21 January 2020
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Can our economy recover from the bush fires?

Most Australians have been gutted by the personal tragedies created by these holiday bush fires but can the economy deliver some much-needed good news over 2020?

My 5 Top stock picks for 2020

Five stocks for the new year; Nearmap, Smartgroup Corporation, Webjet, Lovisa Holdings and Treasury Wine Estates.

I didn’t change the economy but I still try to predict it

Millennials, baby boomers, gym junkies, fake news. Online wins, bitcoin, Uber Eats, low spending sins. Cheap flights, Netflix, home loan rates 3 per cent. Crazy days, crazy ways, Phil Collins rules the waves. Even Billy Joel could see that this is one strange economy.

5 big investing lessons from 2019

Here’s my take on the 5 big lessons from 2019 and what they mean for 2020.

Picking the market next year: it ain’t easy

To channel David Bowie: all people have got their problems, that ain't nothing new but we can all pull on through. We will get there in the end but sometimes the economy will take you right up and sometimes down again.

Will we be singing Hallelujah after Josh’s show-and-tell today?

The trade deal and the UK election are good for the stock market and probably the economy but we need the local economy to pick up its bed and walk.

Good morning, Australia

Catch up on the latest market and economic news from Australia and around the world.

Australia: Mid-Year Review, jobs and home prices are the highlights

The long wind-down to Christmas and the New Year is underway. And while there are still a few statistical hurdles to clear before Christmas, the Christmas-New Year period is very quiet.

And the winner of the best stock sector 2020 will be…

Let’s look at how the industry sectors performed this year and here’s my take on which sector/s will shine in 2020.

No fire insurance for you

Are we heading down the Californian road where insurers refuse to renew policies in fire prone areas?

My tip: find your super statement and read it!

I gave this advice to a couple of hundred workers I spoke to recently and I’m saying it to you too — look after your super!

Income seeking tightwad investors put themselves at risk

A newspaper story over the weekend missed the crucial point that ASIC needs to protect investors before something goes wrong.

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