18 May 2024
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Is the data saying that inflation is starting to head down?

Have we reached peak inflation?

If you’re worried about stocks, stop, and read this

Over the past year, bonds and stocks fell at the same time, which was strange but was a consequence of the pandemic. But this won’t go on forever.

What did the world's most powerful money man say last Friday?

Let me take you to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to get an idea of what’s going to happen to our market.

Australian energy stocks still all the rage

Global and domestic share markets have softened this week, as investors lose confidence in a slower rate hiking trajectory and a soft landing for the global economy.

US labour market says buy stocks so what should you do?

The stock market looks poised to sell off but economic data and a central bank talkfest might change all that.

The Poms now have reason to whinge. We don't!

I wouldn’t want to face the job the UK’s next PM (likely to be Liz Truss) will have to deal with — 18% inflation and rate hikes as high as 7%!

This quality, old-world stock is up 146% in just over two years! What’s the lesson?

Being patient for the market to view current losers as future winners can pay off big time.

Is the emerging economic story good or bad for interest rates and stocks?

Worried about interest rates going too high? Frantic that the stock market is falling and house prices are tanking? Then you better have a good idea about what’s going on in our economy!

Can you trust this stock market rally?

There has been a screaming comeback for stocks since the middle of June, but can it last?

How can we tackle pervasive gambling advertising?

Extensive sports betting advertising in Australia is signalling that "betting is part and parcel of every sport". What can be done to curb this issue?

Reporting season has something for everyone…

But everyone only wants resources, really.

US inflation reading paves way for fewer rate rises

Financial markets, investors, borrowers and any Aussie who has superannuation should be happy that the US inflation number was better than expected. Let me explain why…

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