29 May 2022
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The fading Australian dream of home ownership

Analysis of the largest 7 capital cities in Australia shows a clear trend of both house and unit prices growing faster than incomes over the last four decades.

The pros and cons of selling your home to fund your retirement

Many Australians have been contributing to their retirement savings for most of their working lives, but will they need to sell the family home to fund retirement as well?

C'mon Chris, are house prices really going to fall 25%?

Is this property price fall prediction pure click bait?

Will inflation kill the house price boom sooner than you think?

Could there be three interest rate rises next year? Could this record-breaking surge in house prices be on its last legs?

Are Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane set to be Manhattanised?

Harry Triguboff wants to breathe life into our vacant cities. I’m wild about Harry’s idea and could be a buyer of an apartment in a city that never sleeps!

HOT SPOTS: how to find the best suburbs to buy

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone has asked me what suburb should I buy into! I’d rather explain to you how to find the best suburbs than list what they are. Here’s why.

Mortgage stress rising but how do you beat it?

If you’ve borrowed money to buy property and feeling stressed, try these 7 tips to help bring the pressure down.

Symond says house prices have risen too far, too fast.

If Aussie John warns of a possible dip in home values, it pays to listen.

Too hot to handle: property buyers beware!

I’m warning prospective homebuyers to be careful, really careful.

The future of housing in Australia

What kind of changes to property can we expect in the coming decades?

TV’s Struggle Street suburb registers $2 million properties

The madness and mayhem of Australia’s property market continues but how long can this last? Be careful what you bid for!

Sydney beach property fetches $18.7 million. Would investing in shares return more?

The economist/financial adviser in me couldn’t help testing whether the right choice was made putting money into this Palm Beach pad.

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