13 August 2022
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Shane Oliver

28 February 2022
Economic update amid geopolitical turmoil

Share markets were hit over the last week as Ukraine tensions escalated culminating in a Russian invasion.

23 February 2022
Market update and key global developments

Share markets have seen another volatile week being buffeted by waxing and waning fears of Russia invading Ukraine and fears of inflation and interest rate hikes.

8 February 2022
Coronavirus update and global economy news

How are the coronavirus and global economy shaping this week?

7 February 2022
Current outlook for the broader economy

Let's take a look at the competing factors in the global economy.

2 February 2022
Covid & global economic update

How is the global economy faring as it still contends with Omicron?

1 February 2022
Let's assess the global economy

Global share markets saw another rough week as concerns about inflation and monetary tightening intensified against the backdrop of ongoing Russian tensions over Ukraine and Omicron disruptions.

25 January 2022
My word, how’s the economy tracking?

Let’s talk about the Aussie economy and Hallelujah, it’s showing signs of improvement.

24 January 2022
Omicron wave receding

The Omicron wave that has seen global coronavirus cases surge to record levels, is now showing signs of slowing.

18 January 2022
How’s the Aussie economy going?

So far it’s holding up relatively well but it’s early days.

17 January 2022
Latest economic news update

Global share markets remained under pressure over the past week from concerns about rising US inflation and faster US interest rate hikes.

14 December 2021
Let’s check in on Covid cases and the economy

It’s still early days in the Omicron wave but those vaccinated are looking protected. And let’s track economic activity.

13 December 2021
Here we go round the economic globe!

Omicron may only result in mild cases and let’s get back to where we started from.

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