6 August 2021
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Could lockdowns stop CBA’s share buyback?

Commonwealth Bank's anticipated $5 billion off-market share buyback could be in jeopardy if recent outbreaks are not brought under control.

Young players bite at ankles of CommSec & Nabtrade

Millennials or zoomers are not only buying shares, they’re using different trading platforms.

Have we gone loco? Here are my 6 sensible suggestions to end this lockdown madness

Has this lockdown strategy gone too far and are there alternatives?

Maximise your returns on Australia’s property boom

Australia’s big banks have been the big winners during the recent property boom. Here’s how you can ‘be the bank’ and reap the upside of the boom.

Will stocks crash and burn?

How worried should we be? Do I see buying opportunities?

Outlook for investment markets

Here’s what to expect for the week ahead.

Lockdown ‘f…wit’ alert: the majority should strike back!

I never thought I’d see a pandemic underline how many f…wits we live with! There are more than even I expected!

A few words from Mr Blue Sky

Being stuck in a lockdown, it’s nice to find upbeat songs and a realistic appraisal on what’s going on with Covid, vaccinations and the economy.

Unemployment at a 12-year low! Is this BS?

I’ve been cheering about this great unemployment result of 4.9%, but can you trust this number? Is it artificially created?

Here are the most traded stocks of this week

The ASX has remained relatively flat over the past week, with investors turning their attention to these Australian and overseas stocks.

Don’t listen to bad news, just make money!

The need to turn down the noise is more important than ever. Here are 5 ways for investors to help manage ‘the noise’, stay focussed and make money.

Will the share prices of Afterpay & Zip fall or soar?

With Apple hovering, if you hold shares in Afterpay or Zip, should you sell them or buy more?

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