4 July 2020
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Australia: Reserve Bank Board meeting in focus

The Reserve Bank Board meeting is the stand-out event in what shapes to be a relatively quiet week for economic and financial news.

Taxes, tolls, super and health insurance – changes for a new financial year!

Welcome to the new financial year! Here is a rundown on changes to tax, super and health insurance…and those dreaded road tolls.

Only dopes find the economy boring. It’s an excitement machine — see why!

The Government copped a warning not to go cheapskate on the economy unless it wants an economic disaster on its hands.

Infections up. Stocks up. Crazy Dumb Americans!

As long as I live I know America will always shock me.

Infection surges leading to depression fears: bah humbug!

As infection rates spike in Victoria and the US, the stock market is starting to wobble and some business owners fear a depression is on its way. They’re wrong.

Good morning, Australia

Catch up on the latest market and economic news from Australia and around the world.

Does the Qantas plight say our economy’s heading for a crash landing?

Should investors and new stock market players be mindful that a market pullback could be on the cards?

Australia: A new financial year commences

The 2020/21 financial year commences mid-week with a slew of ‘tier-1’ data releases, including figures on home prices, building approvals, international trade, job vacancies, retail trade and purchasing manager indexes.

Australia is the Muhammad Ali of economies. We ARE the greatest

The IMF has given the global economy the COVID-19 thumbs down but they’ve given the land Down Under a big thumbs up.

Is it time to end compulsory super?

The number of people who accessed their super early is far higher than the Government anticipated. So, what’s wrong with the super system and how can its utility be improved?

Don’t read this if you’re content being poor

When Paul McCartney was criticised by second-rate music critics for producing “silly love songs”, he composed the hit Silly Love Songs, which instantly went to number one! Understanding economics should be top of your chart!

Are young Robin Hood investors stealing from fund managers?

Professional fund managers say that the silly behaviour of millennials too engrossed in trading is over heating stock markets. Is this a fair cop?

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