5 July 2020
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Brisbane’s property buzz

After a period of low growth, house prices in Brisbane are set to jump 20% over the next three years.

What’s the link between interest rates and commercial real estate markets?

In commercial real estate markets, reactions to rate changes are less aggressive, given loan-to-value ratios hover around 50% or less. However the links are still clear.

Is Melbourne Australia's best city for property?

What sets Melbourne apart from the other capital cities?

Expert tips 30% house price surge

Even the media is getting positive about a house price rebound so is this true?

ScoMo’s success sees Sydney’s Spring sales soar

With clearance rates reaching the upper 70% range, the Sydney property market has turned a corner according to the latest McGrath Report thanks to a combination of factors including eased lending restrictions, interest rate cuts and the ‘ScoMo effect’.

Is the government leading young people into a property ponzi scheme?

The Federal Government’s scheme to make it easier for first home buyers to get on the property ladder is well intentioned but is it adding to the property price problem?

Who’s right on house prices? Are they really rebounding?

There’s a house price controversy between the number crunchers. Who’s right? Are prices really rising?

Top 20 suburbs for growth in 2020

John McGrath shares his top suburb picks for capital growth potential, plus predictions for the future of the property market from the latest McGrath Report.

Property price growth in every market segment

Prices have grown as much as 4.6% in the lower, middle and upper property brackets of the east coast capital cities.

Keen -v- Joye: who won the Property Punch Up of the Century Mk II?

On my TV show last week, Professor Steve Keen and the AFR’s Chris Joye exchanged blows on the prospect of a 40% fall in house prices. More than 15,000 viewers watched the stoush. Here’s my judgement on who won.

Perfect storm for growth brewing

Another 0.25% drop in interest rates, rising buyer demand and a reduction in homes for sale is propelling a perfect storm for new growth in property prices, particularly in Sydney and Melbourne.

Where are property prices growing the most?

Take a look at the top 10 growth suburbs in the East Coast capitals, plus the standout suburbs in regional areas.

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