22 January 2020
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What I learned from Ralph Lauren

I try to let go of business and finance over my Christmas break but I know I’m an addict and I just can’t stop wanting to learn from the greats.

A common issue for men over 50 | Part 2

Dr Ross Walker explains two more things you need to consider about erectile dysfunction.

A common issue for men over 50

Dr Ross Walker explains the five things you need to consider about erectile dysfunction.

3 important studies on heart disease

Dr Ross Walker shares the details of 3 studies about heart disease and how they could be relevant to you.

What is the biggest killer in society?

Dr Ross Walker explains what atherosclerosis is and how it can affect you.

What is coronary calcium scoring?

Dr Ross Walker explains what a coronary calcium score is and when you should get one.

The good & bad cholesterol

Dr Ross Walker takes a closer look at 'good' and 'bad' cholesterol.

Sydney & Melbourne house prices to surge over 14%

Peter discusses the latest property market news with SQM Research's Louis Christopher, The Agency's Ben Collier and Centuria's Ross Lees.

These boots are made for walking

Your boots are made for walking so get your feet into gear and start exercising – it’s the second best drug on the plant.

Will CSL be Australia’s biggest company?

Year after year, CSL has met or exceeded profit guidance — pretty remarkable for an Aussie company earning most of its revenue outside Oz. Should you buy it?

Support the Ride for Justice

Each year 200 motorbike riders band together to raise awareness and money for victims of homicides.

Low carbon investing

Peter and Paul discuss Russell Investments' Low Carbon Global Shares Fund with portfolio manager James Harwood.

Three cheers for Senator Jim Molan

With the second swearing in of Senator Jim Molan, it’s good to see the NSW Liberal Party’s machine has now repented - in part.

Brisbane’s property buzz

After a period of low growth, house prices in Brisbane are set to jump 20% over the next three years.

What is abdominal obesity?

Dr Ross Walker explains why abdominal obesity is more concerning than body mass index.

Does the housing sector need a tax cut?

BIS Oxford Economics' Sarah Hunter, Charter Hall's Adrian Harrington and Mortgage Choice's Susan Mitchell join the show.

Should you participate in Westpac’s share purchase plan?

620,000 shareholders will soon receive an invitation via a share purchase plan to buy more Westpac shares. Is now the right time to invest in banks?

Gold and goals

Peter and Paul talk gold with Perth Mint's Jordan Eliseo and ETF Securities' Chad Hitzeman, plus health goals with Eden Health Retreat's Chris van Hoof and money goals with Nudge's Andrew Wilson.

Too much pie and you’ll die

Too many people on this planet are too fat. Before you have a calorific surge, strongly consider the consequences.

The future of Aussie banks

Banks will become much more bureaucratic, and a lot more risk averse, says former Westpac CEO.

Julia Lee’s investing secrets

Julia Lee shares some of her insights for investing, plus Melbourne Cup tips from Tom Waterhouse.

Is Melbourne Australia's best city for property?

What sets Melbourne apart from the other capital cities?

If you bake it, they will come. Fake it and they’ll leave

What lessons can two small bakeries teach the big end of town about business done right?

3 best tips to lose weight

If you're looking to lose weight, Dr Ross Walker has the advice you need.

3 property gurus say the rebound is for real

Peter Switzer is joined by Tim Gurner, Charles Tarbey and Tim Johansen.

4 reasons why dividend yields are falling and 3% will be the norm!

On average, across the whole market, dividend yields are falling but it’s not all bad news. Let me explain.

Clearing up confusion

Cardiologist Dr Ross Walker, the National Divorce Centre's Cheryl Duffy and the Victorian Energy Policy Centre's Bruce Mountain all join the show this week to help clarify some important issues.

Me on your money & Dr Ross on your health

Join us at the Switzer Income Conference & Masterclass next month.

Buy Domino's! Should you invest in China?

