17 April 2024
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Will the stock market go easy on Albanese?

At a recent pre-election speech in Sydney, Albo did his best to remind business and the media of how significant the Hawke-Keating governments were. The implication was that Labor can get it right in Government. Now it’s time to make this happen.

Explaining my prime ministerial rankings

My article today explains my decision making in respect of ranking some of our most recent Prime Ministers.

My final predictions for Saturday’s election

Here are my final predictions for the Australian federal election this Saturday.

How I’ll be voting this federal election

Here is exactly how I'll be voting on my ballot paper this federal election.

Two wars will affect the upcoming election result

This election will be decided under the shadow of two wars currently causing investors a fair degree of hip pocket discomfort, but only one war is bound to hurt longer.

Can Albo be Bob Hawke on economics?

At a lunch I attended last week, Albo brought along former PM Paul Keating and other former Labor stars. Will this possible leader-in-waiting be a pro union or pro business PM?

My predictions for five once “blue ribbon Liberal” Seats

Here are my predictions for five seats that were once Liberal strongholds.

How Abbott, Morrison and Hawke bungled Warringah

The seat of Warringah has been so poorly handled by the Liberal Party that I am sure Independent Zali Steggall will be re-elected on 21 May.

Election Day: 21 May 2022 and the history of the double dissolution

In my article today, I explore the nuances of the double dissolution.

Elections are always determined by “the economy, stupid”.

No matter what scuttlebutt is thrown at both leaders over the campaign, history shows that “the economy, stupid,” prevails. The bigger future inflation, the greater the rise in interest rates and fall in house prices.

Labor shortens Bill’s old tax plan

You know Labor is fair dinkum determined to win the election at all costs when it ditches the tax reform agenda that saw Bill Shorten crash and burn in the 2019 poll. But who will it tax now?

Three Cheers for Senator Jim Molan – again!

The Liberal Party made the correct decision to place Jim Molan in a winnable position for the forthcoming federal election, in effect ending the political career of Senator Connie Fierravanti-Wells.

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