5 April 2020
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What's false eyelashes got to do with it?

Many supermarket suppliers haven’t had much fun over the last decade but here’s a sector stalwart in the $17 billion body beautiful business who fighting its way out of the retailing wilderness.

Wesfarmers, brought to you by Bunnings

Should MD Rob Scott change Wesfarmers' name to Bunnings? And is Wesfarmers a buy?

Surge in shared office space

Shared office space used to be just that: cheap digs for start-up enterprises to house their staff before hanging out their own shingle. While it is a burgeoning property sub-sector, is the market overly frothy?

Aurizon's pulling its horns in and shareholders are happy

Memo to corporate treasurers: if you want to keep shareholders happy, there's nothing quite like an open ended share buyback, as shown this week by rail haulier Aurizon.

Everyone's talking medical marijuana but what about hemp?

Enough talk about medicinal or recreational dope. What’s been happening to the market for hemp since the US fully legalised hemp last year?

What's the link between grey hair, lukewarm coffee and mashed pumpkin?

Grey hair not blonde, lukewarm not hot coffee, mashed pumpkin not creamy soup: can't a customer get what they want?

Trade war threatens your job! Can economists rescue us?

China has been cheating on trade for decades and the Trump trade war is justifiable but the world is going to suffer. Can economists rescue global economies from the fallout of Donald's trade war?

Twitter is for haters not debaters

I won't be dumping Twitter but I'm tired of it because it's not a forum for debate but more for those twits who love to hate. And that's sad.

How high can our flying kangaroo soar?

I never thought I would say this, but Qantas might just be a buy.

No pay rise but less financial stress

A survey 18 years in the making reveals that while our incomes aren't going anywhere, we're getting smarter about improving our financial lives.

BHP's action on climate change

Is BHP's announcement to address climate change just a carefully orchestrated public relations exercise?

Is Libra a game-changer?

Why is Facebook launching its own cryptocurrency?

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