15 August 2022
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With interest rates on the rise, which stocks could do well?

Some stocks are “winners” from higher interest rates. Here’s a rundown of the winners among the top 100 companies.

How many more punishing rate rises are ahead?

With this latest hike, Dr Phil’s probably hoping a big ‘stitch in time will save nine’ small rate rises. Right or wrong?

Dr Phil is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't

RBA boss Dr Phil Lowe faces an unenviable task with interest rates.

These charts keep me positive about our economy

A number of charts are showing what’s going on in a positive sense, which keeps me sticking with stocks this year and next.

Is it wise to be optimistic about the economy and stocks?

Pay me out for being positive but being positive pays off, long-term!

Formula is back, baby

Investors are still looking for opportunities in a sideways market.

LMI Monthly update: May

Claire Aitchison of Independent Investment Research provides comprehensive research coverage and commentary for listed managed investments. Here is the latest update.

May was a choppy month for the market – what’s in store for June?

Although finishing with a small loss of 2.6% in May, the Aussie sharemarket continues to outperform the US and most other advanced economy sharemarkets.

Get ready for a big hike in interest rates next Tuesday

A historically high interest rate rise is expected next Tuesday, so let’s see how much extra money borrowers will have to shell out to keep their homes.

Which tech stocks are back in vogue?

Takeover offers and deals are giving tech stocks a boost.

Why have bond funds been clobbered? Could they now do better?

Could the classic "defensive" asset of bonds now be in buying territory?

Two big bank CEOs keep me positive on stocks

Two important bankers in the US and Australia are seeing it more positively than the doomsday economists and the stock market since early January this year. And here’s why…

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