19 November 2019
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When will the ding dongs stop playing ping pong?

Normal people think this trade spat is being conducted by a pair of ding-a-lings risking a world recession. Most people simply don't understand why this game doesn't come to an end.

Oh Brexit, what next?

I fear and predict that the United Kingdom will crash out of the EU without a deal on Thursday 31 October this year. What would happen after that?

The super gospel according to Paul Keating

Former PM Keating has scorned those who would delay an increase in compulsory super. Should we ignore his divine intervention?

Your future turns on three Trump things

Three events with the fingerprints of US President Donald Trump all over them could move markets up or down in coming weeks, thereby affecting all of us.

Is our economy in a death spiral that ScoMo has to rescue?

Is the pulse seriously weakening on the Oz economy or is it simply too early to expect consumers to react to rate cuts and tax rebates that haven't actually had time to impact their bank balances yet?

Australia: Post-election results

In the coming week there will be more insights into the post-election economic environment in terms of business conditions and consumer sentiment.

Who gets the credit for the Libs "daily double" win on May 18?

The Morrison Government not only won the general election for 151 members of the House of Reps, it also won the Senate election. To whom should the Liberal Party give the credit for each win?

ScoMo: you do need to stop screwing senior citizens

Aussie pensioners are being screwed by the Federal Government's failure to review the “deeming” rate. And it's simply not fair.

Donald and Xi Jinping, I'll be watching you

Channelling Sting: Every move they make. Every bond they break. Every game they play. Every word they say. I'll be watching them. Ignore the two most powerful leaders in the world this weekend in Osaka, Japan at your peril.

The Senate voting system: confusion, deception and manipulation

Here's why I hate the Senate voting system.

How Homer Simpson helps us understand the US president

Overnight the US President tweeted positive trade talk and US stocks surged. And Homer Simpson helps us understand the very unusual Donald Trump.

Why did ScoMo win only one seat more than Malcolm Turnbull did in 2016?

Why were there so few net Coalition gains in seats, given the pro-Coalition swing in votes?

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