17 April 2024
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Court rules insurers don’t have to cover business's pandemic lockdown losses

If the law is an ass, what is insurance?

Who is Mike Cannon-Brookes and why does he want to buy AGL?

Green crusader Mike Cannon-Brookes has joined forces with a Canadian company, Brookfield, to buy AGL. What’s the story here?

The AFL & NRL are exposing footie fans to potential crypto losses

The local footie world has followed its counterparts overseas to embrace cryptocurrencies.

Signs point to boom, baby, boom!

The song Boom, Boom, Baby was regrettably sung by someone called Crash Craddock but the positive economic rebound signs are mounting up.

CSL surprises. But was it really a surprise?

If you looked at the market’s reaction to CSL’s half year profit result, you would conclude that it was a “surprise” and a definite “beat”. On a day when the ASX rose by 1.1%, CSL soared by over 8.5% to close at $263.69.

What James Packer’s loss of Crown teaches us

The Crown saga is an intriguing story in its own right, and there are valuable lessons for any stock market investor.

What can you learn from Sydney’s most powerful people?

Today the Daily Tele looked at Sydney’s most influential powerbrokers. My colleague at 2GB Ben Fordham asked me to look at the big hitters from business.

Neuberger Berman: A sustainable approach that doesn’t compromise performance

The last two years have transformed societies, economies and technologies, and delivered us to a turning point for companies and investors alike. This has put a spotlight on sustainability and a growing interest in sustainable investing, among both institutional and retail investors.

CBA boss and I have a lot in ‘Comyn’!

I like it when Matt Comyn, CEO of Australia’s biggest bank, agrees with me on the economy going forward.

CBA stars - where to now?

With the release of its first-half profit result, Commonwealth Bank (CBA) showed yet again why it is so far ahead of its major bank rivals and deserves to trade at a premium.

As borders reopen, the economy and Aussies are set to fly!

Step-by-step, economic and real-life normalcy is creeping back, with our international borders open to all double-vaccinated foreign visitors from February 21.

Bosses are pleading to save CBDs

Bosses are pleading with governments to come to the rescue of CBDs and their businesses, which pits the needs of an economy against the social and health concerns of employees.

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