21 September 2020
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Have we seen the worst of dividend cuts?

Alongside the thematic that earnings were better than feared, it appears that the outlook for dividends has potentially seen a bottom – at least for now.

Australia: Mixed statistical offerings

In the coming week, there will be a mixed array of new data, survey results and speeches.

Are you ready to invest in robotics, automation and AI megatrends? Here are two simple ways

Here are two ETFs that allow you to jump on the robotics, automation and AI bandwagon.

Is this the end of junk mail?

Here are two stocks that could be impacted by the end of physical catalogues and “junk mail”.

Oh, no. Death tax talk, again? Better not call Saul

The Tasmanian Government has a prominent economist dancing with the devil, exhuming death taxes and pushing payroll tax onto more small businesses. And it’s thought this could be a model for the rest of the country?

Bring out your dead, we want our loan back!

Former PM Paul Keating has a big idea to help prevent Aussies from being dumped in nursing homes. Will this one be a hard ‘political’ sell?

Are flybuys and Everyday Rewards worth the effort?

The major supermarkets are keen to push their rewards programs onto shoppers, but who really benefits – the customer or the retailer?

Good morning, Australia

Catch up on the latest market and economic news from Australia and around the world.

What do Tesla’s Elon Musk, Ferrari and WCM have in common?

Why are these standout names so good at what they do? Do they have a hedgehog in common?

Will the big banks kill Afterpay and Zip's share price?

As NAB and CommBank zip into buy now, pay later products, what could happen to the share prices of these two tech stars?

The golden triangle

When great minds collide, magical things can happen. Here’s an example of a meeting point of three market experts on one share that has potential to shine!

Australia: Monthly job statistics in focus

In a rare tame week for key economic data it is Thursday’s job figures that clearly stands out.

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