7 June 2020
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10 important investing lessons from 2020 so far

Our readers share the most important investing lessons they’ve learnt so far in 2020. Did yours make the cut?

Australia: From statistical feast to famine

In terms of key economic events, Australia transitions from feast to relative famine. Around half the number of key events is scheduled in the coming week compared with the prior week.

AMP Capital webinar: Our key investment principles for global investing through COVID-19

Register now to hear Shane Oliver, Head of Investment Strategy and Chief Economist, and Andy Gardner, Global Equities Investment Manager at AMP Capital, discuss the mid to long-term implications of COVID-19 on global markets and how their investment team is responding.

Is this the biggest bull market of all time?

Bearish news sites won’t share the positive realities, and they are that this could potentially be the biggest bull market of all time. Here are four lessons from the Coronavirus Crash.

Switzer Fear, Greed & Hope Survey: How did COVID-19 change the property market, the stock market and the economy?

In February 2020, we sent out our Switzer Fear, Greed & Hope survey to our database shortly before the world as we knew it flipped upside down from COVID-19. In May 2020, we sent out the same survey to the same database to understand how a global pandemic changes the investing strategies of Australian investors.

COVID-19 vaccine hunt puts biotechs under spotlight

COVID-19 has brought the biotechnology industry into sharp focus, but what does the future hold for this industry and the broader healthcare sector?

Improving Houses Australia: how’d you like a $40k grant to renovate your home?

ScoMo is looking to hit the recession for a six by giving home renovators a $40k gift to tart up their homes and give tradies work. Howzat?

5 reasons why the economics supports this stock market rebound

Some economists think we’ll dodge a recession. This will help banks because they’re the lifeline of the economy.

Good morning, Australia

Catch up on the latest market and economic news from Australia and around the world.

Where are these headlines? Good economic news drives stocks higher

A surge in bank stock prices this week screams that our economic outlook isn’t as bad as we thought but, typically, the media is focused on bad news.

Australia: Winter Whirlwind

A strange quirk of the statistical calendar is that each new season is ushered in by a barrage of new economic data. So, the ‘Winter Whirlwind’ is upon us – around a dozen surveys or data releases are scheduled over the coming week.

Stocks are surging. Is it safe to buy?

Bank stocks have surged this week, when experts said they’d be down for ages. Is this a sign that stocks are a good buy or should you say goodbye to the market?

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