7 December 2021
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What’s currently happening around the globe?

Let’s talk consumer and business confidence, inflation and what’s ahead for share markets.

We’re a weird mob when it comes to immigration

We need more immigrants but there remains a lot of confusion over the economic positives of immigration.

Up, up & away as party mode kicks off today

Is the supposed boom ahead guesswork or is it based on real data?

Shock jocks clock up millions for this guy!

A bamboo underpants company expected to list on the ASX next week will reap its founder around $41.3 million from the float alone. He’ll also retain 123 million shares. So how did he do it?

Australians returning to a local lifestyle - and what it means for businesses

Consultancy firm McCrindle has found that the majority of Australians are willing to invest more time and money into their local community more than they did three years ago.

Spy games: Telstra trumps China

Telstra is being bankrolled by taxpayers to play spy games.

Take this job and shove it, I ain’t working here no more

The world was a different place in 1977 when Johnny Paycheck bashed out the hit Take this job and shove it. But are post-pandemic Aussie workers gonna' blow their top and get the nerve to tell their boss to shove their job?

Could there be an imminent workplace battleground for stay-at-home workers?

There could be numerous employer responses to the Coronavirus-created escalation of employees wanting to work from home, with Google proposing pay cuts for those who want to ditch the commute and life in the office.

Deloitte survey says two-thirds of workers want to work from home

Telstra’s boss Andy Penn is OK with his employees at home. But what about other bosses?

Therapeutics company primed for growth

Many successful investors in healthcare have made money by patiently backing companies that are quietly and strategically trying to solve big problems, like Australian biotech company Amplia Therapeutics (Amplia, ASX: ATX).

Winners & losers for boom year 2022

Lockdown losses for the Aussie economy were huge, but 2022 is yahoo! time – but not for everyone.

Sydney’s spending. Melbourne next. What could go wrong?

A big threat could take the oomph out of our expected boom. It might sound boring but it’s a clear and future danger: it’s called a supply problem.

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