27 September 2020
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Dr Ross Walker

Dr Walker has a medical practice in Lindfield on the upper north shore of Sydney. He provides a service in all aspects of echocardiography, focusing on stress echocardiography which is a well accepted, accurate method for assessing heart disease, not involving irradiation or injections.

His other area of expertise is in the field of preventative cardiology and he has also commenced a related service in arterial screening, which is an indirect measure of endothelial function and arterial stiffness, and does not involve irradiation or injections. Dr Walker has published 7 best selling books on preventative cardiology and lectures both nationally and internationally on this subject.

23 September 2020
Is daylight saving dangerous to your health?

The late Queensland premier Joh Bjelke-Petersen once insisted the “extra” hour’s daylight faded curtains! Now while that brought a smile to many faces, as we approach the resumption of daylight saving, the usual supporters and detractors emerge.

14 September 2020
What causes fatigue?

If you wake up in the morning feeling unrefreshed after a reasonable night’s sleep, you may be suffering from sleep apnoea.

9 September 2020
Straight from the heart

Cardiovascular disease is a serial killer that ends the lives of 17 million people globally each year. But like Jack the Ripper, it can be hard to catch and not always easy to detect.

2 September 2020
Can you die from sitting down for 90 minutes?

A recent article published in the Telegraph in London suggested sitting for just 90 minutes could be fatal. Is this true?

27 August 2020
Evidence shows new groups risk death from COVID-19

Evidence has emerged since this pandemic has gripped the world that other specific groups are also at risk of developing the more severe versions of COVID-19 and greater risk of death.

21 August 2020
The tale of the daily aspirin

Should someone over 50 take a daily aspirin as a preventative against heart attack, stroke and even common cancers? (This is Part 2 of Dr Ross’s article on clotting and bleeding)

20 August 2020
Are you a bleeder or a clotter?

Whether you’re a person who suffers “the economy syndrome” or you bleed too easily, blame your ancestors because it’s all in the genes.

14 August 2020
The obesity paradox Part 2

Our resident medico takes us through body fat and what to do about it beyond age 50.

13 August 2020
Are you kidding? There are benefits from being fat?

Coined the obesity paradox, this is where people who are in the overweight or obese range appear to fare better when they develop an illness. How true is this?

6 August 2020
Is a COVID-19 vaccine on the horizon?

Last winter Australia had 812 influenza associated deaths. To mid July 2020, we’ve had 36 influenza associated deaths, along with 232 deaths from COVID-19 in Australia. Is a vaccine on the horizon?

30 July 2020
Is Vitamin B3 a miracle supplement?

Many conservative doctors believe that if you can't fix it with a prescription pad or scalpel then it doesn't work. But there’s increasing evidence that a few key supplements can work their magic too.

27 July 2020
Living your life on purpose

Is having a sense of purpose and a sense of service to other people medically important to our health and well-being or is this a complete delusion?

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