7 May 2021
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Major banks among this week's most traded stocks

Half yearly updates from Westpac, ANZ and NAB have provided trading opportunities as well as a guide to the health of the broader economy.

Bill & Melinda Gates didn't have a prenup! And they're lawyering up!

I don’t usually do gossip but when it involves the founding drivers of a company of Microsoft’s significance, it becomes a business story as well.

Can bank shares keep going higher?

Forget technology and growth stocks, banks have been the star performers in the post Covid market recovery.

ASX swells with more non-bank lenders

The business models vary, but more and more lenders in the non-bank sector are listing on the ASX. it’s lending the increasingly risk-averse banks won’t touch. But that’s not to say these are ‘bad’ businesses.

Not happy Janet, not happy. Will interest rates rise?

US Treasury boss Janet Yellen shocked the stock market overnight and tech stocks fell when she suggested interest rates might rise to avoid an overheating US economy.

Businesses are failing! Who's to blame?

It’s economic boom time for Australia but businesses are failing faster this year than last year. What’s the story?

OECD says Australia’s a high tax country. Gimme some tax truth!

The world is full of never ending half-told tax tales. Let’s put this all into perspective.

Most popular stock trades this week

Investors have been taking profits in banks, while energy stocks have been hugely popular as global oil prices surge.

So you’re scared of investing in the stock market? Why?

If you want to grow your wealth, you better change your attitude if you’re a scaredy cat worried that the bad old stock market might take away your precious capital.

ASIC must act over claims of insider trading in JB Hi-Fi shares

It is almost inconceivable that insiders haven’t profited from trading in JB Hi-Fi shares over the last few days.

Morrison to axe dud super funds

If your super fund is a dud and fails the Morrison Government-created tests, it could be shown the door.

5 sleeping beauties

The Australian/New Zealand consumer healthcare market is worth $8.2 billion and has been growing at an average 7.7% per annum over the last five years. Here are 5 listed companies in this space.

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