21 January 2020
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Good morning, Australia

Catch up on the latest market and economic news from around the world.

Is our day of reckoning near?

The recent overall disappointing numbers have led dooms day merchants to gloat that an approaching financial tsunami will drown all in its path. Are they right?

Australia: Business and consumer confidence in focus

The wind-down to Christmas has begun. The highlight in the coming week is probably the latest business survey.

Is weak leadership creating dumber kids?

Do the maths. Our kids are falling behind. What’s wrong and how can we fix it? Someone needs to take a stand.

TPG is on the spectrum

Investors looking for an alternative to Telstra could do worse than considering David Teoh’s TPG.

The mad king is poking the China bear, again

Yep, he’s up to his old tricks again and now he’s sticking it to the French. Where will this lead?

Should you be worried about your hip pocket future?

Will Santa start loading up his sleigh or are we in for bleak times this Christmas?

What's more interesting than Kardashian, Crowe and Bill Shorten?

I know Kardashian, Crowe and Shorten turn heads but I’ll try and convince you that this week is important for you.

Close encounters of the risky kind

Be careful if you look to do better than term deposits. If you go up that pesky risk curve, do it in a diversified way.

Bonds – it’s not just about the income!

Asset allocation is one of the most important decisions an investor faces.

4 small cap recovery stocks

When a small cap loses its way, investors often banish them from their portfolios. Here are 4 small caps that could now have a better story to tell.

5 reasons for not being a nervous, negative Nellie

I sit here each morning looking for reasons to be optimistic and here they are!

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