23 May 2024
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Is the Friday long lunch coming to a workplace near you?

Are we living in a digital world that will continue to disrupt our lives year by year?

Will workers be flown in from overseas to wash dishes?

If you’re shocked how slow service is at your favourite restaurant and how prices have jumped, even for coffee from your friendly barista, well, it’s Coronavirus related.

Weekly economic update!

Omicron causes uncertainty but supply bottlenecks show signs of easing.

Sydney is out to the longest long lunch ever!

Today’s nosh-up in George Street outside Sydney’s Queen Victoria Building is expected to be as long as five and half Olympic pools! This is outside the square thinking that we all should be doing!

Seatbelts required for the big boom of 2022!

If the world can successfully deal with the Omicron variant, then 2022 looks set to be a bumper boom year for the economy, the stock market, our super, and anyone wanting to get into the property market!

Property stars as banks cop a battering

Here's a look at the year to date performances of the main sectors in the ASX, and why property has done so well despite several covid lockdowns.

What our top CEOs earn is incredible!

What our top CEOs pocket for showing up to work and running their businesses is serious moolah!

Traffic Technologies targets strong growth with roll-out of Smart City platform

Strong financial performance in the face of last year’s sweeping coronavirus lockdowns has given Traffic Technologies (ASX: TTI) the confidence it needs to proceed with its bold growth strategy.

We need migrants but when and who?

The hot political topic of ‘do we want more immigrants?’ is raising its controversial and sometimes ugly head as we see the start of the 2022 election campaign.

What’s the matter with kids today?

Baby boomers were hard to understand for older generations, just as millennials and Gen Z are hard nowadays. But employers must learn to live with people of all ages. Is there a better way?

First shot in battles of boss/employee & parent/child fired

For anyone doubting the world is changing following Covid, these two stories out of Europe will kill the confusion.

Let the good times roll as lockdowns end!

Normalcy is coming that will unearth an economic rebound before our very eyes.

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