7 May 2021
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Dr Ross Walker

Dr Walker has a medical practice in Lindfield on the upper north shore of Sydney. He provides a service in all aspects of echocardiography, focusing on stress echocardiography which is a well accepted, accurate method for assessing heart disease, not involving irradiation or injections.

His other area of expertise is in the field of preventative cardiology and he has also commenced a related service in arterial screening, which is an indirect measure of endothelial function and arterial stiffness, and does not involve irradiation or injections. Dr Walker has published 7 best selling books on preventative cardiology and lectures both nationally and internationally on this subject.

5 May 2021
An overshadowed global health crisis

With the increasing calamity we are now seeing in India from record breaking daily COVID-19 cases, it is quite easy to lose sight of many ongoing health issues that continue to devastate the planet.

26 April 2021
What’s the second best drug on the planet?

Yes, exercise is the answer but a disturbing paper published in the Journal “Science Advances” has shown that very commonly used pharmaceutical drugs may block the short and long-term benefits of regular exercise.

21 April 2021
Are you too fat?

Be slim and be smart, follow this 5-point weight loss chart.

13 April 2021
Vaccines: should we be worried?

There have been a number of reports of blood clotting events within two weeks of receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine, but these very unfortunate cases still need to be put into perspective.

30 March 2021
Lifestyle trumps medical treatment for most conditions

Regardless of our genes, following sound lifestyle principles may suppress some genetic abnormalities and often ward off illnesses much longer than we would expect.

22 March 2021
Will I develop an allergy or a clot if I get vaccinated?

With the increasing rollout of COVID-19 vaccines globally, what problems are emerging and should these deter someone from being jabbed?

17 March 2021
Bowel actions: how important are they?

Don’t ignore any change in your bowel habit.

16 March 2021
Heart disease: the cause isn’t always obvious

All major cardiovascular diseases are genetic but your genes load the gun and your environment then pulls the trigger.

9 March 2021
Breakthroughs for Type 1 diabetes

A number of recent major breakthroughs give great hope for anyone affected by Type 1 diabetes.

5 March 2021
To vaccinate or not to vaccinate?

With the vaccine rollout now occurring in Australia, it is important to dismiss any ridiculous conspiracy theories and myths that surround this vaccine.

3 March 2021
Osteoarthritis: what a pain!

While there is currently no cure for osteoarthritis, healthy eating, staying active and maintaining a healthy weight are key recommendations in managing the condition.

26 February 2021
The true pandemic of the 21st century

Diabesity - the combination of diabetes and obesity - can affect anywhere between 10 to 30% of the population.

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