22 February 2024
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US stocks spiked overnight following great news from Netflix. Check out my video with Netflix founder

Checkout my interview with the founder of Netflix, Marc Randolph, which I did a few years ago. I loved the title of his book That Will NEVER Work. He certainly has proved his doubters wrong!

Why is Albo set to break his tax cut promises?

Promises from politicians are usually taken with a grain of salt so it’s no surprise that the PM has broken this tax cut one. What’s it all about, Albo?

Trump will not get a second term

Here is my reasoned thinking for why Donald Trump will not be President of the United States for a second time.

Mortgage stress hitting a third of Australians

The revelation that a third of homeowners are suffering mortgage stress is huge, and it’s another reason why the Reserve Bank has to be careful about further rate hikes.

Switzer Investing TV | 22nd January 2024

Why small caps will surge in 2024

Younger Australians hit hard by RBA and inflation

If negative statistics continue, the central bank board will have to start thinking about when to cut interest rates.

Rate cuts on their way!

Barring a surprise spike in inflation in December, if the RBA raises rates again, we’ll have to get out the dunce hats! The big question is: when will they start to cut?

Australians worried about less money retirement won’t pay to fix it!

Some Aussies are comfortable about funding their retirement but 50% are worried they wouldn’t have enough money to retire on, a rise from 40% on the previous year.

Should the RBA stop watching inflation and start looking at insolvencies?

With inflation on the slide, is it time for the central bank and the Albanese Government to start rescuing businesses going down the gurgler?

Common sense judge gives gas project the thumbs up

A Federal Court has given gas producer Santos a win over some environmentalists. The decision shows how valuable an objective judicial system can be.

Albo’s losing friends & voters, so tax cuts are coming!

With the PM’s popularity on the slide, the promised stage 3 tax cuts look certain to be on the list in this year’s Budget.

Good news for interest rate worriers

One of the great dramas of the lives of many Aussies could soon end. What could that be?

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