7 December 2021
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Nabtraders fancy a deal as CBA down more than 8%

Remaining big four banks hold steady as CBA takes a plunge, Australia's materials sector still feeling the pinch from falling iron ore prices, Tesla remains in top 10 held securities on nabtrade.

Should you worry if Warren Buffett is cashing out of stocks?

Is the titbit that Warren Buffet is cashing up and selling stocks a warning that the Oracle of Omaha is getting nervous about US stocks?

Can Xero bust through the $155 barrier?

I consider both technical and fundamental markers to determine whether accounting software company Xero is a good buy and can push past its infamous $155 barrier.

Are 5 interest rate rises coming?

Has the threat of rate rises got borrowers on their knees?

Let’s talk economics!

Let's take a look at what’s happening around the globe and on our doorsteps this week.

Inflation won't KO stocks

Worries about inflation hurting share prices makes it timely for me to argue stocks are miles better than term deposits.

Will inflation take a grip and KO stocks?

US stocks markets were spooked yesterday because of inflation fears, but so far it’s not a big scare.

Nab shares are at a three year high, so how have nabtraders responded?

Bank reporting season is full of opportunity for yield hungry investors.

Lithium & electric vehicle stocks: have you missed the boat?

Have you missed the boat with the lithium/EV megatrend? What stocks can you invest in?

Are diamonds an investor’s best friend?

Is now the time to join the diamond hunt?

Going up: coffee, cocktails & crypto. But for how long?

These types of price hikes make the economic term “supply chain problem” more understandable to normal people. Because these products are in short supply, these ‘addictions’ are about to cost more money.

Pfizer magic pill to restore normal times asap!

Covid has caused big changes globally and businesses are doing things once never contemplated. Two huge stories today are cases in point.

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