19 April 2021
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Stock winners in the education space

Who’s top of the class post pandemic in the listed education sector?

Anthony Mundine on how his mindset helped him become a champion!

Former professional boxer and rugby league player Anthony Mundine plus SMG managing partner Christopher Paterson join the show.

ScoMo’s gone down Devil Gate Drive with Holgate Gate!

ScoMo has misread public opinion on Christine Holgate, which is making Albo look more electable. Is it time for him to give a really big “I’m sorry”?

Mad about Money Live

Join Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard for their weekly take on the latest money news.

Why property investment is #1 in more ways than one

Here are two key reasons why you should consider making a property the foundation of your personal asset portfolio.

ScoMo, you have to be the man with a plan

The national response to these current Canberra cock-ups has been “Not happy, Scott, not happy.” The PM needs to take control.

Tantalising ASX tech stocks: OPY, FZ0 & More!

On this episode: Julia Lee from Burman Invest, Adam Dawes from Shaw and Partners, Rob Edgley from SelfWealth and Paul Rickard.

Vaccines: should we be worried?

There have been a number of reports of blood clotting events within two weeks of receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine, but these very unfortunate cases still need to be put into perspective.

How will the Tasmanian election play out?

Here are my predictions for the Tasmanian election next month and why I believe the state’s Hare-Clark electoral system is the best.

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