10 August 2020
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Charles Tarbey

Charles Tarbey is the owner of Century 21 Australia (www.century21.com.au) and Century 21 New Zealand (www.century21.co.nz).

27 August 2019
Not not, not responsible

Recently there have been positive changes in the property market but the issue we still face is responsible lending criteria, which isn't helping those who are ready and willing to buy.

26 June 2019
Is the property market turning around?

Property expert predictions of a 40% collapse in house prices are proving to be false, with the market showing signs of stability.

29 May 2019
Fortune tellers wrong again

Avoid charlatan property crystal ball gazers and tea leaf readers. Recent results are finally proving them wrong.

23 April 2019
Negative gearing is not the biggest issue our property market faces

The Australian property market has been consistently disrupted by false and misleading predictions.

13 February 2019
Tips for buyers and sellers in 2019

Here are 4 tips for buyers and 2 for sellers to get an edge in the property market this year.

13 December 2018
Don't let tomato plants grow on your 'For Sale' sign

If tomato plants have started growing up a ‘For Sale’ sign – a property has been on the market way too long and it’s time for a new agent.

19 November 2018
How to buy in this property market

If you think this is a crash, then you’re wrong but this market is presenting some good buying opportunities for those who are prepared.

10 October 2018
Who are the winners from the property downturn?

This housing price correction will present some great buying opportunities for those Aussies who know when, where and what to buy.

10 September 2018
Is the property market fall a disaster for all?

There could be winners from this property market descent but if you find a well-priced property, can you get the money?

12 August 2018
Are we heading for a property crash?

Is it time to panic yet?

17 July 2018
Where to buy in a falling market

Which areas show signs of picking up?

26 June 2018
Top tips for selecting a real estate agent

The right agent can be the difference between a lacklustre result and a fabulous one.

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