27 October 2021
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Paul Rickard

Paul Rickard has more than 30 years’ experience in financial services and banking, including 20 years with the Commonwealth Bank Group in senior leadership roles. Paul was the founding Managing Director and CEO of CommSec, and was named Australian ‘Stockbroker of the Year’ in 2005. In 2011, Paul teamed up with Peter Switzer and Maureen Jordan to launch the Switzer Report, a newsletter and website for share market investors. A regular commentator in the media, investment advisor and company director, he is also a Non-Executive Director of Tyro Payments Ltd and PEXA Group Limited.

6 May 2021
Can bank shares keep going higher?

Forget technology and growth stocks, banks have been the star performers in the post Covid market recovery.

29 April 2021
ASIC must act over claims of insider trading in JB Hi-Fi shares

It is almost inconceivable that insiders haven’t profited from trading in JB Hi-Fi shares over the last few days.

22 April 2021
Bitcoin is not used by criminals? You have to be kidding!

Using cash is for second and third tier crims. The big boys, who have millions of dollars to manage, are using crypto.

15 April 2021
Bitcoin should be banned (or regulated)

The cryptocurrency boom is as speculative as any boom since the Dutch tulip bulb market bubble of 1637, and regulators will be forced to take action.

8 April 2021
Super contribution and pension caps are set to increase!

The cap on concessional contributions to superannuation and the transfer balance cap on how much money can be transferred to the 'tax free' pension phase of super will increase from July 1.

1 April 2021
Is the house price bubble about to be pricked?

What is driving the housing market boom, and could Australia follow New Zealand's lead by introducing measures to dampen property prices?

25 March 2021
Pay off the mortgage or put money into super – which is best?

Here are the pros and cons of using extra cash to either pay down a home loan or salary sacrifice into super.

18 March 2021
Can Westpac get its “mojo” back?

After a horror year for shareholders in 2020, Westpac has started 2021 with arguably the best performance of the Big Four banks. So is this the start of Westpac getting its "mojo" back”?

11 March 2021
Is it time to buy beaten up tech stocks again?

High flying technology shares have taken a beating over the last month. Will this continue and if so what tech shares should you buy?

4 March 2021
What are the most shorted stocks on the ASX – and can we learn anything?

Love them or loathe them, short sellers are here to stay. Here is what we can learn from their actions.

25 February 2021
Woolies shows again why backing the ‘number one’ is the best strategy

Woolworths is now trading at an even bigger premium to Coles compared to three months' ago, but is this premium still justified?

18 February 2021
Can BHP and Rio keep paying “bumper sized” dividends?

While history is against you when it comes to buying resource companies for dividends, our leading iron ore producers could be about to challenge this convention.

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