27 October 2021
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What’s happening around the globe that could affect us here in Oz?

Let’s talk business and economies and how it’s all related.

With markets holding higher, where are the gains being made?

Are investors looking beyond the big miners for buying opportunities, or is iron ore still king?

How much of your portfolio should be invested in overseas shares?

ATO data shows that not enough Australians are exposed to overseas investments which could hamper long term growth.

4 off-the-beaten-track travel stocks

Here are 4 travel and tourism shares that could benefit from reopening.

Can you believe the RBA on interest rate rises and job numbers?

There are two tall stories the Reserve Bank’s telling us. One’s true. The other is being misinterpreted and hence can’t be trusted.

Miners, money and milk – what nabtraders were buying this week

Miners, money and milk – what nabtraders were buying this week.

Is Magellan in the buy zone?

Here’s how I’m playing this Aussie success story, even though its shares have copped a beating.

3 hidden gems

Here are 3 small caps forging export markets.

When the going gets tough: How commercial real estate debt (CRE) debt has weathered the COVID crisis and continues to do so

Whatever the shape of your portfolio in early 2020, COVID-19 presented sudden and unexpected challenges right across the board.

How’s our economy tracking?

Let’s take a look at what’s coming up this week.

NSW is free! Now it’s time to spend our way out of a trillion dollar debt drama

You might want to dine in Paris or shop in Hong Kong, but the Aussie economy needs you to buy local and spend big.

The Premier debate: economic recovery vs health concerns

All state premiers face the same challenge: is the critical health of the economy more important than the 100% protection of people?

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