5 July 2020
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Will Victoria’s COVID-19 return infect the stock market?

Pray second-wave infections are contained or stocks will slump and undermine an improving economic outlook.

ScoMo’s heading in the right direction for growth and our affection

There’s good news hidden in those worrying job numbers.

Australia: Mixed statistical offerings

In the coming week, there will be a mixed array of new data, survey results and speeches.

7 top tax tips for a COVID-19 financial year

COVID-19 has meant a few extra things need to be considered during tax time. Here are 7 top tax tips for 2020.

High Anxiety has to stop negatively psyching our economy

“We’re dealing with negative people here, dangerously negative people” said psychotic Nurse Diesel in Mel Brooks classic film. Isn’t it time we stopped being very very nervous and commenced some positive therapy?

It’s good news week: we’re on the eve of re-construction!

In the scary world of a Cold War, a song called Eve of Destruction topped the charts. In this similarly scary coronavirus world, we could be on the eve of re-construction because stats have found a way to give share markets a will to live.

A $300 million leadership lesson from the charity sector

This week is Refugee Week. The Chairman of Australia for UNHCR, and former CEO of First State Super, Michael Dwyer looks at his involvement in UNHCR and the importance of giving.

“Whatever it takes” should be the PMs war cry

Scott and Josh’s future electoral prospects hang on what they decide to do for the economy for the rest of this year.

Could this Coronavirus crash turn into a Roaring Twenties boom?

Don’t rule out an outside possibility that we could see a 21st century Roaring Twenties rerun.

Good morning, Australia

Catch up on the latest market and economic news from Australia and around the world.

Stocks slump. What the f##k is going on?

Here’s my tip: Buy quality companies when the market is down and buy for the long term.

Australia: Jobs, tourism & population data in focus

In the coming week, the May jobs data will dominate investor attention. But the international tourism, population and retail trade data will also be closely watched. Communication from the Reserve Bank will also be a key focus.

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