Peter Switzer speaks to Julia Lee, Michael McCarthy, Charlie Aitken, Paul Rickard and Dr Mathew McDougall about investing in China.

ScoMo’s success sees Sydney’s Spring sales soar

With clearance rates reaching the upper 70% range, the Sydney property market has turned a corner according to the latest McGrath Report thanks to a combination of factors including eased lending restrictions, interest rate cuts and the ‘ScoMo effect’.

Why is the Mediterranean diet the best diet in the world?

Continuing his series on obesity, Dr Ross Walker explains how you could lose weight by eating the Mediterranean way.

The future of property in Australia

Peter Switzer speaks to McGrath Estate's John McGrath, Suburbanite's Anna Porter and JLL's Andrew Ballantyne.

Short selling is out of control

Wise guy offshore short sellers have been attacking WiseTech Global — here’s why I think short selling needs to be regulated.

Steps to success

Charlie Aitken and Gerry Harvey share some of their secrets to success, plus an economic update with AMP Capital's Shane Oliver.

Understand the word RISK

Bank deposit rates won’t give you the return you might need but don’t throw caution to the wind when looking for higher returns.

Experts' analysis of retail sector with Christmas shopping looming

Peter Switzer takes a look at the retail sector with Julia Lee, Michael McCarthy, Charlie Aitken, Paul Rickard and Sarah Hunter.

Top 20 suburbs for growth in 2020

John McGrath shares his top suburb picks for capital growth potential, plus predictions for the future of the property market from the latest McGrath Report.

The greatest epidemic of the 21st century: Diabesity

Dr Ross Walker is back with a new series of The Check Up.

Can you trust property price stories in the media?

Peter Switzer talks property with CoreLogic's Tim Lawless and Destiny Financial Solutions' Margaret Lomas.


Ron Howard's hit comedy is about the eternal responsibilities of raising children. What recent medical studies show is that responsibility extends prior to the momentous occasion when you discover you’re about to be a Mum or a Dad, as well as those vital first nine months of life.

Depositors will lose from new bank bashing inquiry

Doesn’t Josh Frydenberg understand that pensioners, self-funded retirees and investors will end up getting screwed from more bank bashing?

Holy guacamole: the success of Guzman y Gomez

The CEO and founder of Guzman y Gomez, Steven Marks, joins the show to discuss the history and future of the Mexican food chain, plus global investing with Fidelity's Anthony Doyle, and the Institute for Economics and Peace's Steve Killelea.

There’s a right way and a wrong way

I’ve stated my view about those who are wrong. I’d be delighted if either man took me to court for defamation. I’d have no difficulty explaining the reasoning behind my description or why my making such a description serves the interests of Australian democracy.

Trade deal! Stocks to buy!

On Switzer TV: Investing this week, Peter Switzer is joined by Julia Lee, Michael McCarthy, Rudi Filapek-Vandyck, Charlie Aitken and Paul Rickard.

Property price growth in every market segment

Prices have grown as much as 4.6% in the lower, middle and upper property brackets of the east coast capital cities.

Is the house price recovery bulls**t?

This week on Switzer TV: Property, Nerida Conisbee, James Symond and Jason Huljich.

Travel, dresses and cyber threats

Peter Switzer speaks to Ann-Catherine Jones from Travel Associates, Dean Jones from clothing rental business GlamCorner and John DePeters from insurance company Chubb.

The wonders of fish oil

There’s nothing fishy about the beneficial effects of supplementing your diet with Omega 3 fatty acids.

Returns better than cash in the bank?

As retail investors despair about lousy interest rates, one particular type of product is enjoying retail market attention: the fixed interest Listed Investment Trust (LIT) or Listed Investment Company (LIC).

Where did all my money go?

This is a true story written by a 22-year-old living in Sydney.

Perfect storm for growth brewing

Another 0.25% drop in interest rates, rising buyer demand and a reduction in homes for sale is propelling a perfect storm for new growth in property prices, particularly in Sydney and Melbourne.

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