6 August 2021
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Should workers get pay rises?

Pay rises are coming too slow for the RBA. But it's understandable!

My Nike story and how it reflects bad training and leadership

How can leaders lead when followers don't like being led by them? How can followers follow if they don’t know the rules?

5 top tax tips for small businesses

With the end of financial year less than one month away, small business owners should take note of these 5 tips and be mindful of increased scrutiny and data matching programs from the ATO.

Raising Generation Alpha to be global leaders

Who are ‘Generation Alpha’ and what will help them become the leaders of tomorrow?

Want to work from home? Then cop Big Brother

The demands by some employees to work from home could end up with employers watching every move they make and even replacing a local ‘out of office’ job with an overseas ‘out of office’ position. Careful what you wish for!

ATO crackdown on fringe benefits and how their data matching can catch you!

If you’re driving around in a Ferrari but declaring an income of only $20k a year, you better adjust your rear vision mirror because the ATO are coming for you.

Could sustainability set your next event apart?

Here's why you should consider sustainability when planning your events and what you can do to make them sustainable.

How many Aussie businesses are going broke?

Is news that 192 businesses across the country bit the dust in January a worry? Will the end of JobKeeper magnify this number? Is this the canary in the coal mine?

I want to invest in environmental and ethical products but what’s greenwashing?

To satisfy the increased demand for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)/Sustainable style products, some firms have launched new products or rebranded existing ones. The alert for advisers and investors is: do any of these products overstate their ESG credentials i.e. greenwashing?

If James Packer loses his crown, he’ll get even richer!

It would be a far, far better thing than he’s ever done before, if James Packer lets go of Crown.

Emerging from the pandemic – the future of workplaces

While working from home has brought rapid adoption of new technologies and shifting perspectives on working outside of the office, how might the demand for office space be impacted?

Is it payback time for lucky JobKeeper businesses?

Should retailer Nick Scali (and any business that’s had a surprising Coronavirus windfall) payback the taxpayer funded Jobkeeper?

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