14 April 2021
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Should Gladys cruel Christmas?

The NSW premier could avoid a statewide lockdown if she simply says: “If you want to go out, you must wear a mask.” What do you think?

China’s trade bans are backfiring on Beijing!

China’s punishing many Aussie producers but our iron prices are in a Beijing-created boom zone, which will help jobs, your super and Frydenberg’s Budget!

Could we dump China and find other trade partners?

As China applies the pressure to our export businesses, cotton growers and wheat farmers could soon face trade bans.

Albo, why can’t Labor love this economic ‘comeback’?

We should all be celebrating these sensational economic growth numbers but some un-Australian misguided lefties or desperate attention-seeking politicians put their personal objectives over the national interest.

Can Trump pardon himself & his family before he exits the White House?

I’m convicted of a crime but the President can get me off? And he could get himself off too? Is this some kind of a joke?

My thoughts on the US election results

The American articles that I wrote this year give me the greatest pleasure, as I now explain.

Just how important to us are these Beijing bullies?

Our two-way trade with China tallies up to $252 billion. Does this mean we accept their bullying ways?

Is the Morrison government breaking bad on superannuation?

The Morrison government has recruited a tough guy fixer to stop the proposed increase in super so young Aussies can buy a home.

Choose your poison: stamp duty or land tax?

Would you prefer to pay stamp duty or an ongoing land tax when you buy a house?

Why is Labor’s Joel Fitzgibbon wanting to cancel Albo’s ticket?

Labor has a leadership war brewing and the bomb-thrower is party stalwart Joel Fitzgibbon.

What Labor has to learn from Donald Trump!

The Labor Party could be heading for another split of Rudd-Gillard-Rudd-Shorten proportions.

Nixon & Trump: two failed Presidents

I put Nixon and Trump together as failed Presidents and two men who left the White House disgracefully.

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