29 September 2021
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Peter Switzer

Peter Switzer launched his own financial business 30 years ago. The Switzer Group has since grown into three successful companies spanning media and publishing that creates written content as well as video and films, with its latest acquisition being the global brand Harper’s Bazaar, financial advice, insurance and business advice. Peter is an award-winning broadcaster, twice runner-up for the Best Current Affairs Commentator award for radio, behind broadcaster Alan Jones. He talks to Ben Fordham each morning on 2GB, as well as writing each day on switzer.com.au

4 August 2021
Choose your poison: death by vaccine or virus?

Are you serious? Would Australians accept 20 deaths a day after 70% of us are vaccinated?

3 August 2021
The Afterpay afterglow for gold medal business champions

Here’s another example of great Aussie business performers getting their rewards for working hard and aspiring to be best-of-breed!

2 August 2021
Can we avoid a Delta drama on the stock market?

The most important story for any stock market investor to understand is to watch the critical variable – the vaccination rate. All the rest is noise.

31 July 2021
What’s pornography got to do with professionalism?

Professionalism: it’s the economic cure that this country needs to embrace. But what is it?

30 July 2021
Switzer secrets that will make you money

We’re locked down but the stock market is up. How come? Listen carefully, I’ll tell you a secret but don’t tell anyone else.

29 July 2021
Has our NSW premier been promoted to Chairman Gladys?

Recent NSW Covid testing shows that more than 99% of results were negative. So why is all of Sydney in such a strict lockdown?

28 July 2021
Is Gladys putting her own job on death row with this extra 4-week lockdown?

Why is Gladys not putting it on Josh to reintroduce JobKeeper to the most important state in this economy?

27 July 2021
Could adopt-a-shop rescue struggling operators & their employees?

Lockdown torture crushes too many businesses but there’s help and hope from an unlikely quarter —those businesses winning despite lockdown.

26 July 2021
Will this long lasting lockdown drive the economy into recession & the PM out of office?

Avoiding a double dip recession depends on how strategically gutsy our politicians are.

24 July 2021
Why the ABC has lost its tingle for me

Watching our government-funded TV station used to be as easy as ABC, but here’s the XYZ on why I’m falling out of love with Aunty.

23 July 2021
Revealing the 6 secret stocks I keep buying

Because of coronavirus that’s still lurking and the lockdowns, these 6 stocks potentially look like good buys for those aware of the risks when buying shares.

22 July 2021
Bosses take soup Nazi option: No job for you!

With lockdowns worse than expected, struggling businesses are calling for JobKeeper 3.0, so big business employers are virtually saying if there’s no new JobKeeper, it’s “No job for you.”

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