3 April 2020
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Australia: COVID-19 tracker

In the current environment interest is focussed on the timeliest data so we can assess the impact of the COVID19 containment measures on the economy.

Stocks to avoid when the recovery comes

At least two out of the three conditions that many argue are necessary to “declare” a bottom are in place. So when the recovery comes, what stocks should you avoid?

JobKeeper Stimulus: What business owners need to know!

The Federal Government announced a new JobKeeper stimulus to keep Australian employers paying their workers. Here's everything you need to know as an employer.

Morrison’s stimulus is of Crocodile Dundee proportions!

As good Coronavirus news unfolds, the Morrison Government has done a Crocodile Dundee by looking at the size of its former stimulus packages and effectively saying: “That's not a knife… THAT's a knife.”

The good coronavirus news stories you have to read

While the tragedies of more virus victims dominate headlines, beneath the radar there are some good news stories that shouldn’t be ignored for health and wealth reasons.

We’re losing our structure, but let’s not lose our minds

This situation is affecting everyone in unprecedented ways. But what it means is that we are leaning on others for help.

What do Australians spend money on during a global pandemic?

With most people working from home, some businesses out of work, and panic buying swooping the globe – what do Australians spend money on when they think the world is ending?

Aussie banks are as safe as houses

If the ‘lessons of history’ aren’t enough, let’s me take you through the hard data to show you that Aussie banks are among the safest in the world, if not the safest.

Coronavirus uncertainty high. What is certain is that it will pass

We remain focussed on investing in companies with sound, long-term growth prospects, strong balance sheets that can pay high levels of franked dividends to investors.

A story of hand sanitisers

It’s viral warfare out there, and antibacterial arsenals (predominantly sanitisers) are becoming a rare and highly valued commodity.

In times like these, what do bond holders do?

Until we see some of the main indicators, such as the VIX (or volatility index), return to more normalised levels, we should brace ourselves to hold tight through these times and not look to panic.

Good morning, Australia

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