15 April 2021
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Shane Oliver

12 April 2021
7 reasons why shares are up

Here are 7 reasons why shares have broken higher recently – with Australian shares at their highest since February last year.

6 April 2021
Can’t take my eyes off this data

Some of these economic stats are just too good to be true!

16 March 2021
The wisest place for savings

What do Aussies see as the wisest places for savings? And how are these places, like shares and property, doing?

15 March 2021
We’re on the edge of reality

Vaccinations up, infections down, US stimulus huge and Aussie travel industry boosted, while interest rates to stay lower for longer.

9 March 2021
Eyes wide open on the economy

Here’s what the watch as the week progresses.

8 March 2021
Add some ‘good news’ to your day

Share markets to bounce back, vaccinations on the rise and the Beach Boys release a new song!

2 March 2021
What’s driving this surge in Aussie home prices?

Capital city and regional house prices are on the up. Will this booming property price trend continue?

1 March 2021
Something’s good about this data

Vaccinations on the rise, infections are down. Soon Covid-19 will be Yesterday’s news.

23 February 2021
Keep an eye on the share market this week

Shares remain at risk of a short-term correction after having run up so hard in recent months.

22 February 2021
Investment markets and key developments over the past week

Australian shares were boosted early last week to their highest level in nearly a year by strong earnings results, but reversed course as concerns around rising bond yields weighed with the week seeing sharp falls in utilities, consumer staple, real estate and energy stocks.

16 February 2021
What to watch this week

How confident is the Aussie consumer?; house prices; and more companies report this week.

15 February 2021
Watching economic data that makes the world go round

Oliver talks economics talk, it happens every Monday.

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