22 February 2024
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How I’ll vote in Albo’s referendums

At the forthcoming referendums, I’ll be voting Yes to the 'Voice' and No to the 'Republic'. Here's why.

Why Sunak cannot win British PM contest

Readers may wonder why I have taken so long to make my prediction as to who will be the British Prime Minister

A challenge to my critics about the AEC

I stand by my view that the AEC voting system needs to be reformed.

Men to get 20 weeks parental leave?

Is now the right time for a good idea like this?

Poor voting system gives Albo unexpected Senate control

The coming parliament must reform our horrible Senate voting system, although recent events have soured my optimism.

WA gives Albo half his seat gains

Of the 47 elections in Australian history just 15 were won by Labor, so how does this success compare with the 14 earlier wins?

Our economy is the envy of the world and Albo has to keep it that way

The new Treasurer on the block has played a traditional game of not crowing about an economy that he’s had nothing to do with making it perform so well.

Will PM Albanese lose us our AAA-credit rating?

Credit-rating agency Standard & Poor’s suggests Labor’s big spending promises could fire up inflation, higher interest rates, an economic slowdown and a blowout of the budget deficit, but will his economics A-team save him and us?

Would you accept a 15% GST for a BIG income tax cut?

Look out! It’s only four days in and the new Labor Government is already linked to tax reform.

Australia’s new Government – what does it mean for investors?

Labor’s (and the “teals'”) desire to be more than a one-term wonder should work against the new Government moving too far to the left on economic policies.

Will the stock market go easy on Albanese?

At a recent pre-election speech in Sydney, Albo did his best to remind business and the media of how significant the Hawke-Keating governments were. The implication was that Labor can get it right in Government. Now it’s time to make this happen.

Explaining my prime ministerial rankings

My article today explains my decision making in respect of ranking some of our most recent Prime Ministers.

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