21 November 2019
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a2 Milk is AOK

I tipped a2 Milk a month ago. What’s my current view?

Is copper due for a run?

The tip is that copper won’t maintain its “Mr In Between” status for too much longer.

Do Aussie losers outnumber winners?

Negativity about our economic future is holding back the economy. Does negativity need to be rethought?

What market insiders know that you don’t

ScoMo and his Treasurer have placed a huge bet on a trade deal and the slow work of interest rate cuts. Will they pull off this daily double?

Are investors missing out on Asia?

By 2050, China, India and Indonesia are expected to take 3 of the top 5 spots in the global economy.

The good stuff doomsday merchants ignore

I won’t be a part of the cheer squad that supports Pol Pot politics and economics, where economic Armageddon delivers an economy at ground zero.

Good morning, Australia

Catch up on the latest market and economic news from around the world.

5 reasons to hold gold

Gold is well-known as a hedge against event risk and as a way of preserving capital against inflation, but people often don’t appreciate how well a long-term holding can aid portfolio returns in different market conditions.

Australia: Reserve Bank in focus

In the absence of ‘top-shelf’ economic data releases, communication from Australia’s central bank takes centre stage in the coming week.

Will CSL be Australia’s biggest company?

Year after year, CSL has met or exceeded profit guidance — pretty remarkable for an Aussie company earning most of its revenue outside Oz. Should you buy it?

Is this a raging bull market or a cock n’ bull story?

Are the bulls back in both the property and share markets?

Good news for industrial real estate

A new report says Australian industrial property is on the precipice of strong growth.

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