6 August 2021
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Is Josh Frydenberg the economic wizard of Oz?

This week Josh shared his Treasury crystal ball. Treasurers can be conservative with growth numbers because if we actually grow faster than tipped, then the deficit falls faster. This makes the country’s top number-cruncher look like a financial wizard! So is he?

Has Josh's Budget pushed us into a debt trap?

A leading business figure is worried about the debt from the last two budgets following the Coronavirus. How worried should we really be?

The Liberals won the Tasmanian election as predicted, but what will happen in the next Federal election?

After spot on predictions for the recent election in Tasmania, here are my latest thoughts on the Federal election as well as my prediction for the upcoming Upper Hunter by-election.

How good is this Budget? Very good!

I hate giving Treasurers/politicians a reason to think I’ve gone soft but this is the right Budget for the time.

Hallelujah, it’s raining jobs and Josh doesn’t have to play Budget Scrooge!

The owner of Manchester United was given a big wake-up call about respecting his customers, as Treasurer Josh Frydenberg puts the finishing touches on the Budget for his customers — the voters of Australia.

Is this a Covid-19 vaccine f-up?

A GP who runs a large local practice is dumbfounded by the crazy vaccine distribution system that could damage the health of Aussies and the Australian economy.

Morrison to axe dud super funds

If your super fund is a dud and fails the Morrison Government-created tests, it could be shown the door.

ScoMo goes green and you can bank on it!

As the great comedic actor Peter Sellers once observed: “People will swim through shit if you put a few bob in it” and climate change reforms are on their way.

How long can we keep kicking China’s butt?

The Morrison government has ripped up the Belt and Road deal between Victoria and China. Is this one poke too many for the Chinese trade tiger?

Keating praises Morrison government. What the @#%^?

It’s Budget leak time! And former Labor PM praises the Morrison government. What a super U-turn!

Will Andrew Peacock be recorded as the best prime minister Australia never had?

The competition is to be between a nominee of the Liberal Party competing with Labor’s nomination.

Will Frydenberg play Scrooge on tax cuts?

With Labor ahead and Albo’s popularity on the rise, isn’t it the right time for our Treasurer to keep playing Santa Claus?

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