22 February 2024
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CEO bonuses are back but one powerful group is asking why?

We’re in for some fireworks, fun and games this reporting season as big bonuses for many CEOs becomes a focus again.

Australia’s business leaders join Positive Pete on the economy!

I know it’s fashionable to call me an optimist but now some of this country’s key business leaders are on the same page as me!

Work-from-home trend enters digital nomad land

The combination of ever-changing technology and the social, as well as economic implications of the pandemic lockdowns, means the labour market is constantly changing, with the latest innovation being the rise of the digital nomad.

What is a mortgage trust?

If you’re seeking an income-focused, property-based investment option to add to your portfolio, a mortgage trust may be an option for you. 

Men to get 20 weeks parental leave?

Is now the right time for a good idea like this?

Who should the ACCC protect: you, the consumer or farmers and small businesses?

156,000 farmers, butchers, greengrocers and other food businesses could be cooked by Coles and Woolies. Should the ACCC turn down the heat and protect these small operators?

How COVID-19 has changed the future of business events

As in-person conferences come back and people look forward to gathering again, how can we expect the future of events to shift as a result?

Google to ban ad scam merchants at last

Google has finally seen the light and decided to ban financial services scam merchants who use their business to rob unsuspecting investors and savers.

There’s a wage war brewing

A survey by a major recruitment company has found that 90% of bosses plan to give pay rises. That’s the biggest number in the 46-year history of this recruitment firm’s look at our labour market.

Green crusading billionaires making stock investing tricky

Investing in stocks has become even more difficult with socially aware billionaires backed by super funds now able to steamroll boards and hit share prices, as we saw with AGL.

How'd you like to be rich like our richest?

The richest people in Australia have left clues on how to get rich but you have to want it deep down to make it happen.

Will workers ever go back to the office?

Workers are digging their heels and insisting on working from home worldwide, but could a recession or cheap foreign workers take away their ideal working arrangement?

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