23 July 2024
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Ben Johnston

Ben Johnston is Managing Director of Johnston Advisory. Ben is not your average accountant, rather a passionate professional with over 25 years experience in public practice with a specialised focus on small business enterprise and business advisory. Ben’s experience, knowledge and credentials both in finance and property investment, perfectly positions him to be the “trusted advisor” when it comes to advising his clients on their business structure, tax, asset planning, and compliance.

13 October 2022
How much superannuation do I need when I retire?

How much money in super do I need to ensure I can support myself when I retire?

18 May 2022
Billions of dollars in human intellectual capital about to be wasted away!

Retirees should be encouraged to remain in the workforce. Here's why.

8 April 2022
The three greatest fears of retirees and how to overcome them!

Here are the three greatest fears retirees have when ending their careers and the solutions to dealing with them.

12 January 2022
Cars and Tax: The luxury car tax myth and the little-known penalty that applies when claiming your car as a tax deduction.

Your car isn’t saving you as much tax as you thought, in fact, you’re paying tax on it that arguably shouldn’t exist!

8 November 2021
The pros and cons of selling your home to fund your retirement

Many Australians have been contributing to their retirement savings for most of their working lives, but will they need to sell the family home to fund retirement as well?

10 September 2021
How important is protecting your businesses’ intellectual property?

Registering trademarks is an excellent way to protect your businesses’ identity from a legal point of view while also protecting brand awareness.

27 July 2021
Sit & sulk or be pro-active: the choice is yours

Here are 9 ways for small business owners to get pro-active and come out the other end of these lockdowns in a better place!

23 June 2021
Should I buy a property and negative gear it so I can reduce my tax?

When it works well, negative gearing can be good. Ben Johnston explains when and how negative gearing works, so you can decide whether or not it’s right for you

4 June 2021
5 top tax tips for small businesses

With the end of financial year less than one month away, small business owners should take note of these 5 tips and be mindful of increased scrutiny and data matching programs from the ATO.

17 May 2021
Creating wealth through share investing: a potential capital gains problem ahead!

Investors are unknowingly heading towards a capital gains tax minefield.

23 April 2021
ATO crackdown on fringe benefits and how their data matching can catch you!

If you’re driving around in a Ferrari but declaring an income of only $20k a year, you better adjust your rear vision mirror because the ATO are coming for you.

14 April 2021
Why property investment is #1 in more ways than one

Here are two key reasons why you should consider making a property the foundation of your personal asset portfolio.

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