7 December 2021
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Battle looms over working from home

Will frustrated employers suffering productivity issues try hard to restate the office as a workplace? Will those employees barnacled to their home find their job given to a cheaper worker overseas or someone happy to travel to work?

Here’s my best advice: learn from legends

My learning from legends like Dr Ross Walker made me reflect upon the legends I’ve interviewed in over three decades of being in this media caper.

Demand for workers surges in NSW as end of lockdown looms

The best future indication that our economy will boom in 2022 is the demand for workers, which is surging in NSW but not Victoria.

Woolworths buyback is a “no brainer” for some shareholders

Will you participate in the WOW buyback and if you do, what will you do with the money?

What’s Harper’s Bazaar got to do with retail reopening?

Never before has my business ever cared so much for retailers, with our first issue of the 154-year-old global title Harper’s Bazaar hitting newsstands today! Maybe this virus simply infiltrates everything.

How could a local design firm be worth more than Telstra?

The Simpson’s character Apu Nahasapeemapetilon is remotely related to the success of a local Aussie firm because the cartoon-friendly shopkeeper was famous for saying: “Please come again.”

Why don’t we cheer our great companies like Macquarie?

I’d like to suggest it’s high time we showed a bit of national pride in one of the world’s best-performing companies: Macquarie Group.

How important is protecting your businesses’ intellectual property?

Registering trademarks is an excellent way to protect your businesses’ identity from a legal point of view while also protecting brand awareness.

Will small business owners stick it to big insurers?

Is this yet another case of “read the fine print, buddy” or will insurers get their post-Pandemic comeuppance for not paying business interruption compensation?

Don’t you just love an Aussie success story?

Last week we learnt a young Australian woman “earnt her stripes”, selling a controlling chunk of her business that was valued at $177 million.

Can an employee be forced to take annual leave?

Can an employer use lockdowns as a reason to insist that an employee takes annual leave?

Business leaders call for vaccine passports!

To help kick start business and reward those who have been vaccinated, business leaders and a leading academic are getting behind masking up and vaccine passports.

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