13 August 2022
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Reporting season has something for everyone…

But everyone only wants resources, really.

US inflation reading paves way for fewer rate rises

Financial markets, investors, borrowers and any Aussie who has superannuation should be happy that the US inflation number was better than expected. Let me explain why…

CBA’s solid profit result. Where to from here?

CBA has delivered the best total return over 3 years, 5 years and 10 years out of all the major banks. But is it a buy right now?

Investors prep for reporting season – and tech is back in play

How nabtrade’s investors are seeking value in this market.

LMI Monthly update: July

Claire Aitchison of Independent Investment Research provides comprehensive research coverage and commentary for listed managed investments. Here is the latest update.

Orica goes up the value chain with acquisition and capital raising

Here's a deep dive into explosives, blasting systems and mining chemicals provider Orica (ORI) and whether it's a buy at current levels.

When will this aggressive rate rise policy from the RBA stop?

This strong-arm interest rate play comes at a time when Dr Phil Lowe is under pressure to resign after his very public call that interest rates would in all likelihood be at the very low levels seen during the pandemic start year of 2020 until 2024.

Treasurer Chalmers wants banks to give savers a fair go

Dr Jim wants banks to become more loveable. When mortgage rates go up, why don’t banks pay savers a lot more than they do?

A stock market turning point is looming!

I can’t wait for September because by then we might see the turning point we have to have.

Zip up 200% - is buy now pay later back?

How nabtraders responded to higher inflation and rates this week.

Is it time to buy gold – and how can you do it?

While I have never been a gold bug, I do keep a close eye on the gold price. Is it time to buy gold?

Interest rate worriers will have their eyes on today’s inflation number

The crucial news out of this inflation revelation today is what the Reserve Bank will do with interest rates after seeing these numbers.

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