23 July 2024
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5 Things you need to know today

Did Joe & Xi make progress, world markets watched Australia for a day, crypto crash hits 30,000 Aussies and more!

Is good stocks and dollar news trumping bad property news?

My lesson today is this: no matter what market you’re investing in, buy quality and you’ll cry only once!

5 Things you need to know today

No punishment yet for Medibank officials, good news out of China, Aussie dollar spikes to 67 cents and more!

At long last! US inflation drops. Stocks will surge!

Good news out of the US should be a positive sign for us too, showing that the inflation genie could be getting under control. This is good for interest rate control and stock market positivity.

US Inflation data to move markets as takeover fever breaks

US elections, takeovers, cyber security, and bitcoin dominated the news this week as the bulls stuck a tentative toe into the market.

Is the Aussie economy ‘F’d’?

With recession talk on the tip of the tongues of those at groovy economic gatherings, is this just party chatter or something we should be taking seriously?

5 Things you need to know today

EU worried about Biden, buyers worried about 20-30% house price falls, two big ‘economic’ events for stocks this week and more!

LMI Monthly update: November

Claire Aitchison of Independent Investment Research provides comprehensive research coverage and commentary for listed managed investments. Here is the latest update.

Westpac delivers – but has it rallied too far?

Since the start of October, Westpac had rallied almost 17% making it the best performing major bank over this period. So on the basis of the old axiom “buy the rumour, sell the fact”, it was no surprise to see it fall today by around 3% when it delivered an “as expected” full year financial result.

A week in review - what moved the market this week?

Overnight European share markets opened down, still spooked by what the Fed will do next to defeat inflation as American spending remains sticky and employment numbers defy predictions of a looming recession.

Stocks to surge or slump on two looming data drops

Last night I interviewed Michael Knox, my go-to man on the Aussie dollar. I wanted his take on our currency because I want to invest my money and my financial planning clients’ money in the eventual rebound of the US stock market.

Are these rate rises going to create a dismal recession?

Dr Phil has to raise rates but the pressure is on him to get it right.

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