddite!

The good news of the week tells us a vaccine might be closer than we think. And if it is, we’re in for a 21st century re-run of the ‘Roaring 20s’!

Bernard Salt, the Oracle of Oz, says we need to get ready for a brave new world

Covid-19 has rocked recent job numbers, with unemployment falling, in a recession! But get ready, this virus is causing social and economic mutations that will impact life as we know it.

Have we seen the worst of dividend cuts?

Alongside the thematic that earnings were better than feared, it appears that the outlook for dividends has potentially seen a bottom – at least for now.

Australia: Mixed statistical offerings

In the coming week, there will be a mixed array of new data, survey results and speeches.

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