17 October 2021
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CSL shows why it is Australia’s best company

CSL is recognised by many as Australia’s best company and yesterday’s result only acted to cement this position. If it is not a core stock in your portfolio, it should be.

Would you like candy with that?

While grocers have perfected the art of having chocolate and lollies in the checkout lane, this company realised that the similar space at non-food retailers was being underused.

More quinoa and chia, less fried chicken

A new ASX listing is on-trend when it comes to tapping the dietary habits of younger inner-urban consumers who are more about quinoa and chia and less about KFC.

Government spending is working. This could save your job or your business!

Here’s one for the trolls and doomsdayers: ScoMo and Josh’s spending initiatives are working. Have a look at my TV show to see what stocks could benefit from this good economic and market news.

Alexium creates breakthrough technology for thermal management

Alexium International Group Limited (ASX: AJX) has announced a breakthrough technology for thermal management in textile and foam-based consumer products.

We don’t need no Fringe Benefits Tax

Hey, politicians, leave our meals alone! For the sake of restaurants and jobs, Josh, flick the FBT and bring back the long socially-distanced lunch.

A win for cyber security exchange WhiteHawk

WhiteHawk secures milestone $5.9 million cybersecurity contract with the US Federal Government!

Big businesses want government gifts. So give them what they want!

This isn’t the time to be anti-anyone or any business that creates jobs. We’re all in this together.

Gold production in sight at Classic Minerals’ Kat Gap WA project

Western Australian gold exploration and development company Classic Minerals Limited has shifted its focus to preparing its Kat Gap Project for production.

Beware zombie workers in the economy of the living dead

The warning has gone out that zombie businesses might need to kill off their zombie workers. Maybe we’re masking over a better solution?

Does the Qantas plight say our economy’s heading for a crash landing?

Should investors and new stock market players be mindful that a market pullback could be on the cards?

The accidental JobKeeper cock up

How bad is this cock up and who is the ‘cock-upper’?

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