15 August 2022
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Australia’s new Government – what does it mean for investors?

Labor’s (and the “teals'”) desire to be more than a one-term wonder should work against the new Government moving too far to the left on economic policies.

Stocks to dive today but curb your de-enthusiasm!

If you can hold your nerve when others around you are losing theirs and selling all and sundry, then you’ll be a long-term successful investor not a headless chook-like speculator running around wildly reacting to market gyrations.

5 ‘super’ actions to take before the end of the financial year

With the end of the financial year not too far away, here are the 5 actions to take to get the most out of the superannuation system.

5 reasons not to be spooked by rising rates and falling stock prices

Consumer confidence is sapped by rising interest rate talk but here are 5 reasons to dismiss interest rate and stock market fears.

Do you have the courage to invest in stocks now?

If you’re nervous about the stock market, is it a case of ‘no guts, no glory’ or should you wait just that little bit longer?

Buy, sell or hold – how are investors responding to the sell-off?

BHP, Xero and Macquarie are piquing interest.

Consumers and investors are scared, but should they be?

Consumer and investor confidence has plunged, driven by the alarmism of interest rate rises that haven’t yet happened. Ironically, because of this alarmism, the expected number of interest rate rises might not even eventuate!

Is Macquarie in the buy zone?

I consider several factors and expert broker recommendations to determine whether Macquarie (MQG) is currently in the buy zone.

Widespread mortgage defaults on the horizon? Not likely

4 in 5 borrowers say they have a savings buffer and can meet rate rises.

Another stock market slump but what would Warren Buffett do?

Wall Street is negative. Local CEOs are positive. Is it time to do what Buffett says and be greedy, or run for cover?

Rates are finally rising – how are investors responding?

What are nabtraders buying in the current state of the market?

Do inflation and interest rates have to go sky high?

A surge in interest rates to cripple over-borrowed home owners is not a certainty, and here’s why.

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