27 February 2021
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Shane Oliver

14 January 2021
9 rules investors should live by

Here are 5 reasons why Australia will do well and 9 things investors should always remember.

13 January 2021
4 reasons for optimism for 2021

2020 was better than expected for investors and here are 4 reasons why 2021 should be good!

21 December 2020
Local & global coronavirus update

The roll out of vaccines and US stimulus optimism have seen global markets move higher, while the latest coronavirus outbreak in Sydney weighed on Australian shares.

15 December 2020
Go Australia!

Things seem relatively positive for the Australian share market and the $A.

14 December 2020
Hang on, vaccine’s on the way

While Coronavirus cases are still rising in many countries, the good news is that a vaccine is out there and there’s a good chance of reaching herd immunity globally by the end of 2021 or early 2022.

8 December 2020
Lots of reasons for Christmas cheer 2020

A year ago, Christmas was marred by the horrible bush fires in Australia and it ushered in a year that many would rather forget. But coming into this Christmas there are some reasons for cheer.

7 December 2020
Is it time for Santa Claus to rally?

The Santa Claus seasonal rally normally gets underway from mid-December. After huge gains, shares are at risk of a short-term pause but more upside is likely as momentum is very strong.

1 December 2020
Global coronavirus update & the outlook for shares

Vaccine news keeps getting better and good returns for shares expected.

25 November 2020
Should investors jump aboard the bitcoin bandwagon?

Here are 5 things to bear in mind in relation to bitcoin as an investment.

24 November 2020
Is stamp duty a dead tax walking?

Is this the beginning of the end for stamp duty on property transactions in Australia?

23 November 2020
The light at the end of tunnel is getting brighter

Our Australian Economic Activity Tracker rose further over the last week and is trending up nicely, helped by Victoria’s reopening consistent with ongoing recovery.

17 November 2020
What to watch this week

On a 6 to 12-month view, shares are expected to see good total returns on the back of ultra-low interest rates and a pick-up in economic activity helped by a possible vaccine.

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