24 June 2024
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This week is going to be great or scary for stocks!

For someone like me and anyone who wants their portfolio of stocks or their super to grow rolling into 2023, there’s a dramatic week for stocks ahead.

Are we debt addicts or rational wealth-builders?

let’s look at the numbers to see if consumers are being driven to credit because they’re debt addicts or because they’re rational wealth-builders. Or maybe there’s some other reason?

How many rate rises are ahead?

Aussie mortgagees on variable home loans have copped eight rises in a row, taking the cash rate from 0.1% to 3.1% in the space of eight months. But the question is: where to now?

A week in review - what moved the market this week?

The market ended on a whimper last week, dropping 0.72% on Friday to 7301.5, but there was a burst of excitement mid-week as investors, hoping the inflation beast has been defeated, took heart from data released in Australia, the UK, and the US.

Is it time for a rate rise pause?

Dr Phil Lowe faces his Bud Fox moment tomorrow when he announces a decision that will define his stint as the most powerful policymaker in the country.

5 Things you need to know today

Have house prices stopped falling, BHP doesn’t like Labor’s IR Bill, two Labor Premiers against Albo and more!

5 Things you need to know today

Wall Street nervous ahead of big data drops, Gina can mine minerals and profits, Labor not a gas for energy players and Labor and more!

Is the US Federal Reserve a straight batter or throwing a curve ball?

The market is set to move higher today and by week-end deliver a two-month rally following a positive lead from Europe as it digested positive sentiment from the US Federal Reserve on the slowing pace of inflation.

Curb your enthusiasm. I don't want record Black Friday sales

Don't spend too much! If inflation looks like it’s set to remain high, then we’ll see more rate rises than we might need.

Can the Australian bourse end the year in positive territory?

Heading towards the holiday season the question is can the Australian bourse end the year in positive territory?

5 Things you need to know today

Crypto chaos doesn’t deter banks, plot against Albo’s IR bill brewing, big interest rate data drops of the week and more!

Good news for jobs, bad news for interest rates

It’s raining jobs but those with mortgages need to get ready for another rate rise before Christmas.

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