29 May 2022
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Inflation set to rise but for how long?

If I thought Putin, Chinese and inflation threats would be hurting longer than I currently do, then I’d join the pity partygoers, who often scare the pants off investors and even some of my financial planning clients!

Term deposit rates top 3%!

Savers have something to celebrate at long last. Term deposit rates have cracked 3%!

Higher bond yields pressure tech stocks, but is there a glimmer of hope?

Is there more pain on the horizon for tech stocks, or does the bond market suggest a positive uptrend?

Is 8.5% inflation and 18% interest rates coming?

With US inflation coming out overnight at 8.5%, a person might be wondering if economists’ confidence that inflation can be controlled to avoid crazy interest rates is misplaced.

Should stock investors give peace a chance?

Right now I’m doing something I seldom do — I’m trying to time the stock market, delaying a buy and waiting for the ‘right time’ to get in. Is that possible?!

Economists tip wild interest rate ride ahead!

Big bank economists see early rate rises in June this year with more to follow. But are they right?

A quieter start to April, but one sector is running hot

What are nabtraders buying this week?

The three greatest fears of retirees and how to overcome them!

Here are the three greatest fears retirees have when ending their careers and the solutions to dealing with them.

Airline ticket prices soar. What next – interest rates?

If you want to blame someone for the unbelievable spike in the price of airline travel, the Daily Tele says blame two political leaders — Vladimir Putin and WA’s Premier Mark McGowan! How are these price spirals going to pan out?

Will the share market keep going higher in April?

The Aussie market continues to outperform the US and most other advanced economy share markets.

It's not time to stress about interest rates

The collective pressure of the media powered by some economists has everyone stressed out about rising interest rates before it’s necessary to do so.

LMI Monthly update: March

Claire Aitchison of Independent Investment Research provides comprehensive research coverage and commentary for listed managed investments. Here is the latest update.

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