2 December 2020
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How fiscal policy & monetary policy impact the fixed interest asset class

It’s important to understand monetary and fiscal policy, and their effects on the fixed interest asset class that can have a significant impact on an investment portfolio.

Just how important to us are these Beijing bullies?

Our two-way trade with China tallies up to $252 billion. Does this mean we accept their bullying ways?

Winters Tale of McMillan Shakespeare

In happier times, McMillan Shakespeare could do nothing wrong but in September it was turfed out of the S&P ASX 200 index. What’s going on?

Bad boys of Beijing do a De Niro on our wine exporters

The Beijing bad boys are playing their DeNiro tariff card, effectively saying “If you’re gonna mess with us, then we’re gonna mess with you.”

Myer’s last stand?

With a mere $220m market cap, Myer is in microcap territory but the once-esteemed retailer chalked up $2.6b in sales from January to July 2020.

The hours I spent with Warren Buffett, Richard Branson and other legends

Last Saturday spent over an hour with Warren Buffett. The Saturday before I spent an hour with Richard Branson. How was I so lucky?

Will this be the biggest Black Friday sale ever?

Most Aussies were raised on the notion that Black Friday was Friday the 13th but now it’s a day of down, down, prices are down!

What’s happening to Telstra’s valuation?

Why did Telstra’s valuation go backwards during the most communications-hungry event in history?

Australia: Summer sizzler

A quirk of the statistical schedule is that each change of season is ushered in by a barrage of economic data and events. And there will be more than a dozen indicators released over the first week of Summer.

Come back to the city and pick up your winnings as you pass go!

It’s back to the office and back to the future for the Aussie economy, as the stock market surges and office doors reopen.

JB Hi-Fi is in the buy zone

While the ASX is up almost 13% for the month, JB Hi-Fi is down over 4%. Is this a buying opportunity for value investors?

Is it a Crown of thorns?

Pretty much nothing has been going right for Crown Resorts (CWN) but is it worth rolling the dice for the longer term?

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