19 November 2019
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Will Spring bring a bounce to property prices?

With the first round of Spring auctions fast approaching, what effect will looser lending rules and interest rate cuts have on demand and sale prices?

Life on the coast

The popular commuter hub region around NSW's Central Coast is being revitalised under a 20-year government plan that started in 2016, making the area attractive for those after a beachy lifestyle and good transport links by road and rail back to Sydney.

What Aussie suburbs are performing well?

Check out those suburbs that are travelling well across the country.

Switzer spotlights Spitzer's shocking property scenario. Will we be saved?

As interest rates come down and auction clearance rates go up, is a property day of reckoning looming or disappearing?

The myth of winter selling

Spring and autumn are the busiest times of the year to sell property. What about winter – do buyers hibernate?

McDonald's and house prices: lovin' beats hatin'

What has two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun got to do with property prices? Read on…

East coast suburbs are hip

A new report from CoreLogic and Moody's Analytics paints a picture of recovery and modest growth for the East Coast capitals in 2020. Here's what's happening in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne and their key suburbs.

Property prices pick up

Great news on property but hold back the champagne popping for the moment.

The worst is behind us

When was the best time to buy property? Twenty years ago. When's the next best time? Now.

Has the property market hit the bottom?

The biggest question buyers have in Sydney and Melbourne today is: “Are we there yet?”. In other words, have we hit the market floor? What's going to happen to prices when the market turns?

Is the property market turning around?

Property expert predictions of a 40% collapse in house prices are proving to be false, with the market showing signs of stability.

Green your home for less

The latest Federal Election proved that climate change and cost of living are rising concerns. It seems inevitable this will continue to translate through to how we all live.

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