14 April 2021
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Is a death tax set to shrink your inheritance?

If there’s anything more worrying than the Coronavirus, the viral popularity of tattoos and mullet haircuts, it’s talk of death taxes!

Can Westpac get its “mojo” back?

After a horror year for shareholders in 2020, Westpac has started 2021 with arguably the best performance of the Big Four banks. So is this the start of Westpac getting its "mojo" back”?

Are these stocks worth the gamble?

What do gambling stocks like Crown, aged care operators and listed salary packaging and novated lease operators like McMillan Shakespeare all have in common?

Promises, promises: RBA to keep rates low for 3 years or more!

It’s great news for borrowers but can you trust the RBA’s promise that interest rates will stay where they are at record low levels?

Our $8 trillion property market is on the rise

Are you looking to invest in property? Be aware of these latest property market trends.

Now comes the scary bit: the end of JobKeeper

March 28 marks the day that JobKeeper ends. Will it be a disaster?

The wisest place for savings

What do Aussies see as the wisest places for savings? And how are these places, like shares and property, doing?

Bitcoin heads into new record-high territory but will it crash and burn?

Over 2020, Bitcoin surged with the tech stocks. Perversely, some reasons why tech stock prices are now sliding explain why Bitcoin’s heading into new record-high territory.

We’re on the edge of reality

Vaccinations up, infections down, US stimulus huge and Aussie travel industry boosted, while interest rates to stay lower for longer.

Could we lose our AAA credit rating? Na!

While we shouldn’t ignore it, don’t worry about this S&P warning. Be happy that we are world class ‘students’ of getting economics right.

Most popular stock trades this week

Fiscal stimulus in the US and Australia have supported markets this week, however the threat of rising bond yields, rising oil prices and falling iron ore have given investors plenty to think about.

Peter Costello calls out RBA boss on low interest rates

Former Treasurer Costello is warning that holding rates too low for too long could create a landslide of Fleetwood Mac proportions. But should we listen to Pete?

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