20 May 2024
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On voting, is it really the economy, stupid?

Yesterday’s unemployment number made me think about how much the average Aussie cares about the economy when they cast their vote.

Billions of dollars in human intellectual capital about to be wasted away!

Retirees should be encouraged to remain in the workforce. Here's why.

Women to rescue the Australian economy

An investigation by Chief Executive Women and Impact Economics has found the country’s labour shortages could be fixed by making it easier and more attractive for women to go back to work.

$63 billion in loans up for grabs as SMEs shun major banks

In the past year, SME Finance Platform, Propell has seen an upswing in demand for its services as SMEs look for new ways to finance their business.

Merging BHP’s petroleum assets with Woodside – what shareholders need to know

One of Australia’s biggest corporate mergers is about to take place between BHP and Woodside Petroleum.

Elon Musk’s no twit buying Twitter

Musk has proved it’s good to be rich with his $US44 billion offer to takeover Twitter and take it private.

The death of the long lunch! Good or bad?

What happened to the long Friday work lunch, and are things changing for the better?

The Dropout: Where is the real Elizabeth Holmes now?

The Theranos founder also had a baby with her husband less than two months before her initial criminal trial last year.

Investors should follow the online spending trend

To make money, you need to pick up on a trend before others see it. Because they believed in the future of electric vehicles and therefore batteries that use lithium, early buyers of lithium stocks have made good money. What’s the latest trend?

Economic update: Unemployment falls in several global economies

Australia and other global economies show some signs of strengthening.

Albo and inflation are coming!

It’s show-and-tell time for Anthony Albanese and it’s our first chance to think about what Albo might look like as PM.

Telstra appoints Vicki Brady as CEO

The world’s changing for the better as the new CEO of Telstra, Vicki Brady, shows the glass ceiling that stopped many women from climbing to the top of major companies is starting to crack big time.

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