18 September 2021
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Mad about Money

Get your weekly update on the big money stories and how they affect you with Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard.

Who should receive statin therapy?

Here's why a 'one size fits all' approach to the prescription of statins doesn't typically work.

I see the needle and the damage not done

Allowing workers to be jabbed in the workplace reminds me of the Neil Young song: “I see the needle and the damage done” but with a twist. This action could save lives, businesses and jobs!

We continue our hunt for value stocks: HUB, ILU, BAP, RHC, BHP & more!

Peter Switzer speaks to Julia Lee from Burman Invest, Michael Gable from Fairmont Equities, Adam Dawes from Shaw and Partners and Paul Rickard.

The latest outlook for investment markets

Here’s a look back at the week that was as well as the economic and market news to watch out for over the next week and beyond.

Pensions to rise, which is great for all of us!

What’s good for the part is definitely good for the whole, with five million Australians about to pocket the biggest pension increases in seven years.

Lockdowns lifting & leave a light on!

Global shares were mixed over the last week. US shares fell -1.7% and European shares lost -0.8% on concerns about the growth outlook and central banks reducing stimulus.

Why don’t we cheer our great companies like Macquarie?

I’d like to suggest it’s high time we showed a bit of national pride in one of the world’s best-performing companies: Macquarie Group.

The many implications caused by consuming processed foods

Dr Ross Walker explores the many health problems that can arise due to consuming processed foods.

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