23 May 2024
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Investment markets and key developments: GDP growth to slow to below 2% per annum by late 2023

Here's a look at some of the most significant economic implications over the past week.

This week could make or break stocks and the hearts of interest rate worriers

This is a week when stocks could turn around and head up, with concerns about how fast interest rates will rise.

This stock price rise is a sneak preview of what lies ahead

What we’re seeing is a sneak preview of what will eventually happen to stocks when central banks have had enough of inflicting interest rate pain on the mortgage holders of the world.

Lithium establishes itself as both long- and short-term play

The megatrend of decarbonisation and demand for battery metals attract longer-term investors, while traders are enjoying the volatility.

Stop whinging about stock prices because our economy is booming, for now

We’re living in strange times where good news on the economy isn’t great news for those with home loans and anyone wanting the stock market to start rising convincingly.

Could we have seen the last interest rate rise for 2022?

There’s a growing chorus of economists who think it might be time to pause and let the economic effects of previous rises sink in.

Be careful of really smart doomsday merchants selling books

A world-famous historian has suggested the world “is sleepwalking into an era of political and economic upheaval akin to the 1970s”. Is he on the money?

Investment markets & key developments: shares remain at high risk of further falls in short-term

What's the state of play in the market following hawkish central banker comments and the wrap-up of the Australian FY22 reporting season?

We are in a stock market twilight zone — expect the unexpected

Right now, we’re all confused on what we should be worried about — inflation and big interest rate rises or a possible recession, created by, you guessed it — big interest rate rises.

LMI Monthly update: August

Claire Aitchison of Independent Investment Research provides comprehensive research coverage and commentary for listed managed investments. Here is the latest update.

Hold your breath: Three big days loom for stocks

The most important battleground for stocks is the US, but for local interest rate worriers, the homeland economic data will be the big watch.

Banks no longer of interest, so what’s capturing attention?

Dividend-hungry investors are looking beyond financials.

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