19 November 2019
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Oh Dude, are we in trouble?

My current diagnosis rules out economic psychosis and things are still OK, as far as I can tell. Goodness gracious me, I so hate this negativity.

The future of Aussie banks

Banks will become much more bureaucratic, and a lot more risk averse, says former Westpac CEO.

Down, down, household debt down!

What if the biggest worry for the house price doomsday merchants i.e. household or private debt was actually shrinking before our very eyes?

Find the Gap, don’t mind the gap

Some investors are considering other assets provide an income stream. How do yields from property compare with fixed interest, cash and term deposits?

Good morning, Australia

Catch up on the latest market and economic news from around the world.

Are you investing for income?

Here are 5 useful charts that will assist you in your hunt for yield.

The retail empire strikes back!

Retailers are uniting to be a powerful lobby group to ensure politicians work with them in this challenging and changing online world.

Australia: Reserve Bank meets on Melbourne Cup Day

In Australia, the Reserve Bank Board meets on Tuesday. Then, on Friday the Bank provides a quarterly update on its economic growth and inflation forecasts.

How low can interest rates go?

Rates have gone down again in the US – what’s the bet ours will also drop on Melbourne Cup day?

4 reasons why dividend yields are falling and 3% will be the norm!

On average, across the whole market, dividend yields are falling but it’s not all bad news. Let me explain.

Everyone’s googling “Australia recession”

It seems that Aussies are spooked by the chance of a recession.

Me on your money & Dr Ross on your health

Join us at the Switzer Income Conference & Masterclass next month.

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