17 April 2024
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Choppy market waters ahead as ETFs see larger trade volume

The choppy ride in markets continues unabated, with the ASX200 losing more than 9% over the last month, but gaining over 1.4% on Thursday.

Keep the faith and be patient unless you’re a genius market timer

Anyone hoping the current stock market sell-off will end soon should be warned that this volatility with a downside inclination could be here for a couple of months.

Watch out! Here comes an Aussie government-backed cryptocurrency

With stock and house prices falling, why is the RBA worrying about a rival for bitcoin?

Investment markets and key developments: RBA should not raise rates as aggressively as the Fed

Share markets fell sharply again over the last week in response to another round of hawkish rate hikes pushing up bond yields and adding to recession fears.

Are we heading for a recession?

There's a lot predicted to go wrong with the economy and stock markets but is it all believable?

If interest rates are crushing stock markets, why are shoppers shopping mad?

It looks like interest rate rises that are killing stock prices aren’t hurting retail sales. Why is this so?

Are these interest rate rises working?

With the RBA having increased home loan repayments by 25% in five months, borrowers are drastically cutting back their borrowings. Will house prices take crash?

Investment markets and key developments: Several reasons for optimism despite high short-term risks

The recent rebound in shares from their June lows has lacked the cyclical leadership normally seen in new bull markets, while earnings revisions remain negative.

Two big decisions could rock or roll stocks this week

I know what’s happening to stock markets is only temporary rock n’ roll but I like to think that eventually, the mood will swing to a 'buy time'.

Choppy markets see many investors still sticking to cash

Clearly many have learned that ‘buy the dip’ is not a foolproof strategy; alternatively, the dip has simply not been big enough to tempt many to part with their cash!

Am I worried about yesterday’s stock market bloodbath?

This current stock market gyration was one of the most negative trading sessions since the dark days of the Coronavirus crash in 2020, so does it worry me?

Stock markets get a hot August fright

It was a day stock market pros were hoping the latest inflation news from the US was going to be music to their ears. But it turned out to be a hot August fright!

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