18 October 2021
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Shane Oliver

15 June 2021
Economics meets The Beatles!

Economic update, bitcoin rollercoaster, Victorians escape lockdown & Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)!

8 June 2021
Aussie economy rebounding

Strong economic news continues to dominate in Australia.

7 June 2021
The economic road ahead

And in the end the statistics we vet is equal to the economy we get.

1 June 2021
What’s going on here and overseas this week?

Let’s talk a look at the US economy and then what’s happening in the luck land of Oz.

31 May 2021
Herd immunity: It Don’t Come Easy

One of Ringo Starr’s big hits when he broke from the Beatles was You Know It Don’t Come Easy. Maybe this could be said for covid control, producing enough vaccines, getting back on track with the economy and restoring stability.

25 May 2021
What’s the outlook for the economy & investment markets?

Retail sales strong, employment number OK, unemployment down but potential short-term correction to share market.

24 May 2021
Let’s talk understandable economics

Read all about it: inflation fears, fixed rates up, crazy Bitcoin, Covid update & I started a joke!

21 May 2021
Down, down, employment is down!

April’s employment figure is down but our labour market has recovered far quicker than most other comparable countries, reflecting better management of the virus and better government support programmes.

18 May 2021
Global round up & Aussie economy in focus

Australian home prices are likely to rise another 15% over the next 18 months being boosted by record low mortgage rates, economic recovery and FOMO.

17 May 2021
Elon Musk backflips on accepting Bitcoin, inflation update and more than a feeling

Here’s my take on backflips, inflation, the share market and music favourites.

11 May 2021
What’s happening in the US and here in Oz?

Things are still looking good for both the US and Aussie economies.

10 May 2021
The economy and Elvis are always on my mind

Here’s an update on global markets, Covid-19, vaccinations, how we’re tracking and one of Elvis Presley’s best ballads!

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