21 January 2020
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Why fear is leaving the property market this Spring

John McGrath looks back at what history tells us about property market recoveries.

A buoyant Spring property season ahead

How Bill Shorten's election loss, back-to-back interest rate cuts and an easing in lending restrictions have led to the first green shoots of a property market recovery.

House prices boom again. We now need stimulation, not rate cuts.

Rate cuts now are dangerous so maybe we need some Churchillian inspiration and stimulation: "Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never... Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."

The best time for first home buyers

I'm feeling very optimistic for first home buyers this Spring. Up and down the East Coast – in capital cities and plenty of regional towns, there are exceptional opportunities for young buyers on a budget.

Not not, not responsible

Recently there have been positive changes in the property market but the issue we still face is responsible lending criteria, which isn't helping those who are ready and willing to buy.

Chris Joye sees a 30-40% fall in house prices but -

Just how scared should we be about this stock market sell off, the threat of an inverted yield curve in the bond market, a related recession and house price collapse?

Is property a more stable investment than shares?

Here's why I think property is such a good option for ordinary investors.

With low interest rates, many investors are looking beyond the banks

Our low interest rate environment has resulted in innovation within the financial services industry to fill the gaps left by the banks.

Will Spring bring a bounce to property prices?

With the first round of Spring auctions fast approaching, what effect will looser lending rules and interest rate cuts have on demand and sale prices?

Life on the coast

The popular commuter hub region around NSW's Central Coast is being revitalised under a 20-year government plan that started in 2016, making the area attractive for those after a beachy lifestyle and good transport links by road and rail back to Sydney.

What Aussie suburbs are performing well?

Check out those suburbs that are travelling well across the country.

Switzer spotlights Spitzer's shocking property scenario. Will we be saved?

As interest rates come down and auction clearance rates go up, is a property day of reckoning looming or disappearing?

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