24 June 2024
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My tip on today’s rate rise and a few GGs in today’s Melbourne Cup!

I’d rather tip stocks than whether the Reserve Bank will raise rates or even harder, who’ll win the race that stops a nation, but I’ll give this a go.

You may not like it, but you have to own it

Macquarie Group (MQG) is a company that some investors still loathe. Known as the “millionaires factory”. But putting that to one side, as a company to invest in, it is a great company, and you have to own it.

5 Things you need to know today

Brisbane house prices record slump, bosses will strike back, cup day rate rise a certainty and more!

Be positive but careful about this stock market bounce back

Our stock market is in for a great day today, taking its lead from a strong Friday on Wall Street.

5 Things you need to know today

Voters give Budget the thumbs down, big insurers lock in payouts for Covid business interruption, Optus losing customers and more!

Are banks trustworthy enough to invest in?

One night in a bank bashing skit in the old comedy show Fast Forward, they finished the skit with the old CBA ad: “Which bank?” To that, the voiceover guy said: “Every bloody bank!” Have banks changed their bad behaviour?

The Doctor’s Budget 2022-23 in a nutshell

I call this one the Doctor’s Budget — the medicine Dr Chalmers is making us swallow.

Stocks could surge on no recession for the US!

Expect another positive day for stocks as Wall Street optimists are trying to get up off the floor and start to get stock market buying going again.

Here's what the Budget leaks have told us so far

This is an abnormal budget for very unusual times! What have we been told so far? Try these revelations…

Ask Switz! He’s ready to answer

Should we raise the GST to pay down our huge Covid debts?

Be careful investing in winning and losing stocks, as Netflix shows

What could have made or lost you money if you’d invested in a variety of stocks?

Governments will eventually have to play hardball with debt dodgers

Many businesses are adjusting to these post-pandemic times but they’re carrying challenging debts. The NSW Premier wants to extend their repayment parole. Does this make good political and economic sense?

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