21 May 2024
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Putting vaccine risk into perspective

Of all the medical therapies available, there is no doubt that vaccination is clearly the safest and most effective.

Choose your poison: death by vaccine or virus?

Are you serious? Would Australians accept 20 deaths a day after 70% of us are vaccinated?

Is the Delta strain a game changer?

The only real way out of this pandemic is high levels of vaccination in the community, so I would like to make some comments about the lunatic anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists.

What’s pornography got to do with professionalism?

Professionalism: it’s the economic cure that this country needs to embrace. But what is it?

Establishing your risk of heart disease Part 3

Here's why most people should consider getting a coronary calcium score in their middle age.

Why the ABC has lost its tingle for me

Watching our government-funded TV station used to be as easy as ABC, but here’s the XYZ on why I’m falling out of love with Aunty.

Have we gone loco? Here are my 6 sensible suggestions to end this lockdown madness

Has this lockdown strategy gone too far and are there alternatives?

Establishing your risk of heart disease Part 2

After highlighting the importance of clinical assessment, Dr Ross Walker shares an example of a patient experiencing chest pain and covers the blood tests involved in appropriate medical assessment.

Lockdown ‘f…wit’ alert: the majority should strike back!

I never thought I’d see a pandemic underline how many f…wits we live with! There are more than even I expected!

Only one way out: get VACCINATED

If you’re sick of this lockdown (as most of us are) join the push to have everyone (who can be) vaccinated as soon as humanly possible.

What would Ricky Gervais say about our lockdowns?

What might comedian Ricky Gervais say to the media if he was at these depressing daily press conferences?

Establishing your risk of heart disease Part 1

Here is how you can establish your current level of risk for heart disease, starting with clinical assessment.

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