5 April 2020
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Rate cuts and a budget bazooka to rescue stocks

Josh Frydenberg will hopefully channel Arnold Schwarzenegger and carry a big budget bazooka aimed at pumping bullets of stimulus into an economy that will be weakened by this Coronavirus.

Good morning, Australia

Find out what's happening in markets around the world.

Will markets recover when investors think the impulse of new coronavirus cases has peaked?

Will we see a rapid normalization in economic growth rates and corporate fundamentals when this virus is ultimately contained?

Australia: Autumn avalanche

A strange quirk of the statistical calendar is that each change of seasons in Australia is ushered in by a bevy of economic events. And so the ‘Autumn avalanche’ with more than a dozen indicators or events scheduled this week.

Paul Keating’s super idea to get money to small businesses and help retirees

The Morrison Government has found $2 billion for a fund that will provide funding to small banks and other lenders to specifically lend to small and middle sized businesses. What else can be done? Paul Keating has a super idea!

Should you buy or sell Woolworths?

I’ve argued for a while that Woolworths is priced “close to perfection”. It has benefitted from the thirst by investors for secure, relatively safe defensive stocks that pay annuity style dividend streams. But is it a buy or sell now?

Is there value in unloved coal stocks?

Some deep-pocketed investors have recognised that the era of coal won’t end overnight: coal is our second biggest export and output is increasing.

Should you get in and buy stocks right now?

Stock players look for “buy the dip” opportunities. Is it too early to buy stocks on the Coronavirus ‘crash’?

Mad about Money

Join Peter and Paul for Mad about Money live.

Coronavirus reality bites, with Dow down over 1,000 points!

As stock prices fall, just how much should you worry?

More environmentally friendly investments

Growing awareness of climate change has increasingly made investors look for a more environmentally friendly way to invest their money

Good morning, Australia

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