5 April 2020
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Super funds sack Westpac boss. Who’s next? CEOs beware!

Big business has a new watch dog with fangs sharper than ASIC, APRA or the ACCC.

The mouth-watering success story of Guzman y Gomez

Successful people leave clues for others to learn from and the tearaway success of the Mexican food business Guzman y Gomez (GyG) is a case in point.

What's the matter with millennials today? Not much!

Millennial business leader John Winning castigated the millennials he works with. Let’s look at how valuable millennials are to our economy.

Australia: Interest rate decision grabs centre-stage

Top shelf' economic data returns to the economic release schedule for the coming week "€œ international trade, retail trade and building approvals. The Reserve Bank interest rate decision is made on Tuesday.

Should listed companies work with activists?

Employees and consumers are now firmly on the march on a range of hot button issues and companies will have the choice of either trying to beat them, or join them. Where do you stand on the debate about how much listed companies should work with activists?

What do Julie Bishop, GM's CEO and the incoming ECB president have in common?

How executive presence helped Bishop, Barra and Lagarde rise to the top.

Substitute 'meat' for him

What do Katy Perry, Serena Williams, rapper Jay Z, Leonardo Dicaprio and Bill Gates have in common with fake meat?

Australia: Employment data in the spotlight

In the coming week the August jobs data will attract most attention together with the minutes of the last Reserve Bank Board meeting.

I'm not dead

Like "Bring out your dead" in the Monty Python skit, have we called the death of retailing in Australia too early?

Taxis drivers strike back!

Uber has not only brought a threat, but has encouraged an old and tired business to embrace change.

Good design is good business

In a competitive market place, how do we attract and keep customers? Through innovation. And what tools are used to help great businesses like AirBnB and Virgin innovate? Try design thinking"

Australia: Business and consumer confidence in focus

In the coming week there will be more insights into the economic environment in terms of business conditions and consumer sentiment.

